September Beauty Faves

September Beauty Faves

Hey everyone! Yes, I know it’s been too long since I’ve last posted something. And i would like to say sorry. I’ve just not felt very inspired to write or to take pictures. But I’m back, and I’m so ready to write. I’ve though of a lot af new post ideas, so you can be looking forward to that. Today I’ve decided on a beauty post, you guys seem to love these types of posts, and so do I. I’ve collected my ATM favourite beauty products, and I can highly recommend all of them. Hope you’ll enjoy this post!!

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Marc Jacobs | Cucumber

The 4. September it was my birthday, and I got this lovely perfume. I’ve wanted this for over a year, but I’m just not really the type of girl, that buys perfumes for myself. I think it’s such a lovely thing to get as a gift from someone instead.

WARNING, I’m terrible at describing scents, but I will try my best. This perfume does actually smell like cucumber, but it’s not that anyone has been like: “Oh, what scent are you wearing, you smell a bit like cucumber”. No, not like that. It’s more this fresh, “nature-ish”, a bit like watery scented and like a garden in the summer – kind of scent. Doesn’t make sence? Understandable, I would recommend you go and smell it then.

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Lóreal | Brow Artsit Plumber

Bushy brows are so popular right now, and have been it the last like 3 years. However not everyone is blessed with natural bushy brows, you just have to work with what you’ve got. Everyones brows are different, lets take me as an example. My brows are a really nice naturally brown colour, how ever they are not that thick, but not very thin either. It depends on what kind of brow you like. What I do to my brows, are just making little strokes where I feel like a need more brow hair, and then I will comb through with a brow mascara. Brow mascaras are AMAZING, literally a gift from the Beauty God him self. This one from Lóreal is really good, considering you can get it from the high street.

Burt’s Bees | Beeswax Lip Balm

I think everyone can relate to dry lips pretty much all year around, but especially in the colder periodes. Every morning and night I apply a more heavy lip balm, but when I’m on the go, with dry lips, I reach for a chapstick. My all time favourite is by Burt’s Bees, and it’s just their basic, simple lip balm (not the tinted ones). It’s got peppermint oil in it, which make it tightening on your lips. It might sound a bit strange, however I really feel like it’s getting rid of that excess and dead skin on your lips, and leaves them soft and smooth.

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MAC | 159 Brush

When it comes to brushes, people are very different. Some like investing in good quality and expensive brushes, for other people it’s not really that important. I like investing in good brushes, and this little one by MAC is very expensive (considered its size) but totally worth every penny. This brush is a so called stippling brush. These types of brushes can be used for almost everything. Foundation, concealer, powder products, cream products… you name it. I love the size of this brush, because I can use it for both light contouring, highlighting, blending in concealer and setting my under eyes. The bristles are really soft, but it’s goat hair, just to let you vegans out there know.

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MAC | Strobe Cream | Goldlite 

Like the bushy brows, glowy skin has become a huge trend these past years. To get this glowy skin MAC’s strobe cream is amazing. This is one of those products everyone has been raving about since day 1. And then you fiiiiiiinally go and by it, and you’re like: Why did I wait soooo loooong to get this??? That’s how I feel about this product. It’s so beautiful on it’s own or topped of with foundation. I’ve tried a few of these glowy illuminators, but a lot of them have chunks of glitter when you started blending. But this one does not have that, it just leaves a glow and reflection on your skin.

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Bobbi Brown | Bronzing Powder | Golden light 

In September I still have that summer tan. I don’t really know why, but you can still see my tan lines in like December… Anyway, when I have a bit of colour on my skin, I tend to go for a all in one bronzer. This Bobbi Brown one I use on a smaller blush brush as a bronzer, blusher and contouring all in one product. I basically just sweep this all over my cheekbones, a bit on the tempels and a bit in the forehead.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and that you are ready for more posts. I know I’ve probably said this a few times before, without actually posting in like a month. But I honestly will try my hardest. It’s just that sometimes I’m very busy with school, so I don’t have that much time for blogging, or I just prioritize my time different. Enough of that… If you did enjoy reading this, then make sure to like and feel free to follow and comment. It seriously make my so happy reading your lovely comments.

XoXo Karen

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