Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Oh happy Sunday! And also happy Easter – I hope you’re havin’ a great one, in fact let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to. I’ve just got home from a lovely trip to London, which is also what today’s post is going to feature. Because as you’ve probably spotted from the title, I went with my lovely Mum to The Ritz for quite THE Afternoon Tea. So if you’re curious to know what that looks like, then please scroll or read on…


So I actually didn’t know that we were going, until my Mum told me when we arrived in London. All I got told was just to bring some nice clothes and that trainers was not a part of the dress code (which my trainers-addicted-self was a bit like: What? – haha) Anyway, I didn’t know what to expect at all, however when we got there I was like: “OKAY… Am I like a part of a theatre play or something? Because I feel so posh rn”. Like the room we were sat in was absolutely gorgeous and the interior was so well done. Now, what did we actually get for our afternoon tea you may ask? Well, just take a look at the next pictures.


If that doesn’t look A) Super delicious. B) British AF. I don’t know what does….. Every little thing was just so well thought and completed, and like if a prince suddenly walked cross the room I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised.

Even though the room was filled with people enjoying their cuppa tea, I did manage to snap a few pictures of the room we were sat in, but also the absolutely gorgeous “powder room” (yup, not ladies room but powder room… Like doesn’t that just say it all?) Anyway, here you go.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

The amount of different tones of pink was unbelievable. It honestly could be the home to a flock of unicorns. Also, I will just give you the chance to think about how this picture was taken. Because as you can(‘t) see my body is not in the mirror….? I’m not going to let your Einstein brain work any harder. I basically stood in the most sophisticated position ever and it only took me one try to get the perfect shot (can you sense my extreme use of sarcasm? haha) I more or less hurt my back like hell and it took me a good 20 tries to get a photo without a glimpse of a leg or an arm. It’s like: What you expect vs. How it’s actually done…


So that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather chatty blog post and of cause the pictures. I personally really like the way they turned out. If you feel the same, then please give this post a like. Also, if you don’t want to miss any of my every Sunday posts then please make sure to follow my blog or subscribe with your e-mail. I hope you’ll have a great week in fact I know you will.

Not to spoil too much, but for next Sunday I am doing another Coffee Chats post so you can look forward to that. Never the less, I’ll catch you next Sunday….

XoXo Karen W.


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    • What! Like if I were living in London, I would come there all the time (if my budget agreed – haha) But thank you very much for your support, it means the world to me! And thank you for liking the powder room picture, I guess it made the back pain worth it. xx


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