Why I Love Pinterest

Why I Love Pinterest

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m really excited for today’s post as it’s a post I’ve had in mind for a while now. I’ve been a trusty Pinterest user for about 5-6 years now and use it almost every single day. However, a lot of my friends have been asking me: ‘Karen, why are you so fond of it – isn’t it essentially just a platform for reposting other people’s pictures?’. I thought many of you might share their wonder, and therefor I felt like I simply had to make a blogpost sharing my love with you (lol). I hope you enjoy this post!

Reason No. 1

First of all, I love pinterest for food inspo. Whenever I have friends around we set ourselves a goal to make tasty, easy and yummy food. To achieve that goal we ALWAYS browse through Pinterest and see if there’s any recipe that ticks all the boxes. On Pinterest I’ve found the most amazing noodle recipes, pasta recipes AND stunning vegetarian (+ vegan) dishes. There’s just SO much choice and even looking at all of the pictures makes my mouth water. Go and give it a look (you won’t regret it!)

Reason No. 2

Another thing I use Pinterest for is clothes inspiration. Whenever I feel like shopping (which happens quite regularly…) I always check out what pins I’ve saved in my clothes inspo folder. When I browse through that folder I find so many pieces of clothing which I probably wouldn’t have purchased in real life because I’d have to make an outfit out of it – on Pinterest there are already so many potential outfits so you don’t have to make one yourself. Also you come across so many style of clothing that you perhaps didn’t even know existed. L-O-V-E IT!

Reason No. 3

What I also use Pinterest for is finding inspo for my wishing list. Whether it’s for Christmas or my birthday, Pinterest ALWAYS comes in handy. When I browse through my saved pins I almost always find items where I’m like: ‘Wow, this looks amazing I’ll have to find something similar to that’. So, if you have no idea what to wish for for Christmas (which is getting closer everyday, I LOVE IT!) or your birthday then I highly recommend you to have a browse through Pinterest or simply search ‘Gift Ideas’. That also seems to come in handy when gifting presents – especially for dads and brothers whom I always have trouble finding presents for.

Reason No. 4

I obviously use Pinterest for many different things, however, I will say that what I use it for the most is finding my aesthetic. Aesthetic for instagram posts, what vintage pieces to look for, how to decorate my room, what style to take and edit pictures in or even what makeup looks I’d love to try. I honestly think your saved pins says a LOT about what you like and gravitate towards. My aesthetic is kind of difficult to describe but some keywords would probably be: parisian, scandinavian, pastels, minimalistic, unique and vintage. I’ve attached my pins bellow if you’re interested in what they look like.

Reason No. 5

I also think I love Pinterest to the extend that I do, because it let’s me dream. Dream about places I want to visit, dream about what my future bathroom could look like, dream about a gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag (that I probably can’t afford) and dream about what my future flat will look like. Yes, you’re right – my life in 5 years probably won’t look like my Pinterest feed, however, I don’t care because my boards and saved pins sparks excitement in me. I know it may sound silly, but it’s true. I spend so much time wondering and dreaming about what my life will look like in the future and Pinterest really acts like a MASSIVE mood board that visualizes all of those dreams and hopes. Yes, it’s just a dream it isn’t reality (yet!). My dreams are like a life compass.

This post got rather deep here at the end but if you’ve been following along here for a while, you’ll know that I love to have deep chats. I’m really glad you read this post and I truly hope you found it interesting and encouraging. If you’re already a Pinterest lover then please let me know, why you love it so much? If you havn’t got a Pinterest account (yet 😉 ) then please let me know if you would consider signing up? Which BTW is completely free! A question to all of you; do you love dreaming about your future? Or does it make you feel lost and insecure? Or does it make you feel both? I’m curious to know.

I wish you a lovely weekend and hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming week.

Lots of love

Karen xx

30 responses to “Why I Love Pinterest”

  1. I love Pinterest a lot, also! Making boards is so much fun. I essentially get to create vision boards of what I imagine it is like to live in Paris or NYC or even Forks, WA! I always find the most lovely and inspiring images on Pinterest!

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  2. Pinterest is one of my fav apps, but I go through stages of being obsessed then not touching it for weeks on end. I love it for decor and tattoo inspiration as well as finding cute backgrounds for my phone! xxx

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    • Actually, I had a really long period where I didn’t use it too. I also LOVE finding tattoo inspo and of cause home decor is just always the best! Thank you so much for reading, Chloe! xxx


  3. I also love Pinterest! I never really got the hype before but the last couple of years I’ve really gotten into it, I’m obsessed with constantly creating and organising my folders and sub-folders hahaha. My favourite thing to do is stick on some music and spend a couple of hours just scrolling through! X

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    • Haha, this is so relatable! I also just love to scroll through Pinterest and save pins for hours on end. I honestly can’t describe why I do it there’s just something about it, isn’t there? Thank you so much for reading Chloe I always appreciate your comments xx

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    • Uhh, that’s interesting. I’m really glad you stepped by my post then. I definitely think you should look into what Pinterest could benefit with for you – there’s honestly SO many ways to use Pinterest. Thank you so much for reading!


  4. Awesome post! Great to know why others enjoy Pinterest as much as I do. I pretty much just view it as a big photo portfolio for life; like you I love browsing all the different categories in my niche and the best part is that they’re all in one place. I suppose it is like a dream board just online! Happy pinning x

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