Bullet Journal | June Weekly Spread

Bullet Journal | June Weekly Spread

I’ve decided to do another weekly spread for you guys. Because you seam to really enjoy them, and I enjoy doing and sharing them with you. For this week I’ve changed it up a bit. I’ve doodled a lot more, and rearranged the layout. It might look difficult to do, but it really isn’t. So grab your notebook, pen and pencils and read on!

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Usually I have cool photographs in my weekly spread. However, not this time. I don’t really have a specific reason to why I havn’t done it this time. I just felt like I wanted to draw. So as you can see I’ve gone for a light bulbs and cactuses/succulents theme. But I’ve also included some kind of starts and this brown paper (to give some contrast).

I havn’t really used any fancy and specific pens. Any black pen will do. Although if you are interested, I used:

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To colour in my light bulbs and plants, I used some regular colouring pencils. And again if you are curious I used the ones by Staedtler. I highly recommend them, they are definitely my all time favourite ones.

You might feel like this look way too impressive for your drawing skills. But I promise you it’s really not. Just crab a pen and your journal and start drawing. And I’m gonna let you on a little secret. Do you see my to do list? Yeah… I was planing on writing a quote in that spot, but I kind of messed up. So I just stuck some yellow paper on, and no one will ever know. Except for you and me of cause.

When I had “finished” the look of this spread. I though some areas of the pages looked a little spars. SO, I decided to dray these kind of “stars”. And I really like how it turned out. It just kind of complets the spread.

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If you’ve read my other weekly spread posts. You will know about my water and sleep tracker. I think these trackers are genius. Because they give you the opportunity to really get an over view of your life. By that I mean, if you are feeling very tired at Wednesday, you can have a look in your journal. And might work out that the reason why you’re tired, is because you only had 5 or 6 hours sleep last night.

The same goes with water. If I have a headache at some point (which not gonna lie, I do have quit offen). I will grab my journal, and look at my water tracker. And If i’ve been not so good at drinking water the day before. I will down a huge glass of water. And actually if you feel like your skin looks kind of dull and gray. Drinking water will help clearing and brighten your skin a lot more. Which is perfect for summer right?

I hope you’ve found some inspiration by reading this post. I love reading others blog posts about bullet journaling, and I always find a lot of inspo and ideas. BTW if you are looking for inspiration for pretty much anything. I would highly recommend you check out pinterest. And feel free to follow me, because pinterest is not gonna lie properly the social media I use the most…

XoXo Karen Wodstrup

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