My Wonderful Weekend #2

My Wonderful Weekend #2

Merry Christmas! Yup, December just flew past quicker then a F-16 jet. It feels like the days are counting them self, instead of me counting the days (do you know what I mean?) Now, the fact that December passes by this quick also means that you’ll have to feel festive very fast. However I really do think, that that’s one of the difficult things about Christmas. The Christmas Spirit. But last weekend it was like I really got into the Christmas spirit. So, today I’m here sharing tips to get into that ever so difficult Christmas Spirit. ENJOY

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I obviously started my Friday by getting my “ever so awake”-self to school. Normally I would consider myself as an A-person, but with the pitch black mornings I find it rather difficult to wake up. But I managed it. Since it’s the last week of school it means that ALL the teachers wants us to do oh-so many tests and appointments (at least that’s how it works at my school). However this friday me and my group just handed in our very last appointment, this felt like the biggest relief ever. We also got our respondt on a project we did a month ago, and my group and I got an A+, so that also made the start of the weekend even better.

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When I got home from school I quickly tidied the house, and then my friend came around. We had planned a sleepover at mine, which was ever so cosy or in danish “Hygge-ligt”. We then had a take-away and watched some tv and talked, talked and talked.

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Now Saturday was an amazing day. My friend and I had planned “one” Christmas present trip. We shopped for 5 hours straight! And let me just add in the fact, that the presents were not very light weighted… (you can click here, to see all the bags)

When we got home from town, my friend returned home and I had about an hour to clear up and tidy the house (again). At 5 pm, my other friend arrived at my house for a sleepover (btw she’s called Anna, it’s a bit easier to write Anna instead of “my friend”). When she arrived we went food shopping, which let me tell you is one of my fave things to do (yes I’m a weirdo). Then we unpacked the stuff, and started cooking. I made the every so famous risotto (blogpost here). Whilst the cooking was going on, we where singing along to Christmas Music (I mean who doesn’t at this time of the year).

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While we were eating we watched “The polar express” which I (weirdly enough) had never watched before. Let me tell you, that film is just so festive, cute and simply fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough (it’s on Netflix – you can thank me later, ahaha)

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After dinner we cleaned the kitchen (yup, even more cleaning…) Then we made hot chocolate and watched another Christmas film >>Arthurs Christmas<< (again it’s on Netflix – and you can still thank me later, ahaha) It was actually as we sat there watching the film, that The Christmas Spirit got to me. It was like a rush that went through my body, like the same exitment you used to get as a kid on Christmas Eve.

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Well, since Anna and I watched films until 2 am (and also talked a lot) This resultet in my A-person turning into a B-person because we woke up at 10 am (which in my set of mind is late, yup not normal for a teen – I know, ahaha) When we managed to get our sleepy bodies up, we started cooking breakfast. We made smoothie bowls and avokado toast with a fried egg, which is just some of my fave breakfast. And of cause we watched another Christmas film while eating, because  >>Why not?<<

Then Anna left and another tidy and cleaning session started (four cleaning sessions in one weekend…) When I was done cleaning, I putt on some Michael Bublé and started wrapping the masive mountain of presents. While doing this I shot pictures for last Sundays post  >> Gift Wrapping Guide<<, which after doing all this, I had to (well, I’ll let you guess this one…) Then I did some homework and wrote up the blogpost.

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So that wraps up my wonderful and christmassy weekend. Just to make a conclusion, I though I would make a little list of things to do to experience that Christmas Spirit

  1. Watch SOOOOO many Christmas films
  2. Take your time and get as much homework, assignments and deadlines done as possible. This will make you feel a lot more relieved and ready to do all the fun activities.
  3. Spend time with people that makes you smile
  4. However, take some me time and do some fun things on your own as well (this is what I call recharging, because even though hanging around with friends are fun. We all need some relaxing me-time. Throw one a facemask, grab a pencil and start drawing – If that’s too much for your Picasso skills, then just slap on the facemask, ahaha)
  5. Try to live NOW, instead of worrying about tomorrow, this is something I’m trying to remind myself of every day.


Thank you so much for reading a long. I hope you’ve found a few tricks to get into the Christmas Spirit. If so, then please give this post a like. If you don’t want to miss any of the last Blogmas posts, then hit that follow button or subscribe with your e-mail. Happy Christmas <33

Karen W. xx

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