Coffee Chats | Anxiety 2.0 The Progress

Coffee Chats | Anxiety 2.0 The Progress

Oh happy Sunday – I hope you’re all well. Currently I’m probably sat on a plain with the destination being London. Believe it or not but I’ve actually never been there, which is a bit odd since it’s only about 2 hours with a plane… Never mind, that’s not today topic or in a way it is. Because as most of you know, from my last blog post, I have a thing called anxiety. It’s a very common thing to have, however no one’s the same. And that’s why I’m writing this, to tell you about my journey and progress. Because if there’s one thing I’ve found helpful with all this, is to have someone to share it with, and as I’ve explained before I don’t really have any friends that will understand it the same way as some of you may do. Another thing is that in my last post about anxiety a lot of you told me, that it was so relieving to hear someone talk so open about it. So I’m here again, back on track with new parts of my journey. Enjoy!


So about a week ago I returned from an amazing exchanging trip to Germany. You might be thinking: Well, how does that have anything to do with you feeling anxious, if you’ve just said that it was amazing? So, where to start. At first I don’t think I’ve ever felt so nervous about something, like I couldn’t sleep well 4 nights before leaving. But the weird thing about my anxiety is, that when the day of the day finally came I stopped feeling nervous. Which 4 nights before I would never have expected. So yeah, the trip in it self  was amazing, like it was so mind blowing. The fact that I only knew my host family for three days, and their home felt like MY home. However, enough about that… If you would like me to do another post about the trip, please let me know in the comments.

The main reason why I’m including my trip is A. Because if you’d asked me about 3 months ago I wouldn’t have left. B. Because I experienced a panic attack while staying there. Yup, in the underground at rush hour I started full on crying and then it was like I couldn’t control my breathing, so I started to hyperventilate and then before I knew it I was sat on my knees looking like a ghost. Luckily my teacher were there and one of my best friends (which knew exactly what was going on) So she made me breath in the same rhythm as her. However it felt like I couldn’t use the bottom of my lungs for like 3-4 hours (which you can imagine was a horrible feeling)


After that panic attack I got so mad at myself because I was like: Why didn’t you get a hold of it? It all went so well, until you screwed up… Which now that I’m sat here at home I’m like: No, you did SO well, Karen. You went to another country only speaking German and lived in another family’s home. Like, well done! The reason why I felt so annoyed, was probably because I had planned that if I ‘survived’ the exchanging trip and then London, which I’m on my way to now. I wouldn’t have to go to see a therapist. But, now that I’m thinking about it, they are there to help you. I just think I was/still am a bit like: No, I don’t have anxiety for real I just get past scared in certain situations. However I think we all now can agree on that I have anxiety for real.

After returning from the exchanging trip I’ve also gotten a little wiser on why I get so scared in specific situations. It’s situations I A. Can’t control what will happen: like a plane, tube or generally big groups of people. B. When I can’t protect myself anymore. Like that’s such a big frustration of mine. I hate the fact that when I’m outside of my home it’s my and others job to protect me…. I hope you kind of get what I mean.


Now, let’s talk about the progress. Because even though I experienced my worst panic attack ever! It doesn’t mean that I have failed. I did so well up until that point, and actually also while it was going on. And as I’m writing this it’s Thursday, and I don’t even feel that nervous for London. Like that’s a completely new thing to me. For about only 6 months ago, even walking across a bridge could make me go pale as a ghost and you wouldn’t get one single sound out of me (with an exception of sh*t or f*ck) Til now not even feeling SO nervous about it, almost exited to be honest. If that’s not progressing I don’t know what is.

However this series is not all about me and how I’m doing. How are you? Like actually where are you in your life right now? Please let me know in the comments. Because this post and blog is just as much about me as you. I want to create a platform where everyone can talk about how they are but also to inspire each other. That’s probably my main goal in life: To do or make something that makes people feel inspired.


