A Dane’s Definition of “Hygge”

A Dane’s Definition of “Hygge”

Happy Sunday guys! Today it’s time for a brand new blog post. Not gonna lie but I’ve been planing this post for a little while now, because I want it to be as good as possible. If you don’t know this already then I’m from Denmark aka. I’m a Dane. Most people think of Lego, Copenhagen or beer when they hear Denmark (not too proud to be associated with beer not gonna lie). But, like any other country Denmark is SO much more then that. I could write a 1000 paged essay about Denmark, but I am going to spare you for that (which you should be thankful for – haha) Now, today’s topic as you can read by the title is the word “hygge”.Β A word that us Danes have been using for ages, but has recently become a world famous word. But what is it? How do you hygge? And what’s so special about it? All these questions I’ll hopefully have answered by the end of this post. Enjoy!

So bottom line. What the hell is “hygge”? Well, hygge is a feeling everyone feels when they’re with good company, feeling comfortable and cozy. It’s actually as simple as that, the thing is just that we have one certain word for this instead of a whole sentence. I’m sorry if you were expecting something really out of this world feeling that only Danes could feel. I mean it would be pretty cool right, but thanks to science we know that that’s not how things actually work.

Now, not too long go (I say this and I’m actually talking like 3 months ago – jesus times flies) I finished the ever so famous book: “The little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking (oh, that’s another thing Danes are often associated with… Beers and wikings. Don’t we just sound like great company? – haha) When I first started reading it, I didn’t really know what to expect because often articles about hygge says stuff like: “Wear all-black outfits” or “Eat this special danish called ‘Tebirkes’ and you will feel the hygge“. Like no, that’s not how you feel hygge. Like the book says, hygge is found or made (don’t know…) when you’re:

  1. Β With good company aka friends or family.
  2. Not feeling stressed by some deadline or special schedule.
  3. When nothing is rushed. What I mean by this is that if you’re hosting a dinner let your friends help you, otherwise it’s gonna be you running around like a headless chicken trying to make everything perfect, but in real life you’re not enjoying it at all and neither are your friends.
  4. If it’s sunny and warm go outside for a picnic. If it’s rainy and miserable then stay inside and drink hot cocoa.
  5. Make yourself comfortable, whether that’s lighting a 100 candles, making warm dishes, sit in a window with your favourite book or watching Netflix under a blanket.

Now, what makes it so special? I know I may have made hygge sound a little disappointing so far, if so then I’m really sorry and I’ll try to make it better now. Hygge is without a doubt my favourite feeling, word and expression. Even though I may made it sound easy, it actually takes effort but in a relaxed and enjoyed way. I think I’ll have to give you a few examples of my hyggeligste (it means the most hygge) moments.

  1. This week’s Wednesday I went to the park with to of my best and newest friends. What made it so hyggeligt (again I still means hygge) was that I asked them what they were up to after school and if they wanted to grab an ice cream and head for the park. Both of them hadn’t anything planned except a work out at 5pm. However, it ended with us being at the park from 3-8pm laughing, eating, deep talk chatting and running around with a football. Like spontaneous things like those are my absolute faves.
  2. When me and my friends had a spontaneous Harry Potter marathon. Again, it was like a “what are you up to after school?”-thing and us ending up eating pizza and sweets, whilst watching Voldemort trying to kill Harry for bloody eight films and still not succeeding at the end – haha. It was hyggeligt because the dinner was easily made (or picked up), the company was great, it was spontaneous and we were all cozied up under our duvets.
  3. When I hosted a picnic for a bunch of my friends. This was honestly one of my favourite days of 2017. The food was absolutely divine, again friends are great company, the sun was shining and my mum and I had prepared the food the day before, so nothing was stressfull at all.

I think you’re now well educated in the-hygge-vibe. If you enjoyed this post then please like it to let me know. I would love to write more about Denmark and Danes but only if it’s stuff you’d like to read. Please leave a comment letting me know what you thought of this post. Also feel free to follow my blog, I post every single Sunday and I’d love for you to join my little community. Until next Sunday, take care!

Karen W. xx


21 responses to “A Dane’s Definition of “Hygge””

  1. Hi Karen, Nice blog. I learned about Hygge when I first moved to Denmark several years ago and it is very interesting concept and nice to learn the culture. Currently I live in Copenhagen. Feel free to say hi if you live in the same city. cheers:)

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    • How amazing! Hygge really is the pure essence of Denmark. I’m actually visiting Copenhagen in a few weeks, so I’ll be sure to hit you up. Thank you so much for reading Freja (I’m guessing that’s your name… πŸ˜‰ ) xx


      • ha..ha.. no. I am Yunni and my man is Mickey. We come up with the name as Freja is the God of Love:)

        Please let me know if you come to Copenhagen, it would be nice to meet other blogger. Just a note: we are off to Madagascar on the 23 Jun. See you soon:)

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      • Arhhh, sorry haha – What a cute reason behind btw.
        Oh how unfortunately because I’m in Copenhagen from the 25-26 of June… So I guess it’s not gonna be this time though. But Copenhagen is not far away from where I live, so I guess I’ll see you another time.
        Enjoy your trip to Madagascar, I’ll keep an eye out for a blog post about it (hopefully) πŸ™‚


      • auw… maybe next time. Where do you live anyway? Yes, we are soo excited to go there as not many people going to Madagascar and it would be a big challenge. I heard it would be like Mongolia where we had to camp last time we were there and so hard to find toilet. ha..ha.. you know…. women need privacy but none overthere unfortunately.

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      • Oh Yes, I been there and guess what…… I meet Helen Thorning when she was a PM at one of the upmarket restaurant there. She sat next to my table. What a memory ….. and I have a photo with her:)

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  2. I really enjoyed you article about hygge! Me and a friend of mine are thinking about visiting Denmark this summer and while I was trying to learn more about Denmark through the internet world, your article popped up my way πŸ™‚ Well, I have a question for you πŸ™‚ Is living in Denmark actually as stress free as everyone claims? Or is this only happening when someone lives in the suburbs or villages? I would love it if you could write an article about how it really feels in everyday life when someone lives in a bigger city of Denmark! ❀

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    • Hey Eris. I’m really glad that this popped up for you, I hope you got a good insight in one side of the Danish lifestyle. Well, I do think that Denmark is very special and unique country. But like any other city – Copenhagen in the summer period is not the most calm place on earth… However, I can’t recommend you enough to go n’ visit – Like I’m sure, you’ll not regret it.
      Best wishes – Karen W. xx BTW Thanks for the post request – I’ll be sure to write about it

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  3. This post is brilliant! I love the sound of hygge; I actually wrote something similar literally a year ago about how my favourite feeling is content like how you described (just chilled out REALLY happy and relaxed, not stressful) so it’s lovely to have a name to put to the feeling πŸ™‚ ❀

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