autumny favourites | collab w. thatoddoneout

autumny favourites | collab w. thatoddoneout

Happy Sunday people! And may I say happy Autumn as well. It’s definitely starting to feel like proper Autumn now, which I am by no means complaining about. I love the colder weather, the thick jumpers, the crackling fire & so on (the list is long) Anyway, today I’m here (again) with another blog post for you. However, not just any blog post, but a collab with the ever so gorgeous Maria aka “thatoddoneout” (check her blog here!) We decided to share our Autumny favourites with you guys. So if that sounds like something you’d be up for. Then please keep on scrolling!


  1. hOt bEveRaGes | If there’s one word I always associate with Autumn then it’s “Hot Beverages” (technically that’s two words… but never mind) I absolutely love tea, coffee & hot chocolate. I drink it pretty much all year around. BUT it’s even more appropriate to have 4 cups of tea in the windy cold weather than in 30 degress Summer.
  2. sWeAtsHirTs, jUmpErS & hOoDiEs | Another reason to love autumn is the clothing. Layering jumpers with t-shirts and jackets; Oh I love it! ATM I’ve been loving this ‘amour’ sweatshirt from envii, however I bought it second-handed so I seem unable to find a link (sorry) I’ve also been loving two different ones from Nike. The one on the picture I bought second-handed as well. However, I’ve also been loving this one from Nike.
  3. hArRy pOtTer fiLmS | I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Like so many others they’re just the ultimate cozy-day-in-essential. I will never be able to point out which one is my favourite, because GOSH they all are.
  4. “eScApe tO tHe cHatEaU” & “tHe gReaT bRiTiSh bAke oFF” | These two programs are like the coziest things ever. Like I absolutely love them! Not only are baking and home programs amazing, BUT the people (Marry Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mr. Strawbridge & Angle) Those people just put you in the most relaxed mood possible. I can only recommend you to watch it! 1537545272082
  5. fAce maSkS | To go with the hot beverages & Harry Potter films we have face masks. Again, it just puts you in such a calm and relaxed mood. Two of my favourite ones are the “Fresh: Umbrian Clay Mask” & “Lush: Mask Of Magnaminty”. Both really good and helps to clear your skin – I highly recommend them.
  6. liGhTinG cAndLes | I’ve come to realize that I’m basically giving you a list of things for the best and most cozy night in. Which I mean, what’s to complain about that? The last thing I’ve got for you is; Candles. Every evening we (my family and I) light every single candle in our living room. It instantly makes all of us feel less stressed and a lot more cozy. The next thing we’ll do is to make a cup of tea and eat a bit of chocolate. Voila; you’ve got yourself the perfect evening.

That’s all I had for you this time. I hope you enjoyed the ideas. If so, please make sure to like this post and let me know in the comments:

What are some of your Autumny Favourites? Which of my favourites havn’t you thought off? How do you feel about this season of the year?

I post every single Sunday, so if you don’t want to miss out on that, then make sure to either follow or subscribe with your e-mail. Also, don’t forget to check out Maria’s post – she’s such a sweet and amazing girl. Until next Sunday: I hope you’ll have a wonderful week

– Karen W. xx

33 responses to “autumny favourites | collab w. thatoddoneout”

  1. Okay, I loved every single one of these! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, it’s the ultimate “indulge yourself” time of year. Spend your days in bed cuddled up with hot chocolate watching Harry Potter, wear super comfy and warm sweatshirts all the time . . . I love it! ❤ xx

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  2. oooh yes! Watching Harry Potter films definitely puts me in the food of fall. I guess it’s because of most of their scenes that I can recall involve a snowy Hogwarts or when they are wearing their scarves. Now, you’ve made me want to watch them right now! haha

    Natalie |

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  3. I can’t wait to share some hot beverages with you this autumn. And I totally agree, sweaters and hoodies are without a doubt the BEST thing about the cold weather!
    Keep up the good work darling ❤

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  4. Ahh… I love every single one of these things (especially Harry Potter)! Loved collabing with you, my post will go up later today! xx

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