A Late-Spring / Start-Summer Bucket List

A Late-Spring / Start-Summer Bucket List

Hello there lovely peps! I hope you’re having a nice Sunday so far. Today I’ve prepared a bit of a summer influenced post. You probably already know this, because let’s face it you clicked on this post judging by the title – ha ha. Never the less, I know this post is going to be a bit short, but unfortunately my rather creative mind just can’t make deep thought blog posts all the time, sos bout’ dat’. However, I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway – Let’s gooo!

lAte-sPriNg buCkEt liSt

  1. Host a picnic | I did this with my friends last year in the end of May. And let me tell you it was probably one of my favourite moments of 2017. Everyone was just in such great mood, the sun was shining (believe it or not…) and the food that I’d managed to make was just so delicious. I can not recommend hosting a picnic enough!
  2. Have a ‘Spring Clean’  | I know what clearing, cleaning and organizing isn’t necessarily I pleasure of mine (or anyone). But it’s just one of those things that a) needs to be done. b) will make you feel a lot better when your done
  3. Read more | One of my goals for 2018 was to read a lot more. And so far I’ve done pretty well, like I’m already on my 7th book of the year which I personally think is quiet good. However, I feel like a lot a people (including myself) associate reading with feeling cozy with a cuppa and being wrapped in a blanket. But as we all know, reading outside on a sunny day is also a-mazing
  4. Make a Summer playlist | I guess the title kinda says it all (ha ha)
  5. Farmer’s Marked Trip | I’ve always wanted to do this, like either go collect berries, veggies or something like that. So that’s definitely ranked high on my bucket list 328E8890-1578-4197-9E47-7627880C599F
  6. Be more spontaneous | The best memories with friends has honestly been the spontaneous plans. Whether that’s grabbing an ice cream after school and go sit at the harbour, or if it’s a spontaneous movie marathon which leads on to idea no. 7
  7. Have a Movie Marathon | Like the picnic one, I actually also had a movie marathon last year. And not just any old movie marathon but a Harry Potter one. It was such an amazing couple of days a) because we we’re watching Harry Potter, and we all love Harry Potter. b) because I was with my amazing friends – love you guys ❤
  8. Seek the Sea | If there’s one thing that really makes me feel better, it’s going to the beach. And believe it or not, but my favourite times to seek the sea is when it’s really windy and even also rainy. My mum and I always say that it’s because all the bad vibes in you body gets blown away by the wind, and even though it’s a childish thing to say, it’s actually how it feels.
  9. Make it or bake it | I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy cooking. And there’s also something about making things like: lemonade, marmelade or popsicles. Like I love to prepare foods which I can (also) enjoy later on.
  10.  Be creative | I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to do something creative. But studdies have shown that being creative that doesn’t involve technologi is really good for your brain. Because you a) you’re switching off. b) maybe you use your brain at something that you’re not used to. That could be starting to bullet journal, drawing, make cut out collages or something like that – you make the rules here

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas for this post. If so, then please go hit the like button. BTW please feel free to comment some of your points on your late-spring / start-summer bucket list. And lastly if you don’t want to miss out on any of my every Sunday posts, then please make sure to follow my blog. I wish you all a lovely week…

– Karen W. xx

13 responses to “A Late-Spring / Start-Summer Bucket List”

  1. Hi, just jumping in after reading your whirlwind depiction of the spring cleaning chores that perhaps like those winds at the beach meant to take away bad vibes will whisk away some cobwebs; and I have to say, you’re a very busy lady with one heck of a sweet tooth just like me! I’m forever making yummy desserts or having the munchies and picking on one sweet thing or another; you name it, I’ve had it or will get around to it!
    Your idea about creativity is spot-on because you’re so right about getting off the technology addiction and make a good point to break away from it all, so that you really “engage your brain,” passions and the real you; all that personality and put it to good actual use; and create! This world the way it got with all of the AI and Digital is sucking people into a tubular modality and making too many Geek Zombies out of what were meant to be human beings not machines! Bill Gates that whack job and those like him would love to make us all little slave machines for their strange purposes. Breakaway and be free, so you can be a more happy and fulfilled you, that’s the thing to do!
    God bless.
    Keep that creativity flowing and moving about with your body, mind and spirit!

    I might have sent two of this but this is the accurate one; the previous was done on the fly and I messed it up. I hope if you end up with both you just delete the first message.

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  2. I absolutely love going to the beach to clear my mind and I completely agree with the wind and rain part! My all time favourite trip to the beach was in a thunder and lightening storm, I was the only person there and it was so calming! ☺️ xx

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