A Little Skincare Haul

A Little Skincare Haul

Hello everyone! How has the start of this week treated you? Mine started out quite nicely because a gorgeous parcel of skincare goodies arrived. Am I the only one who gets super excited about collecting parcels? There’s just somethings about it. Today I thought I’d share this little haul with the skincare bits I ordered. All of these items are new to me so I’m really looking forward to have a right ol’ product testing session. I actually ordered this bundle of goodies from a pharmacy because I heard Camille Charriere talk about how french women like to buy their skincare from a pharmacy because the ingredients are good for sensitive skin. Personally, I’m a bit obsessed with France and the french aesthetic, so I think this really sparked my curiosity for simple ingredient skincare. Although having said that, I have struggled with acne prone skin for quite a while and I’ve noticed that my skin is rather sensitive when it goes from cold to warm weather (which we have a lot of ATM in Denmark…) All of the products below are linked, so it’s easier for you to find the exact product I’ve purchased. All you have to do is to press the name of each product. Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for now Karen. Here’s what I got!


I was in serious need of a new face cream and I’d heard lots of recommendations on this specific moisturizer from Avéne. I’m really excited to give it a go and I’ll make sure to let you know if it’s a goodie!


This product, as far as I’ve understood, is a treatment which you put underneath your moisturizer. It helps to clear your skin, minimize breakouts and treat oily skin. I’m really excited to try this and see if it has any effect on my skin and the amount of blemishes I get.


This product truly sounds like a can of miracle water. It’s ment to help sunburn, razor burns, after sport, itching, redness and the list goes on. I’m hoping this will work a bit like an essence where it preps the skin for serum and general moisture.


With summer approaching I feel like everyone is stocking up on sun screen. This particular one (yes I know there are a lot of Avène products, but that’s simply because they seem like such a good brand) is water resistent and it doesn’t flash in photos. Now, this summer I’ll graduate which means I will be in so many photos and also a lot outdoors. I therefore found it very appealing that this protects my skin and doesn’t interfere with any cameras (yayy).

That was all I had to share with you today. Please give this post a like if it sparked some sort of joy. Please also let me know in the comment: What’s you recent skincare purchase? Have you tried any of these products/brands before? And what are you most excited about for summer? I with you the loveliest week!

Lots of love

Karen xx

11 responses to “A Little Skincare Haul”

  1. Delivery day is by far the best day of the week!! These products sound amazing and I cannot wait to hear if they are any good. The spring water just sounds amazing too, my skin gets so tight and dry in the colder months! Thank you for sharing angel xxxx

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    • Yes, delivery days gets me so excited and are honestly sometimes the highlight of my day (lol). I’ll make sure to make some sort of review or feedback on these products. Thank you so much for reading sweetie xxx


  2. I used to be excited about the packaging, but since I cannot properly clean it now I haven’t kept anything that was not part of the product itself. Love the haul! Some of these products have been on my wishlist for ages 😻

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