Gift Wrapping Guide | Christmas 2020

Gift Wrapping Guide | Christmas 2020

Hi everyone! So, there’s only a few days to go until it’s officially Christmas (how exciting!). I presume most of you have sorted out all the presents you needed to buy, however, have you wrapped them yet? I thought, I’d share with you a few examples of how I like to wrap presents, and how to make them stand out.

Here in Denmark there’s been around 5 hours of sunlight through the entire month of December (I am worried we’ve all turned into vampires by now, lol). But this has ment, that I’ve not had a single chance to shoot photos with a beautiful golden sunlight shining gracefully through my windows… No, my reality has been ZERO light and a grey sky for days on end. Therefore, I’ve shot all of my photos with flash light, and I actually really like how they’ve turned out. I also didn’t have any backdrop I could use, because the flash light would create weird shadows. So instead, I decided to throw the presents as if they were flying, and again without trying to sound too big headed, I really like how they turned out. Anyway, enough talk from me, I hope you enjoy the post! x


The first type of wrapping is the classic chic wrapping. I’ve used striped white and green wrapping paper and then a classic Christmas read satin ribbon. I like to use satin ribbon because it makes the present look more luxurious. Also, normally you would tie a bow, but I cut the ribbon too short on purpose because on smaller presents the bow can sometimes be too overpowering. When wrapping a smaller present with a wide ribbon it is nice that it’s not just the bow that’s in focus but also the stunning wrapping paper. I’ve used a plain cream coloured gift tag, because I didn’t want to add another colour on the present. I find this type of wrapping so versatile, because your 80-year-old grandfather and your 15-year-old sister would both appreciate this sort of wrapping.


Am I the only one, who just finds it a bit odd that presents for children are often wrapped in very childish wrapping paper? There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, all I’m saying is that a child doesn’t have to be treated as a child, you should treat them as an equal. Personally, I have a 9-year-old sister and I know that she loves when presents are beautifully wrapped, like she really appreciates it. Therefore I don’t see the reason to wrap her presents in Frozen wrapping, just because she’s a 9-year-old girl (sorry if it’s getting to opinionated). But as an alternative to Frozen, Disney princess and Star Wars wrapping paper, I’ve wrapped my sister’s present in a reindeer wrapping paper with a pink satin ribbon. I think the present looks really nice and inviting.


If you need to wrap something really small and you find it difficult to wrap, perhaps a small gift box is the solution. I love to find little gift boxes for presents as it feels very luxurious to open. Also, a great thing too is that the person receiving the present can keep the box and reuse it. That is also why I love to use the satin ribbon because it’s so good for reuse. Anyway, this present was a difficult one to make look inviting, as it’s a piece of paper. Normally, you would just put it in an envelope, however, I liked the idea of making it look a bit more like a present and also more mysterious. I’ve chosen this little squared box and then some black ribbon that says ‘Merry Christmas. I’ve again not made a bow with the ribbon, because it’s a small present. For the gift tag, I’ve just stuck it on with some masking tape, as I thought it looked really nice. If you have a large collection of masking tape, A. I’m really jealous… B. It’s a really good idea to use it for wrapping, as it just gives it an extra cute little touch.


I love this method of wrapping. First of all, you wrap the present in a tissue paper of your choice (btw there are so many beautiful ones with different prints and such). Then you put the present in a little cellophane bag which you can seal. I’ve then but some black and white string on it, and then a little blue gift tag that matches the tissue paper. I think this is such a good way of wrapping, as it’s very unique and so simple to actually do.


This present is like a 2-in-1 as a part of the present is used to give the wrapping a special touch. If you’re wondering why on Earth I’ve chosen a ‘Happy Birthday’ gift tag then it’s because this present is for my best friend, whom’s birthday is on the 24th of December (which BTW in Denmark is the date we open our presents) so a very fitting gift tag, right? I’ve used some christmassy wrapping paper and some string. Then I’ve used two book marks to make the present look extra nice. I really like the idea of attaching a little extra present on the outside as well.

That is everything for this time. I really hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. Let me know in the comments how you like to wrap presents? And also if you’ve wrapped them all, yet? I wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Lots of love from

Karen xx

8 responses to “Gift Wrapping Guide | Christmas 2020”

  1. this is SO weird, but ur pictures are sooo pretty and it triggered my hand fetish heheheh 🥰, thanks for the tips, i literally suck at gift wrapping, you would be disgusted when u see how i wrap my presents

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    • Haha, I love this comment! I’m really glad you liked this post and the pictures. I mean things like wrapping just takes practice. I’m sure you’ll master it at some point. Thanks for reading 🦋

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  2. These photos came out so so well!! Winter time is so difficult for shooting photos so you done absolutely amazingly!! Wrapping presents is by far one of my fav things to do, especially when there’s a Christmas film on in the background. However yours look far more fancier than mine haha!! The ribbons are gorgeous! Have a fabulous Christmas lovely xx

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    • Thanks so much I truly appreciate it! I also love to have a Christmas film on in the background because it just makes everything so much more cozy. I’m really happy you liked the wrapping. I wish you the loveliest Christmas as well xx


  3. Oh my goodness these photos !! LOVE. What camera / filters/s are you using ?? I’m awful at wrapping presents, it honestly looks like a 5 year old wrapped them – I can’t even wrap a BOX properly. Oh to be gifted with nice wrapping skills …xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chloe, you’re honestly the best haha! I use a Canon EOS 600D, and then a flash light (very important). I then import them to VSCO and add a lot of ‘grain’ and warmth to the pictures. I had a vision that I wanted to make them look sort of vintage, so if you have that idea in your mind, I’m sure you can achieve similar ones. I’m so glad you love the wrapping, like that genuinely makes me so happy! I’m sure your wrapping skills will improve at some point – practice makes perfect, right? Have a merry Christmas! xx

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