How I Digital Detox

How I Digital Detox

Happy Sunday lovelies! For today’s post I decided to share with you the ways I digital detox. If you’ve never heard of digital detoxing, then it’s essentially things to do which does not involve a laptop, TV or a phone. In this busy and fast running world I think it’s SO important to be able to put down our devices, and pick up something else to ‘entertain’ us. If you’re hooked so far, then please keep on scrolling.

So, digital detoxing. An article by ‘The Telegraph” explains that in the UK, people spend all in all 24 hours online per week. That’s around 15% of your life time and trust me the number is without a doubt planning on growing. In the US it is said that an adult spends around 6 hours a day in front of a screen. That’s 25% of your day! These numbers are both way too bad. Like come on! What happened to us? Instead of going on about what we could have done, let’s switch it around and talk about what we CAN do.



Bullet Journaling | If you’ve followed me for a littl’ while, you’ll know that I bullet journal. The purpose is to DIY a calendar and an in debt To Do list. Not only has planning made a lot of things so much easier, but there’s honestly nothing I enjoy more than to sit with a cuppa tea, music on my speaker and bullet journaling the up coming week. I highly recommend it!

Reading Books & Magazines | I LOVE READING! I know it’s not everyone whom is able to sit down with a book and not get distracted. However, for those of you which ARE able to do so, then I encourage you to pick up a book more often. Yes, it’s a lot easier to click ‘play’ on Netflix. But, reading is very rewarding in terms of your concentration, imagination and creativity. You simply can’t deny the studies.

Tidy, Clean & Organize | Either you enjoy it or it’s your absolute enemy. I’m one of the people who sometimes find it therapeutic. Either or, it’s got to be done. However, good music does make everything a little bit better. There’s definitely something about organizing that makes me feel more at peace, and they do say that a clear space is a clear mind.

Get out for a walk | Just like reading then walking is very beneficial in so many ways. Our human bodies were never made for being sat 6 hours at a screen. NO, it was ment for being outside and active. At the moment I’m dealing with a very tricky anxiety, and I must say that being outside for a walk is one of the best things to calm me down.


That’s it for today’s blog post. If you enjoyed it then please give it a like and let me know in the comments:

What are your thoughts on digital detoxing? Do you have any other things to do for a digital detox? What did you think of this post?

I post every single Sunday so if you don’t want to miss any of my posts please make sure to follow my blog. Until next Sunday: I hope you’ll have a wonderful week!

– Karen W. xx

29 responses to “How I Digital Detox”

    • Ohh, well I don’t exactly know why you get a head ache by doing so. However, I know why you do it, and that reason is simply because of a routine of dopamine. Since it’s something you do every single day, your brain knows that it has to get that dopamine rush every morning at 7.30 (or whatever time you wake up) Thank you so much for reading though ❤ xxx

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  1. You’re totally going to hate me haha, but I do both reading and my planning on my phone (insert embarrassed emoji here). I find it much easier for me to read more when it’s on my phone that way I can read when I’m trying to kill time when I’m waiting out and about, but it does have it’s downside as I get distracted with notifications. Do you have any trips to keep the phone silent from notifying you? And, I do love walks – and I’m hoping with this weather, I’ll find myself outside at least once a week.

    Natalie |

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    • Haha don’t worry Natalie – I don’t hate you <33 But I totally get why you get distracted with all the notifications, and also it’s not as good for your eyes because of the artificial white lighting. I guess there’s an app which will turn of all of your notifications – maybe you should check something like that out. Anyway, thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re going to have some amazing autumn walks xxx

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  2. Loved this post Karen! I’ve recently gone on a digital detox, and it’s been so refreshing! Bullet journaling, reading and cleaning and organizing are always how I keep myself off a screen. Keeping yourself busy with things you enjoy is really the key to going on a digital detox! Again, I absolutely loved this post! xx

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  3. ahh i loved it ! digital detoxes are so important which am i realizing evrytime i have a break from myp hone/computer. I do every single one of the activities that you showed – but it reminded me that i should buy more magazines haha
    i also love taking care of my plants and i some gardening outside
    Such a fab idea karen as always, hope you have a wonderful week ❤

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  4. Fab post, Karen! I also think it’s sooo important to take a break from gazing into a screen. Personally, I love bullet journaling, reading and going for a walk with my dog, but I also love taking a cup of tea to the bath and just relaxing in the silence for a little while! Enjoy your week! xx

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  5. Ugh I love doing these types of detoxes & totally love doing all the things on this list.

    Also, I find it helpful to either delete tempting apps or log out of them so it prohibits me from mindlessly scrolling!

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  6. I don’t really use gadgets and stuff that much, my phone is pretty useless after office hours!😅 I use my MacBook only when I write or I feel like watching which doesn’t happen very often. I’m not much into social media. I spend more time doing non-digital stuffs.😉

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