Coffee Chats | Beauty

Coffee Chats | Beauty

HELLO EVERYONE! I hope you’re having a stunning Sunday so far. Like every other Sunday I’m here – ready with another brand new blog post. If you’re new to my blog then I’ll just quickly explain what the heck ‘Coffee Chats’ is all about. So, not too long ago I decided to make this series called ‘Coffee Chats’. It’s a series of blog posts where I talk about different and in somewhat difficult subjects. I’ve touched on subjects like; Confidence, motivation, anxiety and now beauty. My aim is to be able to talk about rather serious subjects, but make them understandable, ‘fun’ to read and maybe even inspiring. A main part in this series is the comments and responds – these posts are just as much about my opinion and point of view as your’s. So, if that sounds interesting to you then I’ll suggest you keep on scrolling!

So yeah, beauty… I’ve been wanting to touch on this for ages, but I’ve just found it rather difficult in a way. I think it’s because it’s very similar to confidence, which is something we all lack at times. But, I feel motivated and inspired to write about it today – so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Over the last couple of years many have said and concluded that we’re constantly getting met with beauty. It’s not that I disagree. But, beauty has been around since freaking Cleopatra (and probably even before that) The twist today is our perspective and view on what’s beautiful. What I mean by this is; when was the last time you saw someone really beautiful and then straight afterwards didn’t question your own physical appearance? Personally I hardly remember the last time. Which now that I think about it is truly terrible. It’s not that I think I’m “ugly”. But, I wouldn’t consider myself extremely beautiful either. However, it’s something I’m working on – to be able to actually say: “Yes, I am beautiful”.


A lot of people say that beauty is found within. Which, again I really do NOT disagree with. But, I feel like over the past couple of years there just hasn’t been as much focus on that sort of beauty – which again I think is terrible and such a shame. Let’s try n’ move the spotlight to inner beauty further on – shall we? Speaking of moving the spotlight, then why don’t we stop focusing on other’s beauty and try to realise our own? Or even better! Why don’t we all stand in the spotlight? When I was about 13/14-ish (aka my most insecure time) I found this quote and decided to make it a ‘quotes-I-shall-now-live-by’.

“Admire someone else’s beauty WITHOUT questioning your own!”

2 or 3 years later I still think it’s important and I still remind myself of it. It’s important to compliment an admire another’s beauty – but you should be able to do it with out a ” I wish I was that beautiful” or ” Oh, poor me…”. NO! You can’t ‘measure’ beauty – let that be today’s life lesson.


I feel like I need to conclude a few things – so here you go:

  1. When you look at a picture of let’s say Kylie Jenner and then look in a mirror afterwards – you shouldn’t first notice the blemish on your face or your ‘small’ lips. Because since when did we create a standard for lips? Since Kylie Jenner? No, that’s not a standard and why is that? Because a) you can’t measure beauty b) she’s (also) known for her big lips which means that it’s NOT a standard!
  2. Let’s try to admire each other’s beauty instead of envy it. Everyone’s beautiful! (yes, I am aware of the fact that I sound like a high hippie from the 70’s giving a speech at a world peace conference  – you don’t have to tell me hahaha)
  3. Remind yourself of the fact that beauty is just as well found in people’s personality as their look (if not even more) Think of it this way – The person(s) you admire the most in the whole wide world. Do you admire them because of their beautiful eyes or because they’re an inspiration and humble human being? Game changer, right?


So, I think that was about it. Or in other words; that’s all I’ve got for you. Now, I truly hope that you’re willing and interested in giving me some sort of response. Please let me know in the comments:

What did you think of this post and my view on ‘beauty’? What’s your thought’s on it? Did you like the way I edited these pictures? & are there any other topics you’d like me to talk about? 

Feel free to give this post a like, to let me know that you enjoyed it. Also, as mentioned then I post every single Sunday so if you don’t want to miss out on any of that, then I’d suggest you follow my blog or subscribe with you e-mail. Until next Sunday, have a wonderful week!

-Karen W. xx

24 responses to “Coffee Chats | Beauty”

  1. Yes, I love your images! Super cute. But, yes, I definitely struggle with comparing myself to others. And, I think the quote you shared is great to live by. I find myself so often complimenting someone and thinking, “why can’t I be gifted with that?” Thanks for this discussion!

    Natalie |

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  2. This is, as always, a wonderful post! This is going to sound totally absurd, but one of the most liberating things for me was getting tattoos because it reallly changed my perception of beauty … there are so many different techniques, styles and preferences when it comes to tattoos and I can SO easily look at something and think “wow, that’s been amazingly done, but it’s not my cup of tea”, or have people say “I’m not a fan of your tattoos” and have it completely roll off my back. Once I started to think about this, I started thinking “well…why do we not think of ourselves the same way?” and boom – it’s made me so much more confident xxx

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    • Aww, thanks Mia you’re just the sweetest! Oh, I’ve never even thought about it that way (mainly because I don’t have a tattoo, yet) But when you explain it, it actually makes perfect sense. Enjoy this Summer! xxx


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