Goals For Autumn

It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn!!! I’m always super exited for this season of the year. Everything is just SO cosy, and the amount of tea and coffee is CRAZY. Getting home lighting candles, putting on slippers and reading books, what’s not to like? (however if you don’t like reading, a film is a great alternative). Some people don’t really like Autumn, because of the miserable weather and the cold breeze. Well, to you guys out there, feeling and relating to that. I’ve created this post, telling you 10 fun and cosy things to do for this season. So you have no excuse for not enjoying this time of the year. Let’s GOOO!


  1. Clearing out your closet | This task I like to do every 3rd month, or basically as the seasons changes. A trick is to keep your summer clothes in a bag under your bed, because there is no point of having summer-off-the-shoulder-dresses in your closet, when it’s too cold to wear them, right?
  2. Read a heck load of BOOKS | Reading is one of those things, either you hate it or love it. That’s just how it is. But I really enjoy reading, whether it’s before bed or in the afternoon – it doesn’t matter. However if you don’t like reading, films for rainy days are literally the BEST thing ever!
  3. Wear jumpers ALL day | I’ve literally worn the same hoodie for like 5 days, and I hate when it’s in the wash. Because there’s nothing better then a chunky and warm jumper. And let’s be honest, it’s absolutely freezing in the end off Autumn, so get yourself a nice variety of warm jumpers.
  4. Try a DIY project | I feel like Autumn is the perfect season for DIYS, because you are honestly almost inside 24/7 (or at least in Denmark, because of the rain…) Now, I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again. PINTEREST, people….. P I N T E R E S T ! ! ! I honestly think it’s my religion. I swear by it, I’m literally checking it a 1000 times a day. And especially DIYS on pinterest are amaze!! As you can see, by the photo below, I’ve already themed my profil Autumn…. I’ve linked my side at the end of this side, so go and check it out! 
  5. Host a girls movie marathon | I’m kind of planning a night/day like this. Because it’s just going to be so much fun. And especially a Harry Potter marathon, or maybe a Disney Movie marathon (however there’s made 204 Disney Movies, so that’s gonna be a marathon week…)
  6. Drink tea everyday | Not gonna lie, I probably do this any way, no matter what season it is. However it feel the most right to do it in the colder seasons. You can honestly drink tea in every occasion. For breakfast, watching series and films, reading, doing homework, drawing, you name it… The tea-occasion-list goes on and on.
  7. Make apple crumble | I LOVE apple crumble, is sooo good. And weirdly enough, I don’t actually enjoy apples that much. But with crumble and greek yogurt, it’s amazing. If you would like a recipe, I’d totally do one!
  8. Go on walks | Even though it’s probably raining, walks in the forrest, are seriously one of my favourite things to do. On a Sunday (or any day of your choice), drive out in the forrest, park the car, go for a walk and just enjoy the fresh breeze – you will love it.
  9. Have a game day with your family or friends | Even though I don’t have game days that often, I still love them! Whether if it’s with my friends or family. On a rainy day, with candles and autumnal music.
  10. Pumpkin carving | This might be a childish thing, but I still enjoy doing it. In Denmark almost every house carve pumpkins, and it’s honestly the cosiest thing ever!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and that you are enjoying new posts every Sunday! I truly love blogging, and I hope you like reading my posts. If you don’t want to miss any Sunday posts, then click the follow button or follow by e-mail! Feel free to leave a like and a comment, the comments are everything, I absolutely love reading them, you guys are the sweetest <33

XoXo Karen


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