Coffee Chats | It’s never good enough

Coffee Chats | It’s never good enough

It’s Sunday! Which means one thing (or probably a lot more then that…) But, my point is that there’s a new post for you guys. And not just any post, but a ‘Coffee Chats’ post. I don’t know about you, but so far I think this series has gone very well. I love the conversations we have in the comments, and also the tips and tricks you guys have are simply amazing. So that’s why we need more of it. Recently I have been talking rather deep with a few of my besties. And almost every time we’ve talked about the subject: Never good enough. Either we feel like we don’t look good enough or the work we’re doing ain’t good enough. So I’m here to day, to prove you, myself and them wrong. To tell ourselves that what we are and what we do is more then just good. It’s AMAZING.


Now, when it comes to my own self I’ve realised that I really don’t give myself enough credit for my work. Like I work my absolutely butt of when it comes to school and this blog. And I’ve gotten this bad habit where I always only point out when I got a C instead of all the times I got an A or a B. Do you sometimes do the same? However that’s just my example. One of my besties has really low confidence. She never really feels good enough to herself, her parents or to boys. And that really needs to stop. Because she is the absolut sweetest human being, and she is SO beautiful both on the in side and out side. How ever no matter how many times I tell her or someone else does. It never really sinks in.

So I was like: “Right, how do we stop this?”. And after a good week of thinking, I’ve come to realise that I’m not even crediting myself. And how can you help others love themselve more, when you don’t even do it yourself?


That’s why I’m writing about this today. To motivate you, myself and others to love ourselves more. For what we do, who we are and what we look like. Humans are so beautiful, but most of us just seem not to realise it. And it’s not only teens, I know my mum sometimes feels the same and even my grandmother wont realise that she’s an amazing woman. Like age has nothing to do with this, it’s all about loving yourself. And you might start to do that when you’re 15 or when you’re 50. The only one to change that is YOU!


However, for you and myself not to feel alone in all this. I wanted to make a list of things for all of us to do. And if you’ve got anything to add to it, feel more than free to leave it in the comments, and I’ll be sure to add it!

‘The list of how to start loving yourself more’ (long name, I’m well aware)

  • When you wake up every morning (or at least try to…) Go and look in a mirror and tell yourself 5 things you love about yourself. Even if there’s a voice inside you pointing out your dark circles. Ignore it! And tell yourself how stunning your eyes are. That’s the way to go!
  • Whenever someone compliment you, take it in. Don’t just answer: “Thank you, but I really aren’t”.  For GOD sake, YES you are! So don’t you dare say you’re not. It’s okay to accept a compliment, even though most women seem not to. That’s a bad and unhealthy habit. So we better STOP it!
  • Every time someone gives you credit for your work. You should do the same, like you better give yourself the same credit. No matter what grade you got, you should give yourself credit (unless you didn’t give it your time, and just kind of got through it. If so, then you should ask yourself what’s stopping you?)
  • Grade C or D does NOT define you. It defines that tiny little part of work you’ve done. NOT you as a person or as a human. And that, right there, is what I need to tell myself everyday. That single C doesn’t define me, and neither does the A or B. However, I hope you get what I mean?
  • You should compliment and remind your amazing friends more often, how amazing they are and look. And also that you’re so proud of being their friend. Because I presume that that’s how you feel about your friends (and much more)


I hope you’re not too blown away my all that motivating talk. Because if just half of my military talk has sunken in, then you’re going to feel different about yourself (hopefully in a positive way) However, remember it all takes tiiiimmee. It’s not that you read this and have a confidence level like Beyoncé (however if you do, I better change my career plans – ha ha) Just to end this, I am just going to say again that it’s so important to keep telling your friends that they’re beautiful and amazing. Because at some point it is going to sink in.

If you’ve enjoyed my motivating military talk, then please be sure to like this post. Also, if you want to add anything to my ‘The list of how to start loving yourself more’, then please comment on this post. Lastly if you don’t want to miss any every Sunday posts, then please follow my blog or subscribe with your e-mail. Have a wonderful week!

Karen W. xx


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