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Hey lovely peps out there!! I hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday. For this weeks post I wanted to talk about music. Because most people listen to it daily and you can’t really go or drive anywhere without listening to either a playlist or a radio station. And yes, I am aware of the fact that people have very different taste of music. But I’ll just have to say that my taste of music is very mixed, so I feel like everyone should be able to find an artist they like. Enjoy….

My whole point of making this post, was to inspire your playlist. It’s as simple as that. Although I feel like my taste of music really changes with the season. Not only the fact that I’m listening to Christmas music in December (and November). But I don’t really listen to the same music in Autumn as in Spring. I don’t know about you? Let me know in the comments…

I’ve found 10 artists that I’ve been listening to 24/7 so far this Autumn. And I will guarantee that there’s going to be some you don’t like, but hopefully you’ll find a few that you really like.


I hadn’t heard about JP COOPER, until one of his numbers was recommended for one of my playlists. If you’re going to listen to JP COPPER’S music I will recommend the numbers: She’s on my Mind (both the remix with Bruno Martini, and the original one) and also September Song.


I’m sure everyone know of Rihanna’s music. I feel like either you love her music or you hate it. To the ones out there who’s not quit a fan. Well, would you do me the favour and listen to the number: Close to you? – Because OMG I seriously LOVE this number, and even if you like Rihanna’s music, you might not have heard this number. Honestly give it a listen. Another number is “Love on the brain” which is kind of “old” now, but I still love it.


You’re probably thinking: “Who the hell is this dude?!” And you might also think I’m a 80 year old lady when you listen to his music. But let me explain. My birthday was in September, and for my birthday I got a piano. Which mean that I’ve been playing a LOT of piano songs. I’ve figured out that I like French piano pieces the most. If you’ve watched the ever so famous Amélie, you would have heard Yann’s music, because he did the soundtrack to it. Now, I’ve been practising “La Valse” and “Comptine d’un autre été” (yes that took me a few tries to get that last one right… not gonna lie).


I feel like most people know Frank Ocean. And if not, well this is your chance to do so. My fave numbers of he’s is: Self control, Solo and Pink + White. I would highly recommend you listen to his numbers, because I feel like he’s got a number for everyone (although if you’re over the age of 60, I would say he might not be your cuppa tea)


Khalid is probably the most reason artist I’ve started listening to. I know that some people don’t like his numbers at all and others absolutely adore them. But let’s be honest it’s like that with every artist, right? The numbers I’ve had on repeat are: Location, Saved, Coaster and Shot down.


No, I’m not a broken One Direction fan, who’s still crying about the fact that the band split up. However they did play a rather big role in my life of a 10 year old. I’ve listened to all of the members newer music, however Harry’s is my fave. I feel like Harry really covered all kind of genres of music with he’s new album. The numbers that’ve made it to my playlist are: Sign of a Time, Sweet Creature (probably my fave), Two Ghosts and From the Dining Table.


I havn’t really loved or listened to all James Blake numbers, however there is this one number of his, which to me just screams Autumn. I don’t really know why, there’s just something different about it, and I would highly recommend to give it a listen. It’s called: Limit to your Love.


Another artist where you’re going to think I’m 80, but I’m alright with that… Again because of the piano I got for my b-day. Ludovico did the Soundtrack to Untouchable, which BTW is one of my fave films of all time. If you havn’t watched I would HIGHLY recommend you do so. And also while you’re watching it, listen carefully to the music, it’s SO amazing. My favourite pieces of his are: Una Mattina and Fly.


Like James Blake I havn’t really heard that many of their other numbers. But they’ve made this one number which I just think is so sweet and lovely. It’s called: She lays down. It’s one of those really cute and acoustic number, just another recommendation to be honest.


I firstly heard this number that I really like in the remix version, and then I listened to the original one. I still can’t really work out which version is my fave, but you should totally give both of them a listen. Like the James Blake number it’s just very autumnal.

Now, to listen to all this amazing music, I either listen to them on my beloved speaker or in my (also beloved) headphones. Every since I got these (beloved) things, I’m really aware of the different quality that they are playing, compared to your standard Apple ear plugs or a cheap speaker. I would totally recommend you go and invest in some good quality either headphones or speaker. Because if you listen to music on a daily base, it’s nice to listen to the numbers in a good quality.

Thank you very much for reading this post. I hope you’ve found some artist to add to your playlist, and actually please let me know which artists you’ve got on your playlist ATM. I’m just gonna trow it out there, that the pictures I’ve snapped for this post, are probably some of my fave “flat lays” I’ve taken. If you’ve enjoyed this post, feel free to like it and a comment. Also I’m posting every single Sunday, so if you don’t wan’t to miss any posts, go n’ press that follow button or subscribe by e-mail and you’ll get notified every Sunday with a new post.

XoXo Karen

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