A Quarantine Friendly Summer Bucket List | Collab W. Ashlyn

A Quarantine Friendly Summer Bucket List | Collab W. Ashlyn

Good Friday everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful one so far. Today I’m doing a collab with the every so gorgeous Ashlyn Kate, which blog you can find right here. Ashlyn is such a bubbly, nice and sweet girl, and you should most definitely check her blog post out here. We decided to do a-quarantine-friendly-summer-bucket-list, because we though a lot of people would be appreciative of one (including ourselves). Now, on this ever so gorgeous blogging platform I know that most of us live in completely different countries, in completely different timezones and with completely different governments. What I mean with this is, that we all have to follow very different government decisions and rules – some of you might already be in school and some of you might not. Some of you might be able to walk around town for five hours, and some of you might not even be able to see you family properly. Therefore I’ve tried my hardest to do a bucket list where everyone is able to participate – no matter what restrictions you’re under. Without further ado let’s read on!


I’ve been able to take my drivers license for about a year now but I’ve just been SOO busy with school that the pressure of a drivers license would just drain me from my already limited amount of energy. So, taking my drivers license over Summer sounded like a good idea, because there isn’t going to be any pressure from school. If you’ve been meaning to take your’s for a while, but havn’t done it (and if the driving schools are open) perhaps you should take it now.


I’ve really tried to fulfill everyone’s needs with this one. Honestly a evening like this just sounds like SO much fun! Wether it’s with or without alcohol or with or without meeting your friends in person – you’re definitely in for a good night.


There’s honestly not a place on earth where I feel more relaxed and recharged than by the sea. Living in Denmark means I’m very fortunate in terms of visiting the sea, because no mattere where you are in Denmark there will always be maximum 42 km to the coast (fun fact right? haha) However, a visit to the lake, the backyard pool (if you have one) or the river gives you the same feeling of calmness and relaxation.


Well my dream isn’t exactly to become the ultimate yogi – I basically just wanna do some yoga, alright. During this quarantine time my Mum and I have been doing a lot of yoga and I just absolutely love it. It makes me sweat, it makes my muscles ace but most importantly it makes me happy. Perhaps you should give it a go?


I truly love the idea of a podcast and it’s actually been a dream of mine for about two years to start my own podcast series. One day I will hopefully achieve that dream. Anyway, some of my favourite podcasts are ‘The Estée Lalonde Show’, ‘At Home With’ and a danish podcast series called ‘Fries Before Guys’. What are you favourites?

N°6 | READ!!!!!

If you’ve been a follower on this blog for a little while you’ll know that I love reading. I’ve not read as much this year as I’ve done in the past, but sometimes you just don’t manage to read that often. However, this Summer I’m really looking forward to read. I especially want to read “Giovanni’s Room”, “The Hate You Give” and “Normal People” if I can get my hands on it. What do you want to read during Summer?


Now my desktop really needs a few strokes of painting. It’s covered in questionable makeup stains and pencil marks. Perhaps your desktop is just fine, but you might have another item/piece of furniture in your room that needs a bit of care. The Summer is a great time to (re)paint, to upcycle or to build something.


You know when you’ve just finished a year at school and you look in that school draw of your’s and think: ‘How on earth did I manage to collect SOO many papers, notes and assignment in just one year?!?!’ Well, that happens to me every single year. This year I finish a lot of subjects which means I have loads of papers, notes etc. that I don’t really need for next year. Therefore, I’m going to do a massive clear out and sort through what I do need for next term? What I don’t need? What is nice to have? And so on.


I truly love scrapbooking. Not only is it highly therapeutic whilst you’re doing it, but it also just brings me so much joy to look back on. In my scrapbook I have pages dedicated to Summer holidays, friends, parties and other travels. I can only recommend doing a scrapbook!


Now I don’t mean you have to do all modelling poses in front of a camera (although feel free, if you’d like to). I just mean go outside (if your allowed) bring your phone or a camera and just go for a walk and take pictures of what ever you feel like. I really enjoy taking pictures. Actually all of the pictures in this blog post is taken with my phone. However, I do love to take pictures with my camera too.

That’s it for this blog post. I really hope you enjoyed it, and that you found it helpfull and perhaps inspiring. I’d love to know if you have any additional things to put on the Summer bucket list (please let me know in the comments). Please make sure to check out Ashlyn’s blog and blog post too. Have a great time until next time and remember to stay safe!

Lots of love from

Karen xx

16 responses to “A Quarantine Friendly Summer Bucket List | Collab W. Ashlyn”

  1. I love all of these ideas!! I can totally relate to accumulating plenty of school papers and notebooks by the end of the semester. I definitely need to clear out all the notebooks I will most likely never need again from my closet, ha! Also, you are so lucky you live near the sea. That sounds lovely!!

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    • Aww thank you so much!! I’m really glad you like all of the ideas. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one with a excessive amount of notebooks and assignments ;)) Yes, it’s wonderful to live so close to the sea ❤️ Thanks for reading

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Hate U Give was one of the best books I read in 2018, I ended up doing a whole blog post dedicated to it because it was too incredible to just throw in a monthly wrap-up, it was seriously insane. Normal People is also amazing !! The first book I’d read in a long time that I felt actually catered to my age-group whereas before I’d been stuck between YA and adult literature not really knowing what to read. I think you’d enjoy it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally feel that way too. I like YA books but sometimes they’re just all way too similar. I’ll have to read those two books then! BTW thanks a lot for reading xx Hope you have a great week lovely

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  3. Your bucket list is a lot more creative then mine! 😂✨ I can hardly think of what I want to do. I’ve always wanted to create a scrapbook but I’m afraid that if I glue something down in it I’ll wish I had of kept it if it’s a special photo, maybe I should buy some printer ink and make copies. Wishing you the best of luck with all of your goals, sure you’ll smash them! ✨💕


  4. What a great bucketlist seriously! I can’t wait to read about how each of them turn out! I really want to read Haunted by Chuck Pal(last name i dont know how to type) and Coraline!!

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  5. This is such a lovely post! All these ideas are so easy to do and actually quite relaxing to even think about. I’ve definitely been trying to read a lot in this time and I’d like to think it’s going pretty well!

    I loved, loved, *loved* Normal People. I couldn’t read another book for like two entire weeks after I finished it so it’s definitely a book that’s going to give you a hangover! I hope you get to read it soon!

    Love to you ❤️


    • Uhh I’ll definitely have to buy it then. I also really want to watch the TV series that’s just come out. Have you watched that yet?
      Thank you so much for reading, I’m glad you liked it! xx ❤


  6. Awww I loved the post girly! It’s so cool to see that even though we live so far away from each other, we still have a lot in common. It’s exciting that this Summer we will have lots of free time to listen to podcasts, read our fav books, and take lots of photos. I am a little jealous though that you have so much sea around you since I’m surrounded by farms lol! Thanks for Collabing with me girl, can’t wait to do it again sometime.

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