cOffEe chAtS | tHe sTaRt oF a nEw beGiNniNg

cOffEe chAtS | tHe sTaRt oF a nEw beGiNniNg

Hello lovelies! As you probably already know; it’s Sunday. Which means that I’m here (again) with a brand new blog post for ya! I feel like it’s been a little too long since I’ve done a Coffee Chats post – so that’s what you’ve just signed yourself up for today. If you aren’t familiar with what Coffee Chats posts are; then it’s a series on my blog I made – for you & me to chat about difficult (but important) topics. My aim with this series is to bring the topic down on a level were we’ll (hopefully) manage to normalise it. Todays topic is “The Start Of A New Beginning” – So if that sounds interesting to you, then please keep on scrolling!


So, you might think: “Karen, what made you think of this as a Coffee Chats topic? Is there a specific reason?”. Well, yes there actually is. So, today it’s actually Tuesday as I’m writing this (what!) Yup, I’m scheduling this post for a specific reason; Tomorrow (which was Wednesday for you reading this right now) I’m starting a new chapter in my life – A high school life. Now, I’ve tried to explain the Danish school system too many times, so why don’t you go ahead an google it instead. What I’m going to is a so called Gymnasium in danish. Anyway, this means; a new place, new people, new teachers, more assignments & potentially a ‘new me’. The reason why I wanted to bring this up, was because I though: “I can hardly be the only one starting a new chapter in life, can I?”.

I feel like there are different kinds of ‘new beginnings’ – the ones you’re aware of & the ones you sort of realize half way through actually turned out to be a new beginning (so basically the ones you weren’t aware of…) Both of which are a right old roller coaster of feelings; happy, nervous, terrified, on top of the world, excited, the; what-have-I-done-feeling, sad & confused. Well, all that I’m about to go through soon… Oh, do you know what I’m gonna change that – I have already been through it all even before I’ve started. However, I’m not saying that I won’t go through it multiple times though – because I can assure both you and myself that I will.

I think what I’m trying to say and conclude is; That when we all have to face new beginnings there’s a few things for us to remember. I’ve made this little list with some of the things for you and me to remind ourselves of.

  1. It’s okay to be feeling nervous & sad about new beginnings. Now, I don’t know about you. But, when there’s a new chapter of my life, I tend to act really happy about it. Mainly to trick myself to be excited and glad about everything – however, that often means a huge ball of sadness is building up inside me. Instead, you and I should find someone to talk to about everything that’s going on. And yes, it’s okay to be needing a few tissues while talking to that someone. A new door open, also mean another one will be closed. Which can take a little while to get use to – take that time, but try to remember that what’s to come is good and so was what’s just ended. 1534248960251
  2. All thought I’ve just said it’s necessary to let yourself feel what you’re feeling. I will say this; everything usually get’s a LOT better when you look at the bright side of things. Take your time to consume the fact that you’re saying goodbye to something, but don’t let that ruin the guaranteed excitement of what’s to come.
  3. If you feel like everything is just a little too much. Seek people sat in the same situation as you, or even better; people whom have just gone through it all & will be there to tell you all about what to look forward to and other tips to note.
  4. Even though it may all seem difficult in the beginning. Believe me and yourself that it will all turn out just fine, and probably even before you know it. Maybe you’ll be laughing at how nervous and lost of hope you were in four weeks time (I’m crossing my fingers at this one…)
  5. One of the things I’m REALLY looking forward to on my new high school. Is that it’s very known for being a very open, caring & accepting school. What I mean by this is, that I’ll be able to be much more Karen (what ever that consists of). For 10 years I’ve been going to the most fantastic private school ever. I’ve learn so much both school stuff but also gotten a lot wiser. However, we all looked a lot like each other – like it was a bit… not unaccepted but just a littl’ ‘weird’ when people went down a completely other road than yourself. But, on my new school all that’s going to be different. WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY – maybe there’s a completely new me/you to come. Wiser, smarter, better looking – who knows?

So, that’s it people! I hope you enjoyed this post. If so give it a like to let me know. I have a few things I’d appreciate for you to answer in the comments;

Are you starting a new chapter in your life soon? What other advice/reminders should we add to the list? In general; how do you feel about new beginnings? Excited, scared or maybe a bit of both? 

I post every single Sunday, so if you don’t wanna miss any of those posts please make sure to follow my blog or subscribe with your e-mail. Until next Sunday; I hope you have a wonderful week!

– Karen W. xx

17 responses to “cOffEe chAtS | tHe sTaRt oF a nEw beGiNniNg”

  1. Found this post at the PERFECT time! I am currently in the process of moving a starting a new life and feel all types of emotions on the inside but pretend to be alright and cool about the situation on the outside *nervous laughter*… So THANK YOU for this wonderful post! – Definitely going to be coming back for more life wisdom! 🙂


    • What an exciting and nerve racking time. I totally get the feelings you’re sat with – and so do so many others. You’re never alone in all this. I’m the one saying thank you as well. I’m really glad you found this post helpful! Enjoy the rest of the weekend : )


  2. Amazing post, Karen and best of luck with school! I feel like I’m about to start new beginnings, which is exciting and somewhat terrifying. Have a great week and looking forward to your next post 🙂

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  3. Oh Karen you absolutely genius !
    You literally expressed my thoughts and opinions (way better than I ever could). So I LOVED this post !
    I feel the exact same way in your little 1 and everything was so true.
    I looooved your coffee chats
    ❤️ hope you had a great weekend xxx

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    • Aww thanks Laura! I’m sure you’d have expressed it perfectly as well. However it does make me happy to hear that I described it in a way that you found very relatable. I’m beyond glad about the fact that you love coffee chats! Yes, I had a great weekend, very relaxed but at the same time exciting – thanks for asking ❤ How about you? xxx

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  4. AHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, IT’S EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! I’ve definitely got a new beginning coming up … living on my own, moving to another country and with two girls I don’t know … and I’ve been feeling exactly how you describe. Excited, but simultaenously kind of scared! Your tips are honestly brilliant, my mum and i had that tear-filled chat and it felt like a weight had been lifted!

    I can wholeheartedly tell you that, while i was shitting myself for moving to high school and then again to college, both “jumps” were absolutely fantastic and, while change is absolutely terrifying, it brings some of the most amazing opportunities. So good luck (not that you’ll need it – you’re awesome and sweet and kind and you’ll make fantastic new friends in no time) but don’t stress too much about it. Great post as always my lovely!<3 xxxx

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    • Oh woaw Mia you really know how to put a smile on my face. It’s funny because when I was writing this post I did think of you and how you were sort of sat in the same situation as myself. It makes me SO happy to hear that you agree with the different tips as well – because not gonna lie I did doubt them a bit.
      It’s honestly so motivating and reassuring to hear those words from someone how’s been sat in the same high school situation. And thank you SO much for your kind words. I mean your new roomies can ONLY LOVE you. You’re very caring, always ready to help, your sense of humor is A-MAZING & you always seem so energized and happy (I know that even you have your down times, but I hope you know what I mean) Let’s be brave! <33 xx


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