wHat tO dO iN sEptEmBeR

wHat tO dO iN sEptEmBeR

Heyyy my lovelies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday so far. So, in case you weren’t aware of it already then it’s officially September. Which means that the seasons have changed from summer to autumn. This makes me beyond excited, because autumn is without a doubt my favourite season of all time. I love all the indoor crafts and other sorts of activities. If you havn’t already guess it by now, I’m gonna run you through a list of things to in September. So if that sounds like something you’d be up for, then keep on scrolling bby!


  1. sOrt oUt yoUr wArDrObe | When autumn arrives it often means that shorts, cute skirts and little strappy tops will have to be replaced by trousers, knitted jumpers, sweatshirts and hoodies. Which I’m definitely not complaining about. I absolutely love autumn fashion, mainly because I find it so much more interesting. An outfit can now consist of multiple layers, instead of just a top and a skirt. SO, what I recommend you to do, is to simply have a bag or box with all of the clothes that’s either too warm or too cold to wear in the current season. By doing that it wont take up all of the space in your wardrobe.
  2. gO oN loTs oF wAlKs | Walks are truly one of my favourite things to do. It’s the perfect way to really ‘experience’ the different seasons. And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love long (and potentially a bit rainy) cold walks and then get back home to light some candles, make a hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket & read your favourite book – Yup, that’s my Sundays sorted.
  3. gO tEa sHoPpiNg | So since the weather starts to get colder, my need for hot beverages only gets bigger. I’m the sort of person who probably drinks 3 cups (bowls) of tea everyday. And by doing that my stack of tea naturally shrinks quite quickly. So, what better idea then to go tea shopping. If you live in England I presume your tea opportunities are a lot better than my Danish ones. BUT, there still are a few wonderful places for tea – so no hope is lost just yet!1535802083542
  4. mOviE mAraThOn(s) | Movie marathons has become one of my favourite things ever. a) because it will probably be a Harry Potter one, and I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter films. b) because you can’t host a movie marathon without lots of sweets, chocolate, popcorn etc. hahaha
  5. tAke cuTe aUtuMn piCtUrEs | Almost every time I’m on walks I will 99% of the time have a camera dangling around my neck (like when I went on a walk to snap these pictures). I love to capture the seasons both by eye but also through a camera lens. And if you have your friends around then it’s always fun to mess around with a camera trying to take instagram worthy photos.
  6. gEt cRafTy | There are great things craft wise to do in Autumn. If could be knitting a jumper for winter, do something with apples or in my case – make vision boards. My mum and I have set a goal to make vision boards this autumn. But, I will of cause do a separate post all about that.1535801605683
  7. READ (eVeN mOre) | If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you will know that I really enjoy reading. I wouldn’t consider myself a true bookworm because I (unfortunately) can’t read a book in like 4 days. No, it will take me between two weeks or a month – which isn’t too bad considering that I have SOOO much home work as well. Back to the point! Reading is just a part of “The Perfect & Ideal Autumn Picture” (I’m not sure it’s actually a thing, but I guess I’ve just made it one…)
  8. hAve a paMpEr dAy aT hOme | These days are some of my favourites. To run a bath and sit there until I look like a raisin, slap a face mask on and do a skin care session consisting of a solid 100 steps. That’s a serious pamper day, that is. I mean 100 steps is probably a bit exaggerated – but you get the idea of a pamper day, right?

That’s it lovelies! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and found it in somewhat inspiring. If so, then please make sure to give it a like and let me know in the comments:

What things would you recommend doing in September? Which ‘to do’ will you most definitely do this September? & do you like the pictures?

On Tuesday it’s actually my SWEET-SIXTEEN birthday, which I am super duper excited for. Back to what I actually meant to say: I post every single Sunday, so if you don’t wanna miss any of those, then go a head and follow my blog or subscribe by e-mail. Until next Sunday; I hope you’ll have a wonderful week

– Karen W. xx

39 responses to “wHat tO dO iN sEptEmBeR”

  1. Absolutely love these ideas and cant wait to try them out even though its summer where I’m from all the time lol. Btw the photos you took look so aesthetically pleasing.

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  2. Happy Birthday, lovely! 16 is such a magical year! Take the time to get to know yourself and love yourself! Every hobby that you’ve ever wanted to do/try? Do it!

    I really hate Summer, lol. It just dawned on me this year. It’s very hot in Miami, there are tourists everywhere, people are angry (because they’re hot), lol—I just stay inside. But fall? I love fall. ❤️

    Happy Autumn, Happy Birthday!

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

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    • Oh woaw! This is like the best comment ever ❤ It honestly means so much to me xx Thank you so so much for taking some time out to read my blog and write this lovely comment. It's very much appreciated xxx

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  3. Looking so much forward to making visions board with you ❤ Everything you can vision can happen!!!! Let's make it happen…

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  4. These are such amazing ideas Karen! I will defo be going tea shopping, and taking super cute autumn pics, as I just love photography too much! Your graphics are beautiful too, do you Mind asking how you made them?

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  5. Will definitely sort my wardrobe this month, it’s already getting cold but I’m still managing it somehow. I’m so excited for all the hot tea, binge watching my favorite series, oh good times. Lovely post dear. xx

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