sUmMer faShiOn fAvEs | cOllAb w. eLLa

sUmMer faShiOn fAvEs | cOllAb w. eLLa

Heyyy lovelies! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday so far, in fact let me know in the comments what you’re up to. So, like every other Sunday I’m here again with a new blog post. However, for the first time in my blogger history I’m doing a collab *gasp*. Yup, that’s right. And not just any ol’ collab but with the ever so creative, inspiring and cool Ella aka. ahappilyellaafter (just the name of her blog, I mean if that’s not creative level 100 I don’t know what is!) So Ella and I decided to do a Summer Fashion Faves (as you can read by the title…) If you know me (my blog), then you’ll know that it’s rather rare that I post fashion blog posts – however, it’s something I want to change because I had so much fun preparing, shooting and editing these photos. So if you’re keen on some outfit inspo for summer…? Then keep on scrolling and DON’T forget to check out Ella’s post ; )


t H e   s h I r T   d R e S s

I’d been wanting one of these for a good month before I finally found one which looked just perfect. And ever since I got it I haven’t stopped wearing it. It’s like the perfect and most appropriate piece of clothing for summer – a) because it’s so nice and airy b) because it’s easy to trow on top of a bikini. Another thing I like about this is that you can really style it as if you were going to a fancy picnic or just a chilled coffee date. So for this summer a shirt dress should be a staple piece in your wardrobe. In case you’re wondering I got this one of ASOS – link here!


b i R c H e N s t O c k   a R i Z o n A   s a N d a L s 

I mean… My love for my Birchenstocks is like on a whole other level. I basically live in these shoes. Not only are they like walking on clouds, but they also look really cool – in my opinion anyway. I know some people think that they’re the ugliest thing ever. But hey, I guess that’s just how fashion works – some people love it, some people hate it. It’s hard to please everyone. However I will say, that if you haven’t got any sort of sandals or sliders in your wardrobe – then you better do something about it my friend.


m i D i   s K i R t    w.   d E t A i L s

So I’ve never really been into midi skirts until recently. I realised that my pinterest fashion board was rather filled with these sorts of skirts. So I was like:” Well, if this is the sort of skirt I like, I better get my hands on them”. So I purchased this one of ASOS and when I received it I did NOT expect a) it to look this balm b) that I’d dare to wear it (like it is quite a ‘loud’ piece of fashion, not gonna lie…)  But yeah, I just absolutely love this and this cut. In fact I’ve already bought another one with the same sort of length and I love that one just as much. RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND & RECOMMEND – The one I’ve got is unfortunately sold out, but I found a very similar one here!


t H e    s T r A p P y    t O p

I don’t know about you. But, on a really hot summer day there’s nothing I want more (except for ice cream) then to have bare shoulders. In case you didn’t know; having your shoulders covered is actually keeping you a littl’ extra warm – which is nice in winter but not on days where we all seem to be melting. But, strappy tops are just perfect for these sorts of days – However, don’t forget ya’ suncream kids! Burned shoulder’s are not something you’d want to have, trust me…. Like almost every other item I got this specific top of ASOS (surprised? No, I thought so…) again, it’s sold out but here’s a more or less similar one.

So, that’s it my friends. I hope you enjoyed this post – if so then please give it a like to let me know. Also, please let me know in the comments:

What’s a must have piece in your summer wardrobe? What do you think of these items? Do you like the way I edited these photos? & let me know what you’re up to this Sunday? 

I want to say a very big THANK YOU to my beloved cousin which ever so kindly ‘played’ my personal photographer last Friday. Please go n’ show her Insta some love. As well as to check Ella’s post out here! Until next Sunday’s post; have a wonderful week!

– Karen W. xx

41 responses to “sUmMer faShiOn fAvEs | cOllAb w. eLLa”

  1. Oh my gosh karen, I love this post so much! The shirt dress is so gorgeous! I have been wanting a pair of Birchenstocks for the longest time! I also love the layout of this post xx

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    • Oh wow, the amount of positivity in this comment is unreal – thank you so so much! Yes, Birchenstocks are an absolute must have in Summer, I highly recommend you get yourself a pair ❤ Also, how do you feel about us doing a collab? Would that be something you'd be up for? Let me know xx


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