24 Hours in Heaven

It’s SUNDAY – Which means new post! So for today I’ve written up this get-away-post. As may or may not know my mum and I went for a lovely 24H spa residence at Comwell Kellers Park. And let me just tell you, that it was A-mazing. So I thought why not share it with you? Hope you enjoy, and let’s get to it!

SUN | FEB 18

So the day started off with us arriving to this gorgeous sight. Then we checked in to our beautiful hotel room and more or less headed straight for the spa. However, before we started messing the room up, I managed to snap a few photos of our room.

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The interior at the entire hotel and rooms are very Scandinavian inspired, which does make sense since I’m living in Denmark. The room had a HUGE window where we could see a beautiful lake. It’s funny because as soon as I stepped into the lobby it was like I calmed down instantly. Like the smell of a spa and amazing food just makes you feel like you must be in some sort of heaven. I really can’t recommend you enough to get on a little get away to a spa residence once every now and then. Especially if you’re particularly busy and stressed, do yourself a favour and book a little spa getaway even though it might only be for one day or two – TRUST me it will in some odd way make you feel a little more human again (which I mean in the end is good for everyone right…?)

After we’d unpacked and all, we were absolutely starving so we decided to go for a spot of lunch. And let me tell you, it was simply stunning! Like it was SO good. I got myself a salmon-salad-sun dried tomatoes-mozzarella-butter toasted sandwich (I’m sure that wasn’t it’s actual name) I will definitely try and recreate this at home.

Now I would have loved to be able to show you the actual spa area, but since we obviously wasn’t the only people de-stressing, I thought I wouldn’t scare anyone by sneaking around in a bikini with a rather huge camera in a spa (yup, I will just give you a moment to imagine how that would have looked…hahaha) However, it was absolutely amazing. This spa in particular specialises in this spa method, it’s basically where you go from a cold pool to a hot pool (oh, and when I mean cold it’s literally 8 degrees celcius cold and the hot one is like 38 degrees celcius warm)

When we got out of the spa (feeling all calmed) we went back to our hotel room and just chilled. Watched some TV and read a few chapters in our books. Basically really enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to do something. Like in this modern-fast-going-world we all forget to take some time out just to do ‘nothing’, like isn’t that so true?

Now, when we started feeling quite peckish we went to the hotel restaurant for a four course meal! Like I don’t think I’ve felt so full since Christmas. However, the food was really stunning, and I did manage to snap photos of all the dishes, so here you go

Course 1 | Was a cauliflower soup with some sort of browned butter. Normally I’m not really a fan of soup in general, however I did actually like this soup. So I think that says it all – hahaha

Course 2 | Pork cheeks with salad, cowberries and gravy. The sound of the pork type did actually make my appetite disappear a bit, however when I tasted it, it was like the most amazingly tender meat I ever did taste. Like this was hands down my favourite course out of the four.

Course 3 | Some sort of beef with roasted roots, selleri puree and red wine gravy. Again really really good. However the amount of meat was a bit too much for me personally (like as if I’m a food reviewer… hahaha)


Course 4 | Chocolate mousse with ice cream, caramelised hazelnuts and some sort of sugar snow (yeah the name does not sound edible and to be honest it didn’t really taste of anything) However, that chocolate mousse was absolutely stunning!

MON | FEB 19

We actually woke up at 6.45 am because the spa opens at 7 am and what better way to start the day then be sat in an outdoor hot tub watching the sunrise. Well, we though the same. After we’d properly woken up in the spa, we went for a lovely brunch buffet (which I unfortunately forgot to take pictures off, but I can tell you that it did taste really nice)

After breakfast it was actually time to check out, so that was the point where our time in heaven ended. However we will be sure to come back.

Thank you very much for reading this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing, reading and seeing bits of me and my mum’s little getaway. I can not recommend you enough to take some time out of your schedules and deadlines to go on a spa getaway, whether that’s at Comwell Kellers Park in Denmark or the place you live, that’s not the important bit. Make sure to like this post and please leave a comment telling me a bit about who you are, because I feel like I don’t know that much about YOU (reading this right now) Also if you don’t want to miss any of my every-Sunday-posts then hit that follow button or subscribe with your e-mail. I hope you’ll have a great week

XoXo Karen W.


2 responses to “24 Hours in Heaven”

  1. Omg, it sounds like you had such a get-away! It sounds calming and fun. Wish I could do that, but sad my exams start this week! Anyway, I’m happy for you Karen πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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    1. Oh thank you so much sweetheart ❀ Yes, I had an amazing time. Best of luck with your exams, I actually just finished mine. Keep up your good work and I'm sure it's all gonna go just fine <33


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