Underwear Haul

Underwear Haul

This blog post could without a doubt be way more exotic than it is (lolll). So I apologise if you we’re expecting a try on haul, but I simply thought that was a little too inappropriate for this blog. ANYWAY, welcome. Today (as you’ve read in the title) I’ll be showing you my recent underwear purchases – more specifically pants. Am I the only one who just doesn’t really invest in good quality underwear? Like, I can spend a lot of money on jackets, shoes etc. but when it comes to underwear, I just go to H&M or Primark (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I guess it’s mainly because no one really sees my underwear (except me, my boyfriend and the girls at the gym) so why spend money on it? However, that got me thinking: ‘Am I the sort of person that’s only willing to spend money on items that’s meant for showing?’. I don’t want to be someone like that, because to be honest your clothes is about how YOU feel in it, and actually I feel far better in a nice quality pair of pants than in my old Primark ones. And let’s be honest your underwear is probably the one item you wear the most – so why not invest in some good ones?

A lot of you may be thinking; ‘Well, Karen, we get your philosophy here but I can’t simply afford good quality underwear’. Well, I had that thought too. However, good quality underwear has turned out not to be as expensive as I thought it would. The following pieces of underwear is all bought in a danish store, Magasin du Nord, which unfortunately doesn’t ship internationally. Each pair of pants costed £8, which I don’t think is bad at all. Even though, you can’t purchase the exact same ones if you live outside of Denmark, I still thought this blog post would be a good reminder of, treating yourself to a nice pair (or two) of underwear once in a while.

All the following images are linked to where you can purchase the pants.

This model is called ‘Nila 2’
This model is called ‘Komora 3’
This model is called ‘Naomi 2’
This model is called ‘Korie 3’
This model is called ‘Komora 2’
This model is called ‘Niselle 3’
This model is called ‘Kleo 2’

I hope you liked this post. If so then please make sure to give it a like and please let me know in the comments; Do you purchase good quality underwear? Why/why not?

I wish you the loveliest week. Lots of love, Karen xx

24 responses to “Underwear Haul”

  1. What a lovely blog you have! I have followed you. 🙂
    I do need to update my underwear collection. And thank you for reminding me about it.
    Have a lovely day. ❤

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  2. These are all so beautiful!! I also usually buy undies from Primark, I have a couple nice Calvins but since being pregnant and my body changing I have been gravitating towards embarrasingly comfy undies. This has definitely encouraged me to treat myself some cute lacy ones! xx

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    • Thanks! I am also quite obsessed with them 😍 I so understand why you gravitate more towards comfort. And also how great is it that you can have both comfort and cuteness?! I love it. Thank you so much for reading xx


    • I’ve heard a few people say that their Calvins doesn’t last too good as well. That must be so annoying because Calvin Klein is not cheap, so paying a lot of money for bad quality is just annoying. I really hope you find a nice brand with great quality and at a good price point. Thanks for reading!! xx

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  3. I recently started purchasing good quality underwear, if only because the cheaper ones had to be replaced every now and then, which I don’t like because in the long run I wind up spending more than if I’d just bought the more expensive ones. I’m glad I started doing so however because my babymaker feels way more comfortable…

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  4. ooo such cute picks! I’m with you in that I never used to spend much on my undies, but that just meant they were really low quality and had to be replaced loads. I’m trying to be more sustainable with my purchases so have started buying higher quality ones – and they’re way more comfy too which is a big plus xx

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    • Same, I hate when things I buy have to be replaced within a short amount of time, because it means I’m spending money more often and most importantly it’s NOT good for the planet. And actually, as you mentioned, good quality ones are just much comfier. Thank you so much for reading! xx


  5. I just get underwear from H&M + Penney’s too! Although not so much Penny’s this past year with everything that’s going on as my local is packed with people and not really safe at all 😕. Wish they delivered 🙌😂 I definitely want to branch out and buy them from other places as well so might take a leaf out of your book! Komora 2 are a really nice blend of colours. Great post! 💕

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    • Oh well, that’s very unfortunate they don’t deliver. I definitely recommend getting some nice, cute, comfortable pants, they just give a little boost to your day, when you put them on 😂❤️ Thank you so much for reading!! xx

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