My New Way of Bullet Journaling

My New Way of Bullet Journaling

Oh hello there my lovely readers. I hope you’re doing just fine and that you’re ready for a new blog post. Yes, I am aware that I’m a little behind the Sunday schedule. But gosh if you saw my calendar, you’d totally get why. The past week’s programs have just been absolutely jam packed. BUT, let’s move on and actually get to the post shall we? 

If you’ve been a follower of mine for a little while now, then you’re already very aware of how I set up my bullet journal weekly spreads. I used to track my sleep, water intake, if I’d read that day, if I’d eaten sugar, if I’d worked out etc. In previous blog posts I’ve always described this way of bullet journaling very helpfull… But here I am telling you to quit that methode ASAP.

I mean if it works just fine for you, then of cause carry on your work. BUT let me just say this first: Personally I’m all about improving. And especially improving myself. It was as if when I’d completed all the tasks and not done any ‘bad’ habits, then I was close to being perfect. Now that I’m a little wiser, I think this mindset was close to tearing me down. 

SO, I decided to redo the way I bullet journal. Now I don’t track my water and how many steps I’ve walked, but how my mood has been. If I’ve been happy, anxious, if I’ve had some me-time etc. I’ve realised that that’s what actually matters to me. 

As you can see, I still have pictures, quotes and drawings. I mean to me bullet journaling is NOT only about planning and tracking. It’s that weekly hour where I sit down with music and do something creative. I’ve already said a few of the things I’m tracking but the last two things are: If I’ve been social and if my motivation has been good. Because these are the things that tell me how I’m actually feeling. 

The things I track as well are how many money I use and earn during the week, how my mood has been from a scale of : ( to : ) and ‘TWLL”. It’s not an official thing, it’s a thing I created which stands for This Week’s Life Lesson”. Last week’s life lesson for me was: “If everyone around you think you’re wonderful, cool and your work amazing. What reason do you have yourself to think the opposite?” It’s not a quote by anyone famous, it’s literally last weeks life lesson

So that’s everything for now you guys. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if so please give it a like and let me know in the comment: 

Do you bullet journal? What do you think of the way I edited the photos? Can you relate to ‘the need’ of improving yourself

Thank you so much for reading & until next time: I hope you’ll have a wonderful week <33 

29 responses to “My New Way of Bullet Journaling”

  1. Damn. I couldn’t agree more. I tried tracking my habits for so long, and setting goals that were nearly impossible. That didn’t work for me at all. What I now do, is very similar to what you do now. I track my mood every day and I use my bullet journal mostly as a journal. So whenever I see in which mood I was, I can go back to that date and see what happened that made me feel a certain way. I also track my sleep, but that’s because I’m not sleeping well at all. And I can link it to my mood sometimes.

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    • Actually, I’ve completely stopped bullet journaling. My therapist and I had a talk about, how it perhaps wouldn’t always be a help to analyse and view every day, every mood and every sleep. It has helped me to not feel as stressed, because it really shows how “unsuccessful” you are. Although, I really miss how creative a process it was, and also it’s such an individual thing so one can always do it the way, that works the best for them. I’m really happy to hear that you’re enjoying it though xx Thank you so much for reding!!


      • I can understand why she says that. Although for me, with my anxiety, writing things down helps me calm down, while I can’t get a grip on my thoughts otherwise. It’s really something everyone has to see for themselves and see what works best for you 🙂 ❤


  2. Yes yes yes!! Couldn’t agree more. This is why I stopped tracking all these things too – it wasn’t making me feel any better. I love the way you edit your pictures, it’s so creative! Here’s to a 2019 of positive journaling! xx


  3. Absolutely loved reading this Karen! I’m going to try this method for sure! Also, I love the look of your blog, its stunning! I also really like your graphics aswell. Can’t wait to read more of your posts. xx

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  4. Love this post Karen! It’s so weird that you’re posting this because I came to the same realisation a few months ago and decided to drop my water, workout and reading trackers as I found they didn’t really add anything to my life. Also I live by my mood tracker and my expense tracker is an absolute god-send for my online shopping! I will forever love how you bullet journal! x

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    • Oh how funny. I completely understand why you decided to drop those types of trackers, just like you said then they don’t really add anything positive to our lives. I’m really glad you love the way I bullet journal. That honestly puts the biggest smile on my face ❤ Thank you so much for reading lovely xxx

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  5. What a lovely way to do things, I think your new method is much wiser! It’s always great to keep in tune with how you’re feeling and this is a great way to do that. Your journal looks gorgeous!! I wish mine was as neat! xx

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  6. I’m glad you found what’s right for you!
    I personally dont like having trackers because i find it pointless for myself and a waste of space in my journal. I also don’t like taking down any bad habits of mine, i’d rather write down the good things, and ways of improving!
    I love your spreads they look so lovely ❤
    Thanks for sharing
    ♡ ―KIKI

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  7. Loved this post, Karen! I have a journal of sorts, which I wouldn’t really consider a bullet journal, but I still can’t wait to try this method! I absolutely love how you edited these photos, and totally relate to the feeling of need to improve yourself x

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