My Christmas Bucket List

Wait what? But it’s only Thursday? Yup, I know. The reason why I’m (also) posting on a Thursday, is simply because I have SO many Christmas related posts I want to do, and there’s basically just not enough Sundays for ALL those. Although I just said I have a lot of posts I want to do, it doesn’t mean I’m will manage to make all off them, however there is always going to be the Sunday posts, so don’t you worry. All I’m saying is just that there may be 3 posts in one week, but that may mean that there will only be the Sunday post the week after.

Enough of the disclaiming, let’s get to it. For todays post, I though I would share my “Christmas Bucket List” with you. Because as you know, tomorrow it’s freaking December, which means it’s Christmas time! So before this lovely and quick month is over, I wanted to inspire you with things to do in December, to make you feel ever so christmassy. ENJOY!

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  1. Go to a Christmas Market
  2. Go on a crisp and cold Christmas walk in the woods
  3. Decorate at least one Christmas tree
  4. Do some Christmas baking with family and friends
  5. Watch a TON of Christmas movies
  6. Drink hot chocolate on a regular basis
  7. Make something crafty with my family or friends
  8. Take my gift wrapping game even more serious (although I actually already do that)
  9. Have Christmas Music on repeat (especially Michael Bublé)
  10. Read Christmas books/tails/stories (call them what you want to)
  11. Go n’ drink warm beverages at cafés
  12. Watch a Christmas movie in a movie theater.

Although this was a short little post, I hope you at least found one think to add to your own buck list. If you did so, feel free to like this post, it really do make me happy. Also, please share some of the bullets on your own Christmas bucket list, I would love to get inspired. If you don’t wanna miss any of my Christmas blog posts, then click that follow button or subscribe with your email. Lots of Christmas love from:

Karen W. xx

5 responses to “My Christmas Bucket List”

  1. Great list. What about to see Santa live?

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Happy weekend


  2. Your blogs too good for less followers, you should try to expand your audience. Loved this post💖💖

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    1. Oh thank you so much, the problem is just that I don’t know how to do that? But your support means everything! ❤


      1. Oh, I could give you tips on that if you want because I started my blog in October as well. So I’m new here but I definitely know somethings now. You can email me if you want, and also, your blog is waaaaaay to good to not support 💖💖

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      2. Oh, you’re just too sweet and helpfull! Thank you SO much ❤ ❤

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