Creating a Personal Weekly Spread

Happy Sunday!!! I hope you’re having a good one. For todays post I’ve decided on a Bullet Journal one. Bullet journaling is something with a very personal look (unless you of cause get a little too “inspired” sometimes) My style of bullet journaling is more “free handed”, not that sharp or too symmetrical. But that’s just the way I like it. However I would say that I still keep some kind of order, I just don’t use rulers or any other measurement tools. If want to learn how to create a weekly spread based on your style, then keep on reading….


I have a few tricks to make your weekly spread more creative and interesting to look at. And don’t worry if you havn’t mastered cursive writing quiet yet, then you can totally write with another fount, or you could even print them out – You do YOU

Pictures and cut outs from magazines

This is probably the thing that instantly will make your weekly spread look a lot more interesting. It adds some texture, colour and contrast to your piece of art. I mostly find pictures on Pinterest (basically my religion), there are sooooo many different to choose from. And what I like about it the most is, that you can find different people with the same taste in pictures as you. What I mean is that people like different types of editing on their pictures. So if you like monochrome editing or warm/yellowish editing, you can find profiles which only save pictures with this type of editing (so genius right?)

I also love going through “old” magazines an tear out pages with a cool background. Pages with a background made of tiles, wood or just a cool colour.


Washi Tape 

Like pictures, washi tape will make your weekly spread interesting to look at instantly. I bought this specific role of tape about a month ago, and I seriously can’t stop using it. It just goes so well with my kind of style. A brand that does some amazing washi tape is Masking Tape, however in Denmark it’s very difficult to get hold of.


Little doodles and illustrations

I use doodles and illustrations a lot in my weekly spreads – especially flowers. However I also draw little weird faces, leafs (because of the season) and other not categorizable doodles. They just add a little something something. And also if you feel like an area is looking a little sparse, you can always draw a doodle. Another trick is that if you screw up, you can always cover it with a doodle on a piece of paper.


Quotes and other meaning full words

I like to have at least 2 quotes per weekly spread. I mean, I look in my bulletjournal every single day, so it’s nice to have some boosting words in there right? It’s kind of like a little reminder to give yourself everyday, either something to remind yourself of or something to think about. They’re also great if you want to fill an empty space out, I like finding quotes on Pinterest (but honestly I like to find everything on pinterest, I use it as if it was google)


Layering gives texture

Layering is not only for fall fashion, you can also use it when your bullet journaling. When you scroll through the pictures in this blog post, you will probably notice that basically every creative item is layered, either under or on top of another item. I’ve just worked out that’s my kind of style. I like the way it looks, it just gives some life and fun to the layout – You should a 100% try it.

Thank you very much for reading this post! I hope you’ve found it helpfull or inspiring. Feel free to like and comment on this post, I would really appreciate it. If you don’t want to miss any of my every Sunday posts, then hit that follow button or sign up with your e-mail.

XoXo Karen W.




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