wHat i eAt iN a dAy aS a veGeTaRiAn cOllAb w. jaSpEr

wHat i eAt iN a dAy aS a veGeTaRiAn cOllAb w. jaSpEr

Happy Sunday lovelies! Yes, you’ve read correctly – it’s time for another collab! And not just with anyone, but with the ever so gorgeous and inspiring Jasper. Please promise me and yourself to check her blog and other part of the collab out – if not your seriously missing out on everything inspiring and creative. Now, we decided to do a “What I Eat In A Day As A Vegetarian” post. I’ve been wanting to share a post like this for ages, but just haven’t got around to actually doing it, until now. I’m super excited for you to read this. I hope it will give you a realisation of how amazing and not boring vegetarian food is. Scroll on bby!


baLm bReAkFaSt

So, in the life of being Karen, breakfast usually consist of yogurt with granola n’ berries. It’s quick & easy and tastes amazing. To go with that I more or less ALWAYS have some sort of hot drink  – usually tea. However, recently I’ve started drinking matcha tea. It’s a really good start to the morning, because it is said to give you energy but also sort of cleanse your body. Basically everything we want, right? The reason why I wanted to try it out was because it’s said to help clearing out acne – which is something I’m getting quite desperate on (I’ll give you an update if it does help). To go with that I ALWAYS have a huge glass of water and sometimes a glass of juice – in this case it was carrot juice.


lUsCioUs luNcH

Lunch is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day. I don’t really know why, but that’s beside the point… So, welcome to a bit fancier (more Instagram appropriate) version of a ‘typical’ Danish lunch – Rugbrød (rye bread / dark bread). Since it’s a Danish word it’s hard to find an accurate translation, but rye bread will do for me. You could just use toast or an other type of bread – I mean it’s your lunch, soooo it’s all up to you. On top of my bread I’ve got spinach, pesto, mozzarella, avocado & cucumber. On the other one I’ve got spinach, mayo, an egg & some tomatoes. It was SUCH a delicious lunch – highly highly recommend you give it a go.


deLiCioUs diNnEr

So, for dinner that day my mum and I decided to this really simple creamy pasta dish. It’s actually vegan… apart from the parmesan which I will not let go of (haha). It’s just pasta (duhh), peeled tomatoes, carrots, onions, portobello mushrooms & coconut milk – it has almost qualified itself to become a part of Jamie Olivers “5 ingredients” cookbook. It taste amazing and it’s so quick and easy to make – like literally everyone will master this.

So that’s all for today post. Thank you so much for reading and also thank you Jasper for wanting to do this collab. I hope you enjoyed this post if so let me know by giving it a like. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments:

What do you think of these dishes? Would you consider going vegetarian? What does your everyday meal plan look like? 

I post every single Sunday, so if you don’t wanna miss out on the fun you can either follow my blog or subscribe with your e-mail. Until next Sunday; I hope you have a wonderful week!

– Karen W. xx

32 responses to “wHat i eAt iN a dAy aS a veGeTaRiAn cOllAb w. jaSpEr”

  1. Looks way too delicious…. I am a vegetarian my self and have a blog where I post vegetarian recipes that are not only tasty easy but also healthy… please checkout and if any suggestions do let me know

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  2. Ahh!! I actually became Vegan recently so I’m kinda loving the mozzerella on that bread and the eggs!!!
    But, the pasta looks the most delicious to me (I can’t ever get enough pasta) and I’m so happy to see its vegan!!
    I’m definitely going to try to make that dish. It looks so amazing.
    I love your pictures by the way xoxo

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  3. Your pictures are amazing and your meals are well rounded! How do you find the time to prepare your meals everyday? I’ve definitely considered going vegetarian but its not the easiest thing to do over in my country as its still pretty backwards in the healthy and clean eating style so I just eat whatever that is free or cheap and thus its probably greasy and unhealthy! ):

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    • Thank you so much. To be honest, it’s actually NOT difficult to make at all. But yes, when you’re on the go options for vegetarian food is simply awful. I guess I just made a ‘deal’ with myself about not wanting to eat or pay for the ‘gross’ food. But if you know that going vegetarian will almost turn out to be a struggle – then I probably wouldn’t do it. You should go vegetarian if you know it will be beneficial for your life. Best of luck to you – and thanks for reading! xx

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  4. ohhhhh my god your lunch looks absolutely DELICIOUS! And our breakfasts are pretty similar 🙂 Have you tried using honey for your acne? It works absolute wonders, very soothing and totally natural. Salicylic acid is also FANTASTIC for spot treatments, but very harsh. Same with Benzoyl peroxide – MASSIVELY effective, but quite harsh ❤ xxx

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    • Thank you SO much girl! Well, it did taste pretty darn good not gonna lie. Oh, I’m noting everything down – I’ll definitely have to give them a try. THANKS! <33 Have a wonderful week Mia xxx


  5. Omg this post made me soooo hungry! All of this looks delicious and makes me feel like I’m doing the whole vegetarian thing wrong (I eat far too many quorn chicken nuggets!) You’ve inspired me, Karen! Thanks boo xx ♥️

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    • Thank you so much. Well, I don’t think you’re doing it wrong – however, I do imagine eating quorn chicken nuggets everyday would get pretty tiring. It makes me so happy that you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week, lovely ❤ xx

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