Corners of my room #1

Corners of my room #1

I would like to say sorry. I know there was no post last Sunday, and I do apologize. Last week I was SO busy, like I don’t think I’ve been so busy in a good 4 months, or so. I had a school project going on, and it needed all my attention, which makes me a bit sad because that has resultet in me not posting. I will try to make sure that it’s not gonna happen again, although we all know what life can be like, right?

Enough of the apologizing, for this Sundays post, I’ve decided to shoot some pics of my favourite corners in my room. Having said that, I’m actually going to get my room completely changed this year. Which I’m most exited for. But I though you still would like to see bits of my room, because I have a few ideas for you, on how to “style” or decorate your room.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

On of my favourite things in my room is this wall. It really inspires and reminds me of some lovely days I’ve had with my friends. It might look very impressive, but it’s really not difficult to make. All I did was to take some photos with my friends when we were hanging out. I also found some cards in a shop, and the broken brick wall with a skyline, I drew myself. The little cards in the bottom right corner I also wrote myself. I just really appreciate looking at all these memories and drawings.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Another thing I really enjoy looking at in my room is this little display. When I have friends around most of them compliment this area and tell me that it looks very blogger-ish. Then there’s me thinking well it’s not very difficult to master. All I’ve used is my beloved speaker, my favourite perfume ATM, some high-end makeup products and a stack of magazines. That’s literally all it takes.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Another very much appreciated corner of my room is my clothing rack or rail. I honestly love to have some of my most used items displayed. Not only does it look nice, but it’s actually also practical because 1. Your clothes keep their fit longer 2. It’s easier to grab on the go, in stead of pulling every piece out of your chest of draw (I promise you, we’ve all been there) And yes, you might did notice that I’ve colour ordered my rail, simply because I have a mild version of OCD (I think…)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Last but not least is my desk and chair. I probably spend a good 5 hours a day sat here, which probably is a little longer then I should, but I don’t care. My desk is a six draw dresser or what every you prefer calling it. I got this in an antique shop when I was 12 or 13 years old, and I remember me using every single penny on my bank account to afford it. Even though I love this desk to pieces, it’s not gonna make it to my “new room”. However the chair is. This chair I inherited from a family member, and I truly love it. Like almost every Scandinavian, I love any furniture in teak. Currently I have 4 items in teak in my room, which is a bit too much. Although teak is a lovely type of wood, it can make a space look darker and smaller. I wouldn’t say my room look dark, but I’m looking forward to step the teak game down a notch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking and reading about my room. Although it’s not gonna look like this for that much longer, I still love it. I am planing on doing a Christmas version, because as you probably are aware of Christmas is literally only two weeks away, and my excitement level is way past 100. If you liked this post, and would like to see a Christmas version, let me know by a commenting or a liking this post. If you don’t wan’t to miss any Sunday post, make sure to hit that follow button or subscribe with your email.

XoXo Karen W.



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