Corners of my Christmassy Room

Ho ho ho ho – Merry Christmas. Today I’ve done another post for my Blogmas 2017. Wait what? Yup, you heard it right. This year I’m doing Blogmas, which means that I’m (hopefully) posting at least 2 times a week. So be exited! Today I’ve decided to show you snippets of my room – Or as the title discribe: My christmassy room. It’s not that I have a second room with lots of Christmas goodies, it’s officially because I decorated my room. So if you fancy knowing what my room looks like, when Christmas threw up in there, then keep on reading (Yes, I am aware that, that doesn’t really sound like an appetizing start, but I promise you’ll find some inspo)

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For this post, I’ve collected a few tips and tricks for you, to make your room ever so Christmassy. Let’s start with greenery. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling like this, but when it get’s to December, it’s like you remove all your plants from your room, because they don’t look that festive – Right? No more, go on a walk in the woods and collect some pine or holly. This will give a little life to your room, and make less “dead”.

As you can se on the picture, I’ve just put some sort of holly (I guess) in a vase, and it looks really nice (if I should say so me-self)

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For my beautiful window, I’ve got a pinecone garland. I would like to say I’ve made it from scratch, but the truth is that I didn’t. But it would make an amazing DIY project. Now, I decorated the garland with some fairy lights, and some Christmas ball balls. It looks SO pretty in there, and it’s just really Christmassy looking. I’ve also stuck some pine in there, mainly for the smell, which BTW is another great trick.

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Another thing I’ve done to my window, is that I’ve hung up 4 glittery snow flakes like this. I’m just all about it. It looks so stunning, and if you wan’t to recreate it, you could use any ball ball or item (well not every item, but almost) you like.


Also in my window, I’ve made my own little forrest of trees. I really like this setup. 1. Because this just looks so Christmassy. 2. Because I’ve mixed different styles and “shapes”. Another thing is, that I’ve bought one of them, but the other ones people have made for me, which I just think is SO cute and meaningful.

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On top of my chest of drawers I’ve made this little setup. It’s nothing too fancy, but this just shows how easy it is to decorate. Like just grab a few things, and try to make them work. I feel like with decorating, you’ve just got to try, there’s no other way. Sometimes it will look really weird, and sometimes it will look amazing and very put together.

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The last thing, or the last corner, I want to show you is (again) on top of my chest of drawers. This little piece of Christmas art, is believe it or not from IKEA. I’m not too sure if they still sell this exact one, but I know that they do other versions. Every morning, the first thing I do, is to turn my fairy lights and this one, and I look SO christmassy. I would highly recommend you go n’ get one of these, because they’re just fab.

Thank you very much for reading this post! If you found it helpfull or if you’re enjoying Blogmas, then feel free to like and comment on this post. If you don’t wan’t to miss any of my Blogmas post, then hit that follow button or subscribe with your e-mail.

Merry Christmas – Karen W. xx

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