Makeup Collection 2020

Makeup Collection 2020

Hello everyone! Today, I’ve made a rather different blog post for you. Today, you’ll hear my voice for the first time (unless you know me irl, then it won’t). I thought to myself, how on earth is a makeup collection in 5 photos going to show you what I actually keep in my makeup collection. So, I thought I’d make a video (I’m already slightly regretting this, but oh well here we go). I didn’t want to uploade it on youtube and then link all of you, because that would make me a “youtuber” (which I’m not sure I’m ready for). However, the file was too big for WordPress, so I simply had no choice other than uploade it to YT and link you…

I’ve made the video hidden, so you can only see it if you watch it through my blog (THANK GOOOOD!!) It’s not often I’m unsure about the content I uploade, but because it’s the first video and the first time you’ll hear my voice it’s all a bit different.

I’d like to disclame that the video is taken over two days, and you might notice I sound way more quite and rough in the second half, because it was filmed just about ten minutes after I’d greeted the day… Also, please remember that I’m in no way a pro and this is all for good fun.

Also, another disclamer – yes this is A LOT of makeup and YES I’ve bought it ALL myself for my OWN money because I’m simply not on any fancy PR list nor have a beauty brand ever reached out to me. I’ve been collecting makeup for about 4-5 years, and I have a huge passion for it. So, YES – this is a lot of makeup but I have bought and paid it all myself.

So, I think that was all I needed to say. Please get comfortable, grab a cup of tea and a snack. ENJOYYYY!!!

Please like, comment and follow my blog. Also feel free to subscribe to my YT channel, it may not be the last video I ever upload there. I wish you all a lovely Summer xx

15 responses to “Makeup Collection 2020”

    • Aww you’re more than welcome! I love love love that Chanel bronzer, I definitely recommend it. However, it is very expensive and there’s a lot of great alternatives xx I wish you a lovely week and thanks for visiting my blog ❤


    • Thank you so much! Yes, it actually was quite nice to try out something new. I found it so fun to film and edit, so I presume there’ll be more video content from me in the future. Thank you for reading (and watching) I highly appreciate it!


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