Tackling Teenage Troubled Hair

Tackling Teenage Troubled Hair

NEW POST!!! Not only a new post, but a new beauty related post. I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve done one of those. Now, teenage hair…. Yup, that’s a difficult one. But don’t you worry. For this post, I’ve collected a fair few of my holy grail hair product, and also how to treat and wash your hair in the best way. So if that sounds good to you, then keep on reading!

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How often do you wash your hair? Everyday! Well, that’s NOT healthy for your hair. Believe it or not, but you’re actually ment to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Your probably thinking: “Well, that might be true Karen, but my hair is a bloody greasy mess on day two. So what am I then ment to do???”. Well dear reader, there could be a few reasons to this problem.

  1. Every time you wash your hair you clean the scalp from all the excess grease. But if you wash your hair on a daily basis, you scalp gets so “dehydrated” and then over produces oil, which will leave your hair feelin’ greasy.
  2. You might not be washing your hair the right way, but more about that later.
  3. Your not using the right products, but again I will talk more about that further down.

When washing your “teenage troubled” hair, I would highly recommend you wash it with shampoo twice. This will leave your hair a lot cleaner, compared to just cleansed for grease. Another rather important thing is, that when your washing out the shampoo turn your water on the its maximum power. This is seriously SO much easier, because if you have thick hair like me, you will find yourself spending sometimes 2 minutes trying to wash out shampoo. When instead you could just turn on your water on maximum power. Seriously try it – You’ll thank me for it.


Shampoo. I’m just gonna trow it out there, but personally cheep shampoo does just NOT work for me. I’ve tried a few at this point, but there just hasn’t been one that did anything good for my hair. Go and invest in some good shampoo, it will change the softness and health of your hair.

Now, two recent discovers of mine has seriously changed my hair. It’s the Wella Luxe Oli Shampoo and the Davines VOLU Shampoo. OMG these two miracle workers are just amazing. The Wella Luxe Oli Shampoo just really rinse out all that excess oil, but with out drying out your scalp too much. However I do have to wash my hair twice, and for second round shampooing, it’s a little too harsh. So to solve that problem I use the Davines VOLU Shampoo. This shampoo just makes my hair so (insert some spectacular word for a shampoo that makes your hair feel SOO luxe). The combination of these two just gives you the dreamiest hair in the world.

Now for those greasy hair days (like day two or three) I love to use a little bit (or a lot…) of dry shampoo. I’ve just discovered this one by Toni&Guy. I’m not the biggest dry shampoo expert, but I really do like it. It doesn’t make my hair feel stiff, and as if I’ve got a lot of hair product in it. Another thing is that it’s easy to wash out, which to me is absolutely brilliant.

NOW, let’s talk drying your hair. I was very kindly sent this AMAZING Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. And let me tell you, this gadget is just a miracle worker. Normally I HATE blow drying my hair, because it’s rather thick it just takes ages (what feels like centuries). Not anymore, with this hair dryer it takes me about 5 minutes instead of the usual eight to ten minutes.

Another great thing about this gift from God, is that it’s not that noisy. Normally you’ve almost gone deaf when you’re done blow drying your hair, but not with this one. Whats great about blow drying you hair is, that if you sleep on your rather wet hair, it kind of get’s a little greasy in the back because it doesn’t get the chance to dry completely. But when you blow dry your hair, you don’t have that problem.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, this miracle worker would be perfect to wish for. Even though it’s a little pricy, its totally worth every single penny.

Thank you very much for reading this post, if you’ve found it enjoyable please give it a like. I would love to hear about your favourite hair products and hair tricks. Don’t forget to follow me or subscribe with e-mail if you don’t wanna miss any of my Sunday posts. Especially the Christmas ones, I would not want to miss. I just wanna say thank you SO much for 30 followers, you guys are just the best!

XoXo Karen W.




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