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Sunday!!! If you’re lacking on the subject for this post then I’m here to talk about it with you (unless you’re lacking coffee then I’ll have to disappoint you with the fact that I’m not a barista) Tomorrow is Monday, which I’ve come to realise is THE days where we’re all lacking motivation. Buy why is that? Why aren’t we exited? And do we have an impact on each others motivation? Well, if you’re just as curious as I am then please keep on reading….


So as a teen you would maybe assume that my lack of motivation is a solid 10/10. But actually it’s not. Personally I don’t think age has anything to do with motivation, do you? Because in my point of view being lazy and motivation is not the opposite of each other. Feeling unmotivated is, but not lazy. But how do we get motivated? Well, all I can say for now is:

  1.  To surround yourself with people whom fills you up with amazingly positive energy | Yup, those people are difficult to find. So why don’t you go ahead and make yourself one. As one of my friends recently said: Your vibe attracts your tribe
  2. GET SOME SLEEEEEEEP | It’s not very easy to feel inspired and ready for an 8am  meeting with only 3 hours of sleep. And most importantly it makes the others feel just as unmotivated
  3.  Watch TED talks or speeches | I can’t even describe how much this will help you. Not only do they make you feel motivated but also informed, inspired and make you feel like you have a voice (not legit, but I think you get the symbol)

Over the few last weeks I’ve come to realise that your coworkers, class mates or friends really DO have a big impact on your energy level. Like if they’ve had a busy and stressful morning, their rather low energy will make yours go low as well. Do excuse me, but when I’ve just managed to get my butt of to school Monday morning. The last thing I need to hear is someone moaning about how tired they are or how unfair their life are. Like please just stop yourself, because that dangerous curse is not going to help any of us.

Okay so one of my questions was: Why “are we always lacking” motivation on Mondays? Well, I really have tried to work it out but it’s like my only conclusion is that it’s because we have to actually DO something. And now I’m just sat here thinking: Yeah, and is that a bad thing. I mean to do something. I think from now on I will consider Mondays as my favourite day of the week, because it gives me, you, us and them a fresh start. That’s the mind set we all should have from now on, also please let me know in the comments what your point of view is.


Now, as I’m writing this post there’s like a full on brain storm going on inside my head, with all these tips and tricks on how to stay and become motivated. So I better write some of them down before they all blow away in this storm (hahaha get it…? Brain storm. Okay, less of the dad jokes Karen, because we all know that that’s not motivating content) Moving on, here you go…..

  1. Eat less sugar and generally bad foods | I’ve come to realise that sugar is for my own body like a demotivation magnet. Like it’s just not doing anything good for my energy (well, my mental energy because physically I’ll get very high on energy)
  2. Stop complaining | I feel like I’ve covered this part a few times already. But you’re seriously bringing your friends and coworkers down and yourself included, so you better stop it.
  3. Be the ‘annoying’ but actually helpfull friends which talks about all kinds of great things in life | Because by doing this I’m sure your energy will affect the others and you’re all going to have a much better day.
  4. Do things that makes you happy | Drawing, dancing, singing, writing, running, screaming (I’m not here to judge what makes you happy), sleeping, reading, talking, socializing etc.

Saying all these great things, I will just like to add (before I get a crazy hurricane started in the comments) That we are all humans here. By that I mean that if we’re having a bad day that’s alright, if we’re just feeling like sh*t then that’s alright as well. Because I’m not here to support that strength that no one actually has. Judging by social media it does look like it, but I promise you even Kim Kardashian have days where she’s sat with a tub of ice cream in one hand and the TV remote in the other, thinking: Heck no, working out is just not going to happen today, that can wait until tomorrow. And so should you feel about motivation as well, let it wait until tomorrow if you’re having a bad day (but don’t keep canceling it, because then you’re not going to get it done)


I hope you’ve found this post motivating or maybe just enjoyable. If so then feel free to like and comment your thoughts on this subject. Because that’s like the whole point of this blog post series, it’s to hear your thoughts as well as mine. I will just like to say welcome to all my new readers, I’m ever so thankful for everyone of you! If you don’t want to miss any of my 4am Sunday posts, then please go ahead and hit that follow button or subscribe with your e-mail. All happy vibes from:

Karen W. xx


7 responses to “Coffee Chats | Motivation”

  1. […] different and in somewhat difficult subjects. I’ve touched on subjects like; Confidence, motivation, anxiety and now beauty. My aim is to be able to talk about rather serious subjects, but make them […]

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  2. I love these coffee talk posts! Motivation is so tough 💕

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    1. Thank you so much, these comments really mean the world to me! I’m glad you like them ❤

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  3. Nice post. Really motivating.

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  4. Nice reminders to start off the week, Karen! I agree with what you said about frequent complainers sapping the energy from just about everyone. We become what we think, and if our thinking is negatively influenced, we become negative about things, too. That means, lower energy, lower motivation to start the week right.

    Thanks for sharing, nice post!

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    1. Thank you very much. It’s nice to get someone else’s perspective on your thoughts, so thanks for commenting.

      I hope you’ll have a great week!

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