Here’s why & how to make vision boards

Here’s why & how to make vision boards

Another Sunday, another brand new blog post. Today I’ve decided to share with you guys; why & how to make vision boards. You may be wondering what exactly a vision board is. Well, a vision boards is essentially a board of all your future dreams, goals and visions. It’s normally used by companies who wants to brain storm which visions they have for the company in the future. However, when it comes to personal vision boards, it’s obviously your own goals and aims for your future. Without further a do, if you’re hooked so far then make sure to keep on reading. 

Why to make vision boards? So, my mum and I actually made vision boards about 8 years a go. I don’t know where mine went, but my mum kept her’s. Then when we moved she put it up next to her bed and probably didn’t think much about it. However, one day when I was in her bedroom I spotted it and realised that 90% of all her dreams she’d now achieved. It was absolutely mind blowing! And as you can imagine we’ve been wanting to make new ones ever since. In Denmark it’s been “Autumn Break” this week, which resultet in me and my mum making vision boards.

Now to the “how?” part. To be completely honest with you, then there isn’t really a correct or wrong way to make vision boards. However, I do have a bunch of tips and tricks for you which both me and my mum would recommend.

// get as MANY magazines as possible // We didn’t really realise that we’d need as many magazines as we did. I mean it obviously depends on how big or small your actual board is. Ours was about 100×70 cm (which is pretty big) so we obviously needed quite a few magazines.


// vision board essentials// I mean all you actually need is glue, magazine cut outs, scissors and a boards. However, we used sticky notes, washi tape, stickers and such as well. I mean I guess it all comes down to what one prefer. And since I’m a very creative and visual person – I want it to look AMAZING.

// pinterest is a helpful source // I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again: Pinterest is like the Bible of creativity. If you’re bit lost on what you want your vision board to look like, then check out Pinterest and there’ll be thousands of helpful tips and tricks. Another thing it’s great for is to find perfect pictures. If you feel like you’re missing a picture of something that you just couldn’t find in a magazine. Then go on pinterest and I’ll assure you you’ll find you that picture you needed. I have about 9 pictures from pinterest on my boards myself.

// DON’T rush it // It took my mum and I three days to do ours. The reason behind is that we wanted to have a fun and chilled time with it. We were sat for 2 hours flicking through magazines and cutting things out, and then we sort of got enough and took a break. If you don’t enjoy it then have a break and return when you feel like it.

// make it a cozy activity // Whilst we were cutting, chopping and gluing cut outs we were listing to music, had our log burner on, sipping on tea and eating snacks. It made everything feel so much more cozy. So, we can only recommend you to do that as well.

That’s everything for today’s post. If you enjoyed it please give it a like and let me know in the comments:

Have you heard of vision boards before? Have you made them before? Do you consider making them now? 

Until next Sunday: I hope you’ll have a wonderful week

– Karen W. xx

35 responses to “Here’s why & how to make vision boards”

  1. Great post! I love vision boards but I tend to lack the motivation to get started. I finally made a new one and it was so much fun. I really think there is something to cutting and pasting actual pictures instead of a virtual board. Here is my post about my vision board if you would like to have a look 🙂

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  2. I first heard about these around a year ago and I made one, but I made it sort of half-way in that it was mostly a Google Photos collection of pictures in a folder called “Vision Board”. I haven’t looked at in 6 months until I just read your post. I think it would be 100% better either printed out, or hand-made like yours and then I can hang it up near my desk so I always keep my goals in mind. Thanks for the post!

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  3. That’s so awesome that you and your mom did one together. It feels like a fun activity that I’d like to do with my friends. I have my own vision board, but it’s on my pinterest, but I’m sure it’s not as effective as a physical one that’s placed where you can see it often.

    Natalie |

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    • Well my thoughts exactly. I did think I wouldn’t be needing a physical one, because I’d got pinterest with LOADS of pictures. BUT, it’s just not anywhere near as motivating and inspiring. So i highly recommend you do on, and yes doing it with friends is an absolutely brilliant idea ❤ I wish you the best of luck Natalie and thank you very much for reading xxx


  4. I love the idea around vision/inspiration board in general! I started doing them a few years back and I can for sure tell you that they motivated me so much. On days when I didn’t feel like doing things or I just needed some inspiration – the board was here for me, giving motivation I needed. They are also fun to make and look cute in your space. xx

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    • uhh, that actually makes me so happy to hear. it’s definitely something i’ll keep on doing. like i had so much fun whilst making them, and i’m very convinced that they’ll keep me motivated. thank you so much for reading ❤ xx

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  5. Just the post I needed Karen! I love vision boards, but have been a big at loss on how to make them. Lovely post! xx

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  6. Such a beautiful post karen! so many of us don’t take time out to focus on our goals and visions and just reconnect with ourselves and what we want. I’d love to try making a vision board!

    hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx


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