My Wonderful Weekend #1

My Wonderful Weekend #1

For this weekends post, I actually had another post in mind, like last weekend…. But when I was shooting the pics, it just didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. And to be honest, I want my blog to be personal, not only guides, tips and tricks. Then I though: “What do I then want to do…?”. So, I’ve settled on my weekend. I though you might wan’t to hear about it, since I’ve done some really lovely things, both with ma’ friends and some organizing. So if that sounds good to you, keep on scrolling

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FRIDAY | 6th of October 

I know some people don’t count Friday as a day of the weekend, but I do…. This Friday my beloved cousin was home from this type of danish school… It’s kind of like Hogwarts, like she sleeps, eat and basically lives there. But in some weekends and the holidays, she comes home for a visit. However it’s only for a year (Yes, I know this is a weird example, but that’s how far my fantasi goes…)

However my Friday obviously stated with me coming home form School. When I got home I started packing for the weekend. But as I was packing I realised that my wardrobe really needed a declutter… So I decided to do one. I just sorted all of my summer clothes out, and wrote down a list with things my wardrobe is lacking for this rather cold season.

At my cousins place, we just talked, talked and talked. Like we havn’t had a catch up in like a month or something. So LOTS of stories and gossip to exchange.

We also went snack and sweets shopping, which I can tell from my skin, was probably not the best idea. But what ever….

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SATURDAY | 7th October 

Saturday was an amazing day!!! Me and 2 of my besties, Anna and Sofie, had planned a Harry Potter Marathon. If you’ve read my “Goals for Autumn” post, you’ll know a Movie Marathon was a goal of mine. And since we all love Harry Potter, it seamed obvious. I had such a great time, and we were all laying with our duvets, crisps and sweets (yes, even more sweets…)

We had pizzas for dinner, and all in all, was that day probably one of my favourite days of 2017.

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SUNDAY | 8th October 

This cute face was what I woke up to this morning. Even though we watched quit a few Harry Potter movies last night, we put another one on. When we were about half way through, we decided breakfast was needed. For breakfast we had a smoothie bowl with some kind of cereal on top. Delicious, highly recommended!!

Now I’m sat here at home. I’ve just finished some of this weeks homework. If you don’t make your homework for the upcoming week, I will highly recommend you try to do so. It honestly make your week a lot calmer and you don’t feel as stressed.

The last thing I’ve done this Sunday, is of cause write and edit this blog post. I usually make Sundays my blog-work-day. I schedule posts, shoot photos and brain storm for new blog post ideas (which sometimes can be very difficult, not gonna lie)

Thank you very much for reading along. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my weekend, and maybe found some inspiration for your own upcoming weekends. I would love to hear about your weekend, or what you’re doing next weekend. Feel free to like this post, and if you don’t want to miss any of my Sunday posts, hit the follow button, or sign up with your e-mail, it doesn’t cost you a single penny.

XoXo Karen



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