New year, New Me 2018 | Bullet Journaling

2018, yup this year has just flown by SO quickly. I could write a hole series af posts about 2017, but let’s move forward. Fresh start, new energy and ready to change. For this post I’ve decided to share Bullet Journaling with you. Before you click off this page thinking: “Oh god, I just wanted to get organised not paint blimmin Mona Lisa!”. Let me just say that my way of bullet journaling is not THE way of doing it, if you prefer straight lines or lots of tables, then You Do You – remember!  Now enough talk, you’re probably just here for the pictures (ahaha, I get ya)

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To start of with, I though you might want to take a look the actual book. For the new year I decided to treat myself to a new (and amazing) Bullet Journal. I’ve gone for a Leuchtturm one (pronunciation? Absolutely no clue…)  However you really DO NOT have to buy a fancy book (with a rather fancy name) to get started on bullet journalling, in fact I started with a lined and cheep note book, and that worked completely fine. Though this might sound weird, but if you buy the expensive one, it may actually be a motivation for you to use it, just sayin’.

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The first page you’re met by is this really cute and galaxy page. Over the months and year I’ve been trying to work out my kind of style. Planets, stars, flowers and these type of humans have turned out to be my style (maybe I should find a name for it, instead of that weird description). At the bottom of the page I’ve written this quote, which let me tell you is from now on the quote of my life (and goals). I just feel like it’s so relatable and so true at the same time. I presume every teen can relate to this in some way (or what do you think? Let me know in the comments)

When you flip that page, you’re met by all of the 365 days of this year (365 days, 365 new opportunities). The though behind this page, is basically just me finding it really nice to have an overview of the days and dates, I mean noting too special. However very handy, so if you’re starting bullet journaling then I’ll highly recommend that you include this.

(Before you think I’ve added  two of the same pictures, I would just like to say, that the focus point is different. I know it’s weird, but I’m just in to my photography) Now, an index is very practical for your bullet journal, because it allows you to see which page number your let’s say books to read list is, without you having to flick trough all the pages. I’ve made an rather simple index, mainly because I couldn’t find any way to make an index look interesting, however I feel like it turned out just fine.

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The next page is a goals for 2018 page. I’ve already written down a few goals of mine for this year, however as the days will pass by, I presume new goals will come and others hopefully achieved. No matter if you’ll start bullet journaling or not, I can not recommend enough for you to make a goals list. I’m actually going to make a hole post on creating goals for 2018, so click follow or subscribe with your e-mail so you won’t miss it. And look, there we have another little human doodle.

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(Again, not the same pictures but different focus points). For my new bullet journal I’ve included a places to discover and a cafes and restaurants to discover page. I don’t know why I din’t do one of these in my last one, because so far I’ve actually found it really helpful (doesn’t look like it though, judging by the pictures)

Thank you VERY much for reading this post (or maybe just looking at my pictures). I hope this gave you some inspiration or motivation to get started. Ever since I started bullet journaling I’ve just loved it very dearly. Don’t forget to like this post, and if you don’t wanna miss how to create the perfect goals for 2018, then hit that follow button or subscribe with your e-mail.

Karen W. xx



3 responses to “New year, New Me 2018 | Bullet Journaling”

  1. Your bullet journal looks great! I love looking a bullet journal posts because everyones is so different. I like that you use pictures, that seems like a great way to document things or have pictures of your favorite places! Love it! Can’t wait to see more!

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    1. Oh thank you SO much! Yes, it’s so true that everyone have a different style, and I feel like a bullet journal should reflect your unique personality ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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