Beauty Purchases | January 2018

Beauty Purchases | January 2018

It’s SUNDAY! Which means that I’m here, ready with a new lush blog post. Not too long ago, I was scrolling trough my blog posts, and I realised that I havn’t done a beauty post this year (ahahaha, get it…?) NO, but it really has been a long time since my last one, and even longer since my last haul! Like that was probably in like 2016, or am I wrong on this one? Anyways, since it’s just been Christmas, it ‘usually’ means that I’m left with a mountain of gift cards, which I am in no way complaining about. In fact I LOVE it! So if you want to know my recent beauty purchases, then keep on readin’ bebe!


bObBi bRoWn | LuXe LiP coLoR | uBer nUdE

Quit recently I’ve worked out that those berry toned lip sticks, just ain’t ma kinda thing anymore – Soz to those who love them. The reason why is probably that my natural lip colour is more brownie (or browny, it’s just that I like brownies, yup very irrelevant) This gorgeous lipstick is a brown-, nudeish shade, and the formular is nice a moisturizing. I can only recommend you go and check it out!


bObBi bRoWn | cOrRecTor | liGhT pEaCh

While we’re speaking of Bobbi Brown, I’ve also picked this lovely product up. See, I’m “very blessed” with these lovely dark circles under my eyes – THANKS dad… (very sarcastic, just so you don’t think I’m too much of a weirdo) However, I’m obviously not the only one, because otherwise this wouldn’t be a thing. LONG story short, to solve my problem I picked up this corrector to correct them circles. And OMG, I’m just SO obsessed. Go n’ get ya some, however go and ask for your color – Just sayin’


bObBi bRoWn | dUaL-eNdeD LonG-wEaR cReAm sHadOw sTick | tRufFle & bRonZe

Yup, I went a little crazy at the Bobbi Brown counter… But, I honestly just love ALL of their products. Like the quality of the containers are amazing, and the actual product is also just beautiful. So there you go. The reason behind this is me wanting an easy eye product for everyday purpose. So I looked through their products and I picked this babe up, and fell straight in love. A. Because it really makes the green in my eyes stand out B. Because it’s so blimmin easy. Please do yourself a favour, and go and check the shades out.


tOO fAceD | bEttEr tHaN  sEx mAsCaRa

Not too long ago my Mum went to a Sephora, and asked me if she should pick something up for me. Since I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about this mascara, I decided on this one. Status is that I actually havn’t tried it yet. Mainly because I have 3 others mascaras on the go, which is very unnecessary. However, I’m am looking forward to try this.


cHaNeL | lAiT cOnForT

Let’s move on to some skin care, shall we? I know Chanel is pretty expensive, and especially their skincare stuff. However, since I had that mountain of gift cards I was like: “Why the heck not?”. So far I’m actually really enjoying it. Firstly when I tried it, I used it on my dry face, which I will not recommend. However, when I had wet hands, as I massaged it into my skin, it almost turned into this oile kind of consistency. And now I really like it.


gLaMgLoW | sUpeRmUd mAsK

Now lastly I wanted to include this bad boy. I actually didn’t buy this myself, but my lovely Mum did so…”Thanks Mum, I love ya!”. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to try these mask for absolutely ages, especially this specific one. And let me just say, that this really changed my skin in a positive way. The first let’s say 30 seconds it feels like your skin is burning, however when you get past that step, it just feels like a regular clay mask. When you remove it after about 12 minuts, you can’t really tell that much of a difference. However a few hours later or the next day you skin looks a lot more even and spot free (which was my reason wanting to try it). I also quickly want to say that if you have dry skin like me, I’ve found it very important to REALLY moisturize your skin afterwards, otherwise your skin is going to be all in patches, which is not very nice. BUT, I do still recommend this mask for troubled-and-dry-skin people.

Thank you very much for reading this post! I hope you’ve found a few new products you’ll add to your I-have-too-much-makeup-but-I-still-need-more list. If so (or not) then please like and comment on this post, letting me know a few of your favourite beauty products. Also, if you don’t want to miss any Sunday posts, then please hit that follow button or subscribe with your email.

XoXo Karen W.

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