Glossier Haul & Try On

Glossier Haul & Try On

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week so far and that you’re looking forward to your weekend. So today’s blog post is a makeup one. I have been wanting to try out Glossier for years now, and it is only just now that I’ve decided to order myself a bunch of their goodies. In this blog post, I’ll be showing you what I got, but, I’ve also attached a little artsy (or at least trying to be) video that shows how the makeup ended up looking. All the products below are linked in the title, so if you wish to check out any of the products, simply press the belonging title. I hope you like the sound of this blog post – if so please make sure to read on.


First of all, I really wanted to try this new glowy serum. It is not a serum in the sense, that you use it before moisturiser to give yourself a hydration boost. It is more of a glowy oil, which you use as the very last step in your skin care routine – before applying makeup – or at least that’s how I’m using it. It’s got a slightly sticky texture, however, it looks absolutely incredible on the skin, and I’m sure it’s going to be my holy grail for summer. It doesn’t leave glittery chunks on your face, as the shimmer is so finely milled, it leaves your skin looking hydrated, healthy and glowy.


Over this past year, I’ve come to realise that I’m not really a fan of high-coverage foundations. I think this has probably got the do with the fact that my skin is no longer troubled with acne, so I therefore want to embrace my natural, less blemished skin. I don’t mind showing small scars, moles or from time to time freckles on my skin. I think it is these little traits that make us look natural and like ourselves, although having said that, I also know how much frustration and shyness can come when being troubled with acne. I only wish to say that your natural skin is beautiful no matter what story it tells (I have just binged Bridgerton and am currently also reading Little Women – you can’t tell from my language, can you? Lol). Anyway, about this foundation I really like it. It gives a very sheer coverage, which only evens out the skin tone and leaves a good base for other makeup products.


I’ve always thought that pot concealers were dry and crumbly, however, this one by Glossier has truly made me think otherwise. It is so creamy, doesn’t crease and very easy to apply. It hasn’t got a lot of coverage, which for me makes it a perfect under eye concealer. I would highly recommend it if you’re on the hunt for a new under eye concealer, although, if it’s for covering up blemishes then perhaps it requires some layering.


I really love the idea of wearing lip stick, but honestly, most of the time I just end up wearing lip balm instead because I find that a lot of lip sticks just dry out my lips. So instead I really wanted a lip gloss that could give me that lushes shine and still have some hydration to it as well. This has quickly turned out to be one of my favourite lip products.


What got me drooling over Glossier in the first place was these cloud paints. It’s essentially a cream blush but in a tube, which makes the product easier to apply but also more hygienic. These blushers are so pigmented and creamy and they’re truly lovely to apply. A little goes a long way, but they’re certainly some of the most natural looking blushers I’ve ever tried. If you were to buy only one thing from Glossier, I would a) definitely say you should try one of their cloud paints b) have a lot of respect for you and your self control (hahaha).


If you’re struggling to make your eyebrows look bushy and fluffy like everyone wants these days, then do try out a glow gel. You may think that they can’t draw little hairs like other makeup products, however, brow gel is like texturizing spray for your brows. It defines every hair and makes your brows look thicker and bushier in the best possible way. This one by Glossier is no exception either. It has a tiny little brush which makes it easier to apply but it also defines every single hair better.

Here is the video, which I had so much fun putting together. I like that it makes this post more artsy and aesthetic, however, it also gives you an opportunity to get a better idea of how these products look. I absolutely love taking, planning and editing pictures, however, there truly is something about making videos, adding music and making a nice thumbnail. Please check it out!

That was all and everything from now. I hope you enjoyed this post, if so then please make sure to like it and leave me a comment telling me… If you’ve tried any products from Glossier? If you would like to try any? And lastly, what your favourite makeup product is at the moment – I’d love to know.

I wish you all a very merry weekend!

Lots of love

Karen xx

13 responses to “Glossier Haul & Try On”

  1. Ive never tried Glossier products before but they sound amazing! Especially the lip gloss and cloud paint, I defo need to treat myself. Thank you for sharing this with us (how are your pictures always SOO perfect!?!? I need to know the tricks!)xxx

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    • They truly are amazing! The cloud paints are definitely some of my favourite products from them. Thank you so much for your sweet words ❤️ I’m actually not to sure what my photo secret is haha, but a good camera, natural lighting and a bit of editing are pretty much the key to good photos. Perhaps I should do a blog post on how I take and edit photos? Anyway thank you so much for reading! xxx

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  2. I’ve actually never bought anything from Glossier but have always been intrigued by them, love this so much! Your photos are lovely and you are simply stunning !! An absolute angel .xx

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    • You’re honestly the sweetest! Thank you so much for your lovely words ❤️ I highly recommend you try some of their products if you like natural, easy to work with and glowy products. I’m so grateful for your support, and I truly hope you’re doing good in these times xx

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  3. A real life angel! You are so incredibly gorgeous. Love this natural glowy look! I placed a Glossier order a couple of years ago through a postmate service that allows you to send directly to a US warehouse and then have your order forwarded to Australia or other countries Glossier don’t normally ship to! I picked up two of the cloud paints, a lipgloss, a pressed powder, their shimmery eye makeup and a milky jelly cleanser. Of that I still have many of the products! For the moment though, when I need new makeup, I tend to just stick to benefit or other good aussie brands xx

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    • Honestly you’re just the sweetest! ❤ Thank you so much you gorgeous girl. I'm so happy Glossier ships directly to Denmark as I just love what they stand for, the actual products and so on. It truly does sound like you picked up an amazing bunch of goodies too. I love Benefit too especially their mascaras! I actually haven't tried that many aussie brands, however, I'd love to try some. Thank you so much for reading, you're always so supportive and lovely I highly appreciate it! Lots of (virtual, corona-friendly) hugs from me xx

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  4. You look so pretty in the video! I’ve been hearing so much about glossier for years now, and I really want to try their lip gloss someday! I’m definitely more of a matte person, but something about their lip gloss just feels really good!

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    • Aww thank you so much sweetie! I can really only recommend you try Glossier, and especially their lip gloss is just so so good. I hope you’re well in these times and that you’ll enjoy this beautiful spring weekend xx

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