Thank you SO much for reading this post, I hope you’ve found it helpful and maybe motivating to go talk about how your anxiety is going. You are so brave and so amazing, and even though we havn’t met in person I feel so proud of you and what you’re doing. Please like this post, and comment how ya’ feelin’. If you don’t want to miss any every Sunday posts then please follow or subscribe with your e-mail. Talk to you next Sunday.

XoXo Karen W.

9 responses to “Coffee Chats | Anxiety 2.0 The Progress”

  1. Very much on the same page as you Karen! I don’t have your sort of anxiety, but mine manifests itself in the form of OCD, which is equally freaking frustrating!

    You’re an incredible person and you got out there and had a go- that’s all you can really ask for. You’re very brave hun xx

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    • Oh wow! I don’t think I’ve received such a big and lovely compliment ever. Thank you so much ❤ I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety, it does sound pretty challenging. But hey, at least you're not alone.
      Again, thank you so much you lovely and amazing person. I'm glad I found you and your blog xx


  2. Hey there Karen! I’m Apoorva from Elle online! I loved your post! I really like people who talk about the sensitive sides of the mind. I also have very bad anxiety, but I don’t have panic attacks.
    If I have to go somewhere, or if tomorrow is a big day, I feel like a ball of thread is winding in my stomach and I just can’t sleep!! Even before my exams, and especially before traveling in a plane! Because of my anxiety, I get sick in planes all the time! I’m outgrowing my anxiety, since I met with a therapist. Have you gone to a therapist?
    Btw, I’ve also gone on a student exchange program to Denmark! But I had consulted to my therapist before going to Denmark, so I didn’t get sick the whole of the ✈️ journey!
    Checkout my blog sometime!! ❤️

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    • Hey there Apoorva! (btw what a beautiful name) First of all, thank you so much for your kind words. They seriously mean the world to me. I’m really sorry to hear about your anxiety especially with flying, I get really nervous with flights as well but that’s because it’s out of my control, and those are the situations that I’m anxious about. My best friend actually has flight anxiety, and she would know exactly how you feel, just to tell you that you’re not alone. I’ve already checked your blog out, and I absolutely love it, it seems like such an inspiring and happy place.
      I actually havn’t gone to a therapist, but I really should. I don’t really know why I havn’t done it yet, because I know that they’re there to help me right? How was your experiences, I mean clearly it must have helped in some way, since you made your way to Denmark (where I’m actually from)
      Let’s tackle this anxiety, and not let it stop of from doing things we really wanna do, or at least try to. ❤ xxx


  3. This is such a beautiful and kind of relatable post as well, I am so very happy for you and proud of you. Dealing with anxiety really is a rollercoaster, at times, but I’m so glad that you are making progress and you’ll keep on going no matter what, you go girl. So proud and such an inspiration. I hope that you will end up having a wonderful time in London, it’s one of my favorite places on earth ❤ take care of yourself! xx

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    • I can’t even describe to you, how much your words mean to me. Your support is one of the things that keep me going, keeps motivating me and pushing myself ❤ Let's get our anxiety in control shall we? Take care as well, I'll be sure to catch you again at some point

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  4. Love this post! Not sure if you remember or not, but you commented on one of my blog posts recently about my travel anxiety and my upcoming trip to Italy. My trip is now just a few days away! I am so happy to hear that you did the exchange trip to Germany and I would love to read a post about your experience! Very proud of you for being so brave and not letting anxiety stop you. Someone once told me to ask myself, “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? That has definitely resonated with me and I try to keep it in mind. Again, I’m so proud of you!

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    • First of all, thank you SO much for this comment, like it almost brought me to tears. Secondly, yes of cause I remember your blog and you. Your blog post about travel anxiety was what motivated me to leave, and actually enjoy the trip not just survive it.
      Your support with my anxiety is unreal, like I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for just being there. And even though we havn’t met in person, I still feel a very pure and strong connection with you and your blog.
      Thirdly, how amazing that you’re going to Italy, like that just makes me so overly proud of you! You’re killing it girl! I really do appreciate your comments and posts, because it’s like we’re progressing together.
      Again, thank you and I’m so proud of you as well.


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