Coffee Chats | Anxiety

Coffee Chats | Anxiety

Hey lovely people! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. First of all I just want to say welcome and thank you to all my new readers. And also thank you to you who’ve been reading my blog for a little while now. You all mean something to me. Now, let’s move on from one touchy subject to another. Two weeks ago I started this new series: Coffee Chats. This is a series where I explain and talk about my experiences and point of view on things. For today I though I would talk about anxiety, mainly because I struggle with it myself, and secondly because I feel like people don’t really share their journeys. Not that it’s an exiting journey at all, but I feel like we might be able to learn and help each other here, so why not?

So my anxiety? Well, I find it rather difficult to explain. But I mainly feel anxious in situations that’s out of my control, and this is resulting in me avoiding busy places (like even town on a Saturday), public transport and yeah the list kinda goes on. However, I only really figured this out about two weeks ago. Long story short, I had to catch a train, which you normally will never see me do. But I was like: YOU CAN DO THIS! It may sound easy, but honestly I only got about 6 hours of sleep the four nights before (and normally I get like 9 hours of sleep). Basically I was ‘just’ SO nervous about that train.

Now, when I got to that blimmin platform and got onto the train, I was sat bolt upright and my hearth beat was a ‘little’ quicker then normal. However when I got off the train, I was so proud of myself, like my brain was going: You really made it!!! Like of cause I did, it’s just the days before and the actual situation that freaks me out. How’s your anxiety and what do you do to control it, let me know in the comments.

So, ever since I got home from my train journey, I felt SO motivated to really try and work on this anxiety-thing. Because usually it makes me avoid things and experiences that probably will be amazing. So I thought: Right, lets make a list of things that I want to challenge yourself to do, but in like fitting steps so I don’t go blimmin skydiving next weekend (or something like that – ahaha). I’m not going to tell you all of my wishes, but some of them are like: Going to London, have a spontaneous weekend, say YES more and yup the list goes on.

Now, what’s almost the trickiest part about my anxiety, is that I feel like non’ of my friends really get why. And honestly I get why they don’t, but that’s not making the situation better. I don’t know what I’m seeking, but I feel like no other then myself is the one responsible for this. The best others can do for now, is just to accept, that I struggle in certain situations. And even though I might say no, they’re still here to support me. So far it’s only really my family and my cousin (which A. is obviously also a part of my family, B. She’s like my best friend and sister all in one) that supports and accept my anxiety. Which I appreciate SO much, like these people means the world to me. 

My whole point of this blog post, is to motivate you (reading this right now, whether you have anxiety or not) to challenge yourself a little more. Because in the end of the day, it’s our minds that are tricking us, because of cause we CAN and we WILL make it. So what is it that’s holding us back? That question took me quite some time to work out, but now I feel like I have a ‘good’ insight in, what the heck is going on inside my head. This also mean that I now (more or less) know what to work on.

Please let me know your stories with anxiety and how you are dealing or have dealt with it. And also if you have any questions or tips, please let us know in the comments. This is a platform for inspiration and motivation. My tips are:

  • Make a list of the things that are holding you back.
  • Make another list of things that you want to achieve.
  • Actually try to do and challenge yourself to do the things on your anxiety bucket list.
  • DON’T surround yourself with people who are unrespectful, they’re not worth it!

I hope you’re going to have an amazing week, and even though Monday might be tough, then look at it as a new and fresh start.

XoXo Karen W.


22 responses to “Coffee Chats | Anxiety”

    • I honestly didn’t expect that my stories and struggles with anxiety could help others. But I am more then overwhelmed with how succesful this post has been. Thank you so much for reading this, it means the absolute world to me!

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    • I can not thank you enough for writing such a sweet comment! THANK YOU SO MUCH – I sometimes do question myself if people are interested in hearing my story, but comments like this really remind me of the fact, that I can help other people ‘just’ by talking about it ❤ Again, thank you


  1. [ Smiles ] Karen, coffee and anxiety does not go well together, because caffeine has the potential of raising one’s anxiety level.

    Anyway, I like the idea of not surrounding myself with disrespectful people.

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