Top 5 High End Beauty Faves | June 2017

Top 5 High End Beauty Faves | June 2017

To some people high end makeup is a waste of money, and others only buy high end makeup. I don’t think I’m one or the other, I like to mix it. But to be honest, I prefer using high end makeup. Not because highstreet/drugstore dosen’t work, but because the ingrediens and quality are a bit more luxurious.

As I’ve just mentioned I prefer using high end makeup. It’s not because I’m a diva that only really likes expensive stuff. But when I discover a makeup or skin care item which I really want. It’s kind of like mission accomplished, when I manage to get it. On the other hand, I think it’s better to invest in a nice product, instead of buying lots high street makeup, just because it’s cheaper. Treat yourself to a nice gift sometimes. You deserve it!!

I’ve chosen 5 nice products for you. I really like all of them, and I definitely think you should check them out!!

Chanel Rouge Coco – Cécilie 

This lipstick is one of my ALL time favourite ones. It’s not only the prettiest colour ever, but I don’t have any other lipstick which apply the same way as this one. It’s so smooth, but not in a lip balm way. I literally can not describe how much I adore this lipstick. And yes, I know it’s quit expensive. But trust me when I say, that it’s worth every single penny!

Nars Lip gloss – Orgasm 

As much as I hate the name of this, as much I love this product. Let’s just get past the name, and talk about what an amazing lip gloss this is. To be honest I’m not the hugest user of lip gloss, but this one is just amazing. It’s a pinky tinted lip gloss. But in different light it appears different. Sometimes it looks clear, other times pink and even brown. It does have shimmer in it, but it’s not chunky or anything like that. It’s more of a shine that chucks. I’ve also got a lot of compliments, on how amazing my lip looks when I’m wearing it.

YSL Bronzer – Terre Saharienne

Yes, it took me a few tries to spell the name of this right. And no, I can not pronoun the name. But what I can say, is that it’s my favourite bronzer of ALL time. If all my makeup disappeared, this would probably be my first thing to repurchase. It’s not a contouring shade at all, it’s a warm orangey shade, but don’t worry it doesn’t look orange on the skin. It has some shimmer in it, which make your skin look SO healthy. It just looks like you’ve just been out in the sun all day (and remembered to apply sun cream). Let’s be honest who don’t want to look like that.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Beige

I’m kind of sad that on my little swatch cards, it doesn’t appear very nice or flattering at all. But the next time you walk pass a Bobbi Brown counter, please stop and take a look at this amazing thing. Highlighters have really blown up all over the world. But this one doesn’t look extreme or too “fake”. But on the other hand, it doesn’t look like a little shine on your cheek bones either.

YSL Eyeshadow Duo – Shade 1 

Yes, I know the most unique name ever. Besides the name, this is such a beautiful duo. It’s very neutral and nothing to crazy. Which mean it’s perfect for everyday wear. This duo contains a dark browny- gold eyeshadow. I use this shade in my outer v, and blend it into to the crease. So it becomes a very soft gold brown shade. The lighter shade is perfect for inner corner highlighting, and of course for the brow bone.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Don’t forget to like and comment. And if you want to, then hit the follow button!



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