Everyday Makeup | #1.0

Everyday Makeup | #1.0

Hello my lovelies – Happy Sunday! Before we get too much into this post, I would just real quick like to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH for 200+ followers! I appreciate every single one of you and it makes me so happy that you’ve decided to climb on board. Now, today’s post is going to be beauty related. I don’t do these posts too often however I really enjoy reading other’s so I thought I would give it a go myself. So if you’re interested to know what’s currently in my everyday makeup bag – then keep on scrolling my friend.

Processed with VSCO with a10 presetLet’s start of with the face n’ base shall we? So on a regular day to day base, foundation isn’t usually included. You might gasp and think I’m weird, however let me just give you a few reasons a) 13-year-old-perfect-skinned-Karen used to use wayyyy tooo much foundation, which resulted in 15-year-old-Karen having acne… (thanks 13-year-old-Karen) b) Believe it or not, but the weather in Denmark is currently 26 degree celsius and has been it for a good month now, so wearing foundation is literally unbearably hot.

b O b B i   b r O w N  |  c O r R e C t o R   |  l i G h t  p E a C h

So this littl’ miracle worker have saved my exam-affected-under-eyebags. It’s a corrector which means that it doesn’t necessarily cover anything, but it corrects purple-ish or blue-ish shadows under your eyes. Your shade depends on what coloured veins you’ve got under your eyes. My under eyes are leaning more towards the blue-ish side which means I’ve got to have a peachy shade to balance it out (#GeekyMakeupFacts….lol)

n A r S  |  r A d i A n T   c R e A m Y   c o N c E a L e r  |  c r É m E   b R u L é e

I mentioned this concealer in my last beauty post, and I’m still head over heels about it. It really is without a doubt the best concealer I’ve ever tried and purchased, I can only recommend you go order or buy it.

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

m A c  |  c R e A m   c o L o U r   b A s e  |  h u S h

Like I just said the weather in Denmark has been like being on a month long vacation, which means I’ve actually managed to get tanned (believe it or not) This also means that I’ve been obsessed with making my skin look a little extra glowing. And let me tell you this mac product is like the best thing ever, it’s a perfect champagne/peachy cream product. I literally just ‘dab’ my finger on the product and then on my skin – and tada you’ve got goddess glowing skin.

y s L  |  t E r R e   s a H a r I e N n e

(I mean….who the heck comes up with these names!? Like thank God I’m not a youtuber otherwise I would get absolutely roasted for pronouncing it wrong) Never mind, I purchased this bronzer years ago and I remember feeling so special walking out of the store with such a posh bronzer. Luckily this bronzer actually is a-mazing. I use it all the freaking time, and I’m actually going to be SO sad when I run out of it mainly because it was a limited edition (so, sorry about that) However I’m sure YSL do another really similar one.

Processed with VSCO with a10 presetProcessed with VSCO with a10 preset

n A r s  |  m a D l Y

Like the concealer I mentioned this blush in my last beauty post as well. I’ve come to realise that I’m actually not a ‘mahoosive’ fan of blusher, or at least not your standard pinky blush. No, if I am to wear blusher it has to be a browny looking shade. I don’t know why, I just feel like that shade suits me the best. And this NARS one in particular is just gorgeous, again another recommendation from me.

n A r s  |  h o T   s A n d

You know how everyone was into like chunky glitter highlighters at a point (I mean most people in the beauty community still is) Well, this highlighter is more or less the complete opposite of that. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like a sheer shine or something like that. It’s just that instead of chunks of glitter sat on your face, it’s more of like a reflection of pure joy (idk how else to describe it – ha ha )

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

Let’s talk about brows now. When I’m not in a rush in the morning I usually like to use a powder product to fill in my brows. However, when I’m still sat in my PJ’s with bits of granola stuck in my teeth realising that I’ve only got 20 minutes left – Then, mama ain’t got time to draw littl’ hair strokes. So instead I usually reach for these two products:

a B h  |  b R o w   d e F i N e r  |  t A u P e

This is such a quick, easy, GO product. It honestly takes me no time to fill in my brows. I try not to make them look too filled in, so I usually only fill in the little gaps I’ve got and then make them look bushy with this;

l Ò r e A l  |  b R o w   a r T i s T   p L u M p e r  |  m e D i u m  /  d A r k

If you’re on a budget looking for a really good brow mascara then this is a great buy. It both tints and volumizes your brows. I can really only recommend you try it out.

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

m A c  |  e Y e l A s H   c u R l E r

If there’s one piece of beauty advise I can’t recommend enough. Then it’s a) get yourself a god damn eyelash curler, it makes your lashes look so much better b) invest in one because they’re usually a LOT better than the cheap ones (as you could imagine) I’ve got the one by MAC and every time I’m at my cosine’s house she always asks: “Have you got your eye lash curler with you?”. And me being a good cosine I of cause always do.

t O o   f a C e d  |  b E t t E r   t h A n   s E x   m a S c A r a

Like everyone else I also really like this mascara. It gives my lashes such an incredible volume, like it actually sometimes look a littl’ too insane (not gonna lie) However, if you prefer lengthening mascaras then this probably isn’t your cuppa tea.

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

Thank you SO SO much for reading this post! I hope you got a little inspiration out of it. If so then please make sure to give it a like, and don’t forget to comment what’s currently in your makeup bag, because I would love to get a little inspired myself (my bank account is against me on this on though… haha) If you don’t want to miss any of my Sunday posts, then please make sure to either follow or subscribe by e-mail. Until next Sunday, have a wonderful week!

Karen W. xx

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    • Yeah totally agree on that haha. Thank you so much, I’ve literally just been reading your blog and let me say it’s absolutely gorgeous! So to receive such a compliment from you, it’s like so so amazing <33 x


  1. Congratulations on having 200+ followers, I’m pretty sure you’ll have more! 😊 anyways, I don’t wear makeup so this post isn’t for me but it’s helpful in a way coz it gives me ideas what to gift my girlfriends next time. 😉

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  2. Congratulations on 200 followers, that’s absolutely amazing. I think this post would be perfect if you included a photo of final makeup look, I would love to see how products look all together, but still it’s a great post. xx

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