Yup that’s right – it’s alive aka I’m alive. It’s not that I’ve literally woken form the dead it’s just that this blog has been inactive for a good year and a half. As some of you may know I got stress in Autumn 2018 – not the feeling but the illness. This was unpleasantly followed by a LOT of truly bad anxiety (HURRAY… I’m obviously joking). I’m not going to go too much in to detail about that part, because honestly I just feel like moving on (and also you can read about it here) . I’m still not a 100% me but then again is anybody always a 100%? I think that was one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve not felt like blogging for a very long time. It simply put too much pressure on me. It was like blogging became a task and not an enjoyment. I am actually a little shaky writing this blog post, because my body remembers how much pressure I used to feel.

Although I’ve decided to let that part go, because there are almost 500 people following, reading and enjoying this blog and my blog posts. THAT is actually mind blowing!! I feel so incredible lucky and appreciate you all!!

I’ve still got things to say, things we need to discuss, beauty advice and much more. Therefore, I’m not yet done with this blog.

I wish you all a lovely day and hope that you still care to read my blog. If not then that’s truly alright, BUT if you do care, I’ll be sure to write a blog post every now and then – although not every single Sunday as I used to, that’s simply too much to fit into my high school dairy.

Love you lots!!

Karen W. xx

16 responses to “IT’S ALIVE!!”

  1. Yay I’m glad you’re back! I’ve missed your blog and have been checking back from time to time to see if I missed any notifications! Hope things are better xx.

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    • You’re just the loveliest honestly! It makes me so happy to hear, that you’ve still been checking in on my blog ❀ Things are definitely much better than they've been for a good while xx Thanks for reading!

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  2. I would love to see more posts from you karen!
    I read your older posts and they were awesome!πŸ’œπŸ’œ
    Btw, I started my blog this year @ The Confessions Of A Music And Book Addict and would appreciate some support!

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  3. Please tell me you were still commenting on things after you stopped posting because I feel like I used to speak to you not that long ago and I’ll actually collapse if it was a year and a half ago !! Oh my goodness. I’m glad you’re back, anyway, Karen πŸ’œ you and your posts have been missed. I’m glad you took the time to do what was right for you, blogging is always something we should do because we enjoy it, it should never turn into something we feel as though we have to do because of pressure! xxx

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    • Honestly, you’re just the sweetest and nicest ever! Although I’m sorry but my last blog post was from Dec 2018 – that’s crazy!! ❀ It makes me SO incredibly happy that you've missed my blog posts and it gives me huge amount of motivation – so thank you!! ❀ And yes blogging must never become a "have to do" but must always remain a "nice to do" xxx

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