Autumn Favourites | Collab w. Beautiful-Inspiring-Creative Life

Autumn Favourites | Collab w. Beautiful-Inspiring-Creative Life

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you’re having a great day so far. Today, I’ll be collabing with the ever so amazing and lovely Mia (her blog). I honestly think Mia and I have been following each other’s blogs for over two years. She’s one of my all time favourite bloggers, and I always love reading her posts. So, when she emailed me and asked if I was up for making a collab I didn’t doubt a second! We decided (as you can read my the title) to do an autumn/spring favourites. You might be wondering: “Ehm, isn’t spring and autumn like the opposite seasons?”. And, yes I suppose you’re right. However, the reason we’re doing both seasons, is because Mia currently lives in Melbourne in Australia and I live in Denmark (and no, Denmark is still not the capital of Scandinavia, if anyone was confused…). This means we’re in two different seasons, and are therefore making a favourites for each season (isn’t it great? two for the prise of one!) Without further ado, I hope you enjoy our posts!

I’m kind of lol’ing at the randomness of this picture. BUT it was taken in October last year so I guess it counts as an autumnal picture, right?

My autumn favourites can also be seen as a sort of ‘Autumn Bucket List’, because it contains things I’ll be doing throughout this season. I hope it sparks some inspiration xx

1. Autumn walks looking for pretty golden leaves and conkers | This may sound a bit odd, but I just love a) going on walks. b) especially when it’s really cold and you get back and defrost with a cuppa tea.

2. Classic 90s romcoms | I mean ya’ classic ‘You’ve Got Mail’, ‘When Harry met Sally’ and ‘Notting Hill’ are just the best.

3. Pumpkin carving | There’s just something so therapeutic about carving pumpkins. I’d also love to invite some friends over and carve pumpkins together and get real creative with it.

4. Harry Potter and Disney marathons | This just sounds like the perfect cosy, chilled, lazy day.

This was also taken in October, so… autumnal photo!

5. Warm and cozy dinners | I especially love soups, mash, pies and vegetarian stews

6. Homemade cookies | I mean who doesn’t love to bake with a bit of festive spices? Also the Great Danish Bakeoff starts on the 3rd of October and I bet you I’ll want to be eating homebaked goodies while watching it.

7. Board game nights | I especially love Scrabble, What do you MEME? and Cards Against Humanity.

8. Buy an Autumn blend tea from your local Tea Shop | Also, I highly recommend trying a green quince tea for people who normally doesn’t like green tea, I promise you’ll love this one!

9. Colouring books | I have set quite the autumn scene, havn’t I? Tea, film, homebaked goods and a bit of colouring. It doesn’t get much better than that.

10. Moisturising beauty products | A few of my true saviours for cold and crisp weather are the NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm, the Embroylisse Cream Concentrate and Armani ‘Si’ perfume because it has a lot of depth and warm notes.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to head over to Mia’s blog and check out her blog post as well. Also, let me know in the comments what a few of your Autumn (or Spring) favourites are. I’d love to know! I wish you the loveliest week and I hope you’ll enjoy this season just as much as I do.

Lots of love,

Karen xx

15 responses to “Autumn Favourites | Collab w. Beautiful-Inspiring-Creative Life”

  1. I love this post! It truly put me in an Autumny mood. Now all I want to do today is go for a walk in a park, come home and bake cookies, sip tea and watch 90s romcoms (they are the best!!) while wearing an oversized fluffy jumper. I think one of my favourite things about autumn is pumpkin soup.. It sounds so random but it’s always the thing I look forward to the most at the end of summer. I love the warmth that spreads through my entire body when I eat it! Great post, Karen! xx

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  2. What a sweet post Karen! I love how unique your bucket list is. You’re giving me all the wonderful, cosy vibes! Autumn is just such a beautiful, precious season. The changing leaves, fresh starts, all the colours, the holidays, chai lattes and more xx

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  3. Ahh I loved this post so much, Autumn is my favourite season – all the hot chocolates, cosy pubs and pumpkin picking is the best!! I have only recently just finished having a Harry Potter marathon (the best films ever?!) I will definitely be checking out Mia’s post, so thank you for sharing lovely. xxx

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    • I’m so glad you think so! Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons too. I’m such a big Harry Potter fan too, the films and books just always put me in such a good mood. Thank you so much for reading! xxx Yes you should for sure check out Mia’s post too – her one is really good


    • I’m really glad you think so. YES, I totally agree with you in terms of Cards Against Humanity. I love playing it with friends, because it just makes everyone absolutely cry with laughter. Thank you so much for reading xx


  4. What a lovely post, Karen – you’ve made me wistful for Autumn! I also LOVE scrabble for games night . . . per your suggestion on an old post, I’ve also been getting into mindful colouring and thats something I’ve been loving to sit out in the sunshine and do! xx

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    • Thank you so much, Mia! I’m glad it put you in the mood for Autumn, because that was the plan really 😉 Game nights are just great (and so underrated). I’m really happy you liked the post, I had so a lot of fun making it ❤ Again, thank you so much for waning to collab with me! xx Have a great day


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