My everyday Jewellery

My everyday Jewellery

Hey again everyone! I hope you’re all doing as good as possible in these crazy times – and if not then that’s actually just okay as well. As promised a few blogs posts ago, I’d decided to start blogging a little more than I’d done over the past year and a half. Today I am sharing with you what jewellery I wear pretty much every single day. Personally I think jewellery is the key to make a rather boring plain outfit look SO much more personal and stylish. One of the things I love about jewellery is that you often have pieces that you’ve got at a special birthday or perhaps a piece you’ve inherited from you grandmother.


I absolutely love the necklaces I’ve received over the years. Every time I go to put them on they truly spart a feel of joy (so it’s a keep Marie Kondo). The one with the bumblebee on is from & Other Stories and I’ve had this for about a year and a half now. It’s not a very expensive piece of jewellery and therefore the chain has also gained a few knots – however, I can look past that. The symbol of bumblebees mean quite a lot to me – so much in fact, that I consider getting one tattooed. The necklace with the cross on it, is a gift I got from my grandfather when I was baptized. I’m actually not that religious but I wear it every single day because it reminds me of my grandfather. The last necklace is the snake-chain-like-one (good name there I know,,,) is made by the Danish jeweler, Pernille Corydon. I got this for Christmas last year from my Dad and therefore it means a lot to me too.

N°2 | Rings

I’ve got to delicate rings that I wear on my left index finger and then I’ve got this beautiful chunky one that I wear on my right index finger. The little rings with the daisy (left ring) is a ring I received as a gift when I was 13 years old. The rings was once gold – However, when you wear a ring like this every single day for five years it’s normal that they turn a sort of silvery colour. I still adore it though. The ring with the four dots (right ring) I honestly have no idea where it’s from. I think it might be one of my mother’s although I’m not sure at all. Last but certainly not least is the curvy, gold, and stunning ring from a newer danish brand called Månesteen (Moonstone in English). This ring I got from my amazing boyfriend, Capser. I honestly smile every time I look at this ring, it’s just so so beautiful

N°3 | Earrings

I have two holes on each of my earlobes – therefore I wear four earrings in total (“quick maths” lol). The chained hoops are also by a Danish brand (does this even surprise you at this point haha), BOII STUDIOS. I actually purchased these myself in Copenhagen with my Mom, so these are more like a travel memory which I also love. The other and pointier pair I got as a Christmas gift with the bumblebee necklace. The earrings are also from & Other Stories (similar ones) and are truly beautiful!

Those were all of my jewellery, I hope you enjoyed this post and you found it interesting to see what jewellery I wear and also why I wear them. I would absolutely love if you commented on this post telling me what jewellery you wear often? And also what they mean to you? Also do you wear silver? Gold? Or both? Until next time I hope you stay safe at home, and that you enjoy the smell and sight of Spring.

Love you lots!

Karen W. xx

13 responses to “My everyday Jewellery”

  1. These are all so delicate and beautiful, Karen! I’ve always wanted to have jewellery that becomes a very signature part of my being, but it’s still something that I haven’t tried, and your post is really making me want to! The only thing I do wear everyday is my thin, gold nose ring which I love!
    Somehow I’m impartial to the silver vs gold debate! On an Indian skin tone, gold definitely goes well, but silver creates a pretty interesting contrast and looks quite punky, hahaha. I think I might go for a silver nose ring next, just so it easily matches the other face piercings I’m hoping to get!
    Loved reading this post!

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    • Thank you so much Arschia! I’m really glad you liked this post. You should definitely buy a couple of jewellery pieces – it just makes your outfit look so much more put together and special. Exciting about the silver nosering!! ❤ xx

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  2. Love your jewellery, Karen! I’m such a sucker for gold, I think it really brings out warm undertones in people’s skintones. I definitely agree with you about having tangible sentiments attached to jewellery, some of my favourite necklaces are so strongly associated with people and celebrations. Also, LOVE the photography in this xx

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    • I totally agree about what gold jewellery does to people’s skintones – it just looks amazing especially with a tan. Thank you so much for reading! It makes me SO happy that you like my photos because I do put a lot of effort into them xx


  3. So true about certain pieces being special, when I look at my jewellery collection I’m always reminded of past birthdays and Christmases and the special memories that go with them, not to mention the special people that buy them in the first place! Your collection is so beautiful and it literally has your name written all over it, it says everything about you perfectly (aka elegant, classy, the list goes on) xxx

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  4. I love your jewelry! Especially the earings ✨ I used to always wear a ring that was rather special to me and I took if off, placing it in what I thought was a “safe” space but of course I now have no idea where that is 😂 at least I know it’s somewhere in my room anyway! Great post 💕

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    • Thank you so much! Oh I know the feeling of putting something in what is supposed to be a safe spot, and then later having no idea where it was 😉 I’m glad you liked the post I truly appreciate it ❤

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