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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re having a great one. Today we are talking about books (wuhuuu) Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with reading books (or buying books…) In the past 2 weeks I’ve purchased seven new books, and I’ve got two more on the way. So I thought: “Why not share these purchases with you guys?”. To give you some book inspiration, even though I havn’t read any of them yet apart from one… However if you’re keen on some book-purchase-inspiration, then keep on reading!


Before we get completely started I will just like to say, that I’ve bought all these lovely books on, which if you live in Denmark is like THE BEST website to buy books. However, if you don’t then feel free to purchase these books where ever you prefer. Now, let’s talk books shall we?


tHe liTtLe bOok oF hyGgE | mEik wiKiNg

So this is actually the only book (out of these seven ones) that I have read. You may be familiar with the word hygge. If not, well it’s basically a word that we Danes use about every situation where we feel warm, cozy and safe. However, in this book Meik really delves into the word, and explains what hygge actually is. This book is SO great, it talks about humans abroad and gives you DIY ideas for all year around. All in all, if you’re interested in learning about Denmark and danish culture, then this is THE book you’ve been looking for.

Another great thing about this book is, that I’ve found it very hyggelig to read before bed. It simply puts me in a nice and relaxed mood, just before dropping the book in my face, realising that I probably should turn out the light and fall asleep (without a book in my face…)



tHe suN aNd heR fLoWerS | rUpi kaUr

Not gonna lie, I was a bit sceptical about this books, mainly because I usually don’t really read poetry. However, I’ve found this book so inspiring, like her words are so amazing. Seriously ANYONE can read this. It’s not one of those poetry books where you’re literally sat an hour trying to figure out the meaning of life (however I do actually like poetry like that as well) It’s more the whole book that’s got a meaning on a different level, which I’m not going to spoil, all I can tell you is that it’s SO beautiful and that you must purchase it! (final words)




tHe cUraTed cLosEt | aNusChkA rEeS

The thought behind me buying this is, that I find it a bit difficult sometimes to a) Pick an outfit that’s not just a hoodie and jeans. b) To purchase the right items, that is going to go well with everything else in my closet. Am I the only one on that one? Anyway, I’ve heard great things about this book, although I havn’t even had a flick through yet, I am exited to see and learn from this book.


hoW tO sTop tiMe | mAtT hAiG

The next four purchases is all purchased because of the lovely Estée Lalonde. She recently did a “Books I’ve read in 2017”-video. And while I was watching this I was sat with my notesbook and a pen, writing down the books she mentioned, that sounded like something I would enjoy – So thanks to Estée for all the recommendations and for me to destroy my bank account…

Anyway, as far as I remember she said that this book wasn’t SUPER heavy reading material, which I’m completely fine with, because when you’re reading just before bed, you do not want to read anything too heavy, otherwise falling asleep can be a little tricky.


eXit weSt | mOhsIn haMiD

Again thanks to Estée! I’m so super exited to start reading this. As far as I’ve read and heard about this book, this is a love story and a political book all in one. Which is like two of my favourite subjects in literature. And also, I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but can we just appreciate this cover for a moment, because I’m head over heels about it.




bLoOm | eStÈe laLoNde

Now, this is Estée’s own book, and let me just say, that I’ve been wanting this book for ages, but they don’t sell it in any store in Denmark, so when I found out they had it on, I immediately pressed ‘add to basket’. Although I havn’t properly read it yet, I have had a little flick through, and as far as I can see, it’s literally a book about how everything blooms (I mean not plants and trees), but how friendship bloom and how you as a person can bloom. I’m basically just SO exited to have a sit down with a cuppa’ tea and a notesbook in the other hand (not quite sure how far my multitasking will work, but I’ll give it a try – ahaha)



D4905E09-7859-461F-83F9-FE67036A6CE7sWeEtbiTtEr | stEphAniE dAnLer

You’re probably sat trying to pronounce the word: “sødbitter” right now. Well, I’ve figured out that it has been a good old while since I’ve last read a book in danish. Usually I only read books in english, basically because I prefer the selection of words the english language has. Again this book is a recommendation from Estèe, and as far as she’s said, this book is set in New York, or it’s a girl moving to New York wanting to explore the New Yorker life, which I’m basically so interested in ‘learning’ about.


Thank you SO much for reading this blog post, I hope you’re up for reading some of these books (due to my crabby ‘explanations’) If you’ve enjoyed this post, please hit the like button and let me know in the comments a) If you’ve heard anything about these books, and if so then what? b) Which books you love and which ones are on your wishlist. I hope you’ll have a great week.

XoXo Karen W.


10 responses to “Recent Book Purchases”

  1. […] you’ve read my first ‘Recent Book Purchases’ then you’ll have heard me speak of the author Meik Wiking. He’s the CEO of the […]

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  2. Haven’t read any of these books but I’m pretty interested with The Little Book of Hygge. I hope you read that first and tell us about it. 😊

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    1. I have finished The Little Book of Hygge. And I can only recommend it, even as a Dane I found it so interesting and educational ❤ It gives you tips and tricks on how to 'hygge' all year around, but also lots of traditional Danish recipes. I hope that was helpful xx


  3. A Mega-Sena é jogo que oferece os maiores prêmios.


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  5. Thanks very interesting blog!

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    1. Thank you so very much!


  6. maddisondoolan avatar

    I really want to read both Bloom and The Little Book of Hygge, let me know what they are like xx

    Maddison Jayne |

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    1. I’ve just finished The Little Book of Hygge, and OMG you should SO read it <33 I'll let you know how Bloom goes down. Have a great weekend!

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  7. Hey I just nominated for appreciation blogger award check the link below for more info! xx

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