Christmas at The Danes’

Christmas at The Danes’

I love how I in my last blog post was like: “Hey you lovely lot, guess who’s back and will be posting every Sunday again?”… Well, unfortunately I’ve been ill because of Mononucleosis (I’ll not attempt to pronounce it) Anyway long story short, it’s basically resultet in me not being able to do much apart from attempting to eat without being in too much pain (if you’ve had Mononucleosis, you’ll know that it feels like you’ve got knives all the way down your throat)

So, it’s Christmas Eve Eve, which means that it will be Christmas Eve tomorrow (oh really Karen, I’m so mind blown…) No but, since it’s Christmas Eve Eve, I thought I’d share some of the top things my family and I do, in order to have the best Christmas Eve possible. If you didn’t already know, then I’m a Dane aka. I’m from Denmark (again really mind blown, right?) In Denmark we don’t have “Christmas Morning”, I mean of cause we have December the 25th, but we open our presents on Christmas Eve. I just wanted to mention it, because I’ve made a list for you with all the things our family does in order to have to best Christmas Eve possible. So some of the points probably won’t work quite the same way, if you open presents on the 25th. However, I do still think the list offers a lot of important things to keep in mind for Christmas. Anyway, here you go!

Put down the mobiles | This can be difficult to some. We live in a world where we try to pretty much capture everything. It often results in beautiful pictures, but unfortunately also memories which weren’t lived to their fullest. In other words, putting down your mobile shows respect to your family. Like you actually appreciate their company. Also, you have sooo many other days of the year to brows through Facebook and Instagram, so why do it on that ONE day of the year which you’ll have to wait 364 days to experience again.

DO NOT STRESS | In our family “hosting” doesn’t mean having to do EVERYTHING yourself. No, the different family members will bring something to the house (apart from the presents of cause) Some may bring a food item, others a board game and a third snacks & sweats. If you do so, there will be less things on the hostess’ to do list.

Don’t rush the night | I actually had a few Christmases where it felt like everyone was rushing just to get to the presents. I mean of cause the presents are a big part of Christmas, however there’s SO much more to it as well. To us, Christmas is about appreciating. Appreciate that everyone dressed up, the effort one has put into the food, the decorated Christmas tree and most importantly the company.

Make it “hyggeligt” | Being a dane you can’t have a Christmas without using the words “hygge”, “hyggeligt” or “julehygge” at least a 100 times. “Hygge” plays a huge part in the Danish lifestyle. I’ve done a blog post all about it, which you can read right here. Anyway, in order to make the night “hyggelig” I’d recommend you do these few things:

  • Snacks & sweats are essential! Do not forget to put them on the table
  • Have nice lighting. Candles and fairy lights can honestly make everyone feel SO much more relaxed.
  • Make everyone feel at home. Offer them an extra layer if they’re cold, give them something to drink, make them choose the music and make them feel comfortable in your living room.

“How to open presents” | Well, I’m not going to explain how to open a present, I trust you all know how to do that. So, everyone loves the present bit. We can’t deny it. We love to receive them and we love to give them. In our family we ALWAYS take turns in opening presents, usually in the order from the youngest to the oldest. We do this because the present opening part will last longer, and everyone will know what each other got, which we personally really like.

So, that was everything I had to tell you for now. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Please let me know in the comments: What do you do, in order to have the best Christmas? Do you open presents on the 24th or 25th? What is one of your Christmas family traditions?

Until my next blog post; I hope you’ll have a wonderful week <33

18 responses to “Christmas at The Danes’”

  1. This post honestly put a smile on my face, Karen! Sounds like such a festive way to celebrate! Feel better soon, and hope you have a lovely Christmas! ❤️ xx

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  2. Well it sounds like a very Cody & festive Christmas (&quite amazing) !! I really relate to most of the things you said ❤️
    I hope you feel better soon love, hope you have a fabulous Christmas 🎄✨ xxxx

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    • Yayyy, that truly makes me beyond happy that you think so. Thank you so much for reading you lovely girl. I hope you’ll have the most amazing Christmas as well ❤ Thank you for always being so super supportive! xxxx

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