Spring Beauty Essentials 101

Spring Beauty Essentials 101

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day so far, even though you’re probably sat at home in quarantine. But we’ve got to look after each other and help where we can, and the best we can do about that is to stay at home! If you’re sat a bit board at home browsing through websites looking at things you actually don’t need… In that case, I’ve made this blog post for you with beauty things you actually need for this Spring. On that note, let’s get in to it ❤

The first item is this holy grail bronzer. Yes, I know it’s not on the cheap side but tbh luxurious beauty products just make me feel more special and personally I’m all about quality over quantity. This bronzer is HUGE first of all and will last you a life time. It gives the loveliest glow and makes you look like you’ve just got home from a week at Bali (and who doesn’t want to look like that, huh?!) I’d recommend this to anyone no matter what skin tone they’ve got it’s such an universal product.

Speaking of holy grail products… This is my absolute favourite moisturiser of all time! I’ve tried a LOT of moisturisers over the years, and I’ve not yet found anything that beats this one. Even though Spring is semi warm, it’s still not like the summer heat (not in Denmark anyway). So if you struggle with dry skin, marks and scars, blemishes etc. this moisturiser will help heal you skin. It’s so gentle and makes you skin feel like a baby’s (I’m not even kidding)

If you’re looking for a new mascara and you like the traditional basic wand, then this mascara is probably the one for you. It coats every single lash and gives a lot of volume as well as length. It’s also the sort of mascara where you can put a little bit on, and you lashes will look very natural. Or you can chuck a lot on, and your lashes will look like fals lashes (in a good way). Highly recommend!!

Am I the only one that uses one type of perfume in the Spring/Summer periode and another one in Autumn/Winter? This perfume by Jo Malone just give me all the Springy vibes. It smells florally and warm in a fresh way and it isn’t too sweet or anything. If you pop by a Jo Malone store or counter at some point, do yourself the favour and give it a snif. It’s truly incredible!

This is kind of an unfair product to share, because it is only sold in Denmark. So this one is for my Danish readers I’m afraid. If you’re danish you’re probably already familiar with TROMBORG. It’s such a Scandinavian brand with it’s packaging, name and actual product. This hand creme smells like oranges and a bit like a green house. I’ve had so many compliments on this hand creme, because the scent really sticks to your hands for a good hour. So if you’re looking for a new hand creme I’d highly recommend you go and check this one out!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it gave you some inspiration on what to pop in your online baskets. Let me know in the comments what some of you favourite beauty products are? And if you’ve tried any of the above? Also did you like my pictures? Remember to stay home to stay safe! I wish you the loveliest and nicest week ❤

Karen W. xx

10 responses to “Spring Beauty Essentials 101”

  1. Love the aesthetic of this post, giving me Spring vibes! ✨🌞 That moisturizer sounds so good, I will have to look it up as I’ve almost finished my one. My favourite products are mostly by Soap & Glory and Good Things at the moment. Great post! 💕

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    • I’m so glad that you liked this post! Yes, you should definitely check that moisturizer out it’s SO good. I’m really gutted that we don’t have Soap & Glory in Denmark because I know they’re meant to be really good ❤

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