Homemade Pasta | Pesto & Asparagus

Homemade Pasta | Pesto & Asparagus

Welcome to my first ever food blog post. It’s actually kind of odd that I’ve had my blog for almost a year, and I havn’t done a food post yet. Because cooking is like one of my major passions, like I truly enjoy it, either by myself or with friends. So for my first food post, I decided to give homemade pasta a try, and it turned out to be amaze!! Like if you’ve had enough of pasta from the supermarkets and like trying new things, then this post is just what you’ve been looking for. I might come as a surprise to you, but it’s actually really easy to make, and doesn’t cost a lot of money. So you have no excuse, other than keep on reading…

For this dish I’ve decided to serve it with asparagus and pesto. But if you’re not really into that, you could totally serve it with tomatoes and top it of with a bit (or a lot) of parmesan. Again for this dish I’ve decided to make quit wide pastas, but if you are more of a spaghetti kind a girl, then you go ahead and do that. Oh, 1 more thing. If you think a pasta machine is a necessity, it’s really not. How ever i will say that if you’ve decided on the spaghetti, it might come in handy, just saying…

This recipe is measured for 2-3 persons, just to let you know.

You will be needing

  • 2 eggs
  • 250 g. All-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1-2 tablespoons of water (however it really depends)


  • 2 tablespoons of pesto
  • Around 12 asparagus

Let’s GO

  1. In a stand mixer put all of the ingrediens in (not the pesto and asparagus), and mix with a dough attachment at low speed for around 2-3 minutes.
  2. Put a bit of flour on your table, take the dough out of the bowl and start kneading for about 3-4 minutes. If you find that the dough is a bit too sticky, add more flour until you’re happy with the consistency. However if you find that it’s a bit to dry, then do the same thing but just add in water instead.
  3. Wrap the dough tight in some clingfilm, and set a side on you kitchen table for minimum 30 minutes or up til 2 hours.
  4. Cut the dough in 4 quarters, and put a light layer of flour on each part.
  5. Now it’s time for you to roll out the dough, either in your pasta machine or with a rolling pen. It’s very important that you don’t make it too thick or too thin. If you are interested, I rolled mine in setting 4. But you have to start with the lowest setting number, when starting rolling your dough.
  6. When you’re happy with the doughs thickness, it’s time to cut it either by hand or on your pasta machine. I decided to cut it by hand, mainly because I wanted quit wide pastas, but you do you.
  7. Boil some water in a pot and put a pinch of salt. Now it’s time to cook your pastas, I did it in 3 rounds, mainly because I didn’t know if they would float around at the bottom. But they don’t, however I would suggest cooking it in 3 rounds no matter what. The pasta have to cook for around 2-3 minuts, however it really depends on the size. But if you are unsure about if they are done or not. Just do a little taste test.
  8. When they are done cooking, wash in some cold water. This way they won’t stick together to one big ball of pasta. Now ready to serve. Or as I did, mix it with some pesto and some cooked and chopped up asparagus.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post, because this were probably my favourite post to make. Thank you so much for reading this, and please tag me on instagram or twitter. I would love to see your results. Oh and thank you very much to my cousin for helping me out, I love you <33

XoXo Karen Wodstrup

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