Bullet Journaling | Weekly Spread

Here are some of my favourite weekly spreads I’ve done so far. So if you need some inspiration. Keep on reeding!!!


When it comes to weekly spreads in your Bullet Journal, it’s all about trying different spreads and layouts. In that way you’ll be able to work out which spreads works the best for you. For this post I’ve created two kind of similar one, but that’s basically because they’re my favourite ones.

In my spreads there’s a few things that I’ve worked out are genius. My water, sleeping and money tracker.

The water tracker gives me an overview of how good or bad i’ve been at remembering to stay hydrated. Usually I’m alright, but compared to that you have to drink about 2 L a day, I could be better….

The sleeping tracker is also really good, not only because it tracks your sleep. But what I use it for is experimenting a bit. I know it does sound a bit strange. Let’s say I go to bed at 10pm and planing on waking up at 6.30am. Before I head for bed, I’ve been on my phone. I’ve found out that when I’ve been on some sort of technology before bed, I usually lay for about 2 hours before I fall to sleep. And that’s NOT good!!! As a solution I put down my phone and laptop at 8pm. And then go to bed at 9.30pm and read for 30 min. And OMG let me tell you, you’re going to have the best night sleep ever!!!

Money tracking is my key ATM. I’m saving up some money, so I can go buy some new beauty products. Because I really want some new, high end and luxurious beauty! Does anyone feel me on that???



For my day to day plan I’ve pretty much tried it all. It have taken me so long, to work out the ideal layout. But I feel like this VERY simple and basic one, just works the best for me. As you can see you have a lot of space for to does, events, appointments and notes.

To decorate my spreads I’ve found some very cool and artsy pictures on pinterest (feel free to follow me. Link is at the end of the post). I just think it gives a very cool and finished look.

For decorating I’ve also added some washi tape. Personally I’m in love with washi tape. It’s just the final touch. For one of the spreads I’ve used some very simple, but still very cool washi tape.

To kind of fill out the empty spaces, I’ve written down some quotes which I personally think is a really good idea. 1. Because it fills out the space 2. Because it can keep you motivated or remind you about something.


I hope you’ve found these weekly spreads inspiring! Feel free to comment and like this post. And please let me know, if there’s any posts you really want to see!!




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  1. that’s very nice, did you made that your self?


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