Ready, Set, Spring! | Trending Outfit

Ready, Set, Spring! | Trending Outfit

It’s here! The warmer weather has finally reached Denmark. It’s really starting to feel like spring, and I ain’t complaining. Spring is probably my favourite season, mainly because of all the pretty flowers and trees that starts to bloom. But also because of the fashion. Spring style is in my opinion, all about bringing a bit more colour into your wardrobe (although it can get a bit too much sometimes). So if you would like to know more about spring trends and how to embrace the colours, then keep on reading!!



SS17 style contains a LOT of new trends. For this post I’ve picked a few of the trends and combined it with my own style. Because having your own style is the biggest trend. Being confident in the clothes you’re wearing, is in the end of the day all that really matters.

If I should describe my own style, I would say that it’s minimalistic, simple and comfortable chic. My argument for having a simple wardrobe is, that everything goes with everything. Because let’s be honest, we all have that “I have nothing to wear” feeling sometimes. So if you keep your wardrobe simple (simple is NOT boring) and with some pops of colour, that’s the way to go girl!!!


The shoes that I’m wearing are these white Adidas ones. The texture on the them are very special and different. It looks like snake skin, but i promise it’s not. I really like the material, it just adds something different to the look. And to the practical readers out there. Yes, they are very nice to walk in. Although I wouldn’t climb Mount Everest in them.


When I style an outfit, I love to play with textures. I think having an outfit with a lot of textures gives the look a put together finish. For this outfit we are working with material as: Denim, suede, snake skin (leather) and a reflecting finish.

The trousers I’m wearing is the classic Mum jeans. I just love Mum jeans, they are not the most fashionable jeans. But they are so comfortable, and that’s what matters. I got these jeans from Monki. They are very lovely, although I would say that if you’re a taller girl they might be a little too short. The material has got a like washed look, which means they don’t look too posh. But you can dress them up or just keep it everyday-wear-looking.

For this outfit, I’ve actually chosen 2 different jackets. The reason why is that everyone have different types of style and taste. The first jacket on the picture above, is this really cool bomber jacket from Moss Copenhagen. The material is a reflective shiny fabric. This fabrics finish is a huge trend for SS17. Brands like Mulbery, Saint Larent and Isabel Marent have used this material for their Catwalks at Fashion Week.


The Sunglasses I’ve chosen for this look (my favourite ones ever) are these ones by RayBan. This model in particular came out last year, and EVERYONE went crazy about them. And it’s very understandable why… The round shape of sunglasses was EXTREMELY trending last year, and it still is, just not as big as last year. For this season oversized sunglasses are coming back. But since I have quit a little face, I don’t feel like big oversized sunnies suits me the best. But feel free to rock them!!


The other jacket I chose, is this raincoat from Rains. The colour might be a bit scary to someone that likes to only wear monochrome clothes. But that’s completely alright, we all have different taste. Although the colour yellow for SS17 is a massive trend, the fashion world have got yellow fever. I doesn’t matter what tone of yellow you’re wearing, just the fact that an item in your outfit is yellow, is a trend. Brands like Chloé, Bottega Veneta and Gucci have got the yellow fever, their models rocked the yellow items down the runway at Fashion Week.

Personally I’m not really into jewellery. Although I can’t leave the house without rings and earrings (and in terms a watch). The rings I always wear is not from H&M or some place like that. They are on the more pricy site, and both of them I got from my family. How ever the earrings I’m always wearing is either a pair from weekday (the most similar pair I could find) or a mix match of some other earrings for example this one from Jane Kønig or Pernille Corydon. If you’re from any other country than Denmark, you’re properly thinking: “Who the hell is that??”. And trust me, I get you…


The shirt I’ve picked for the outfit, is this one by Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger. I’m absolutely obsessed with this shirt. I love that the sleeves are 3/4 length, which makes it perfect for spring. The pattern on the front, is actually a velvet fabric. The shirt in it self is just your basic cotton fabric, but the velvet material gives it a bit of edge. It’s not that the shirt is very trending, but since Gigi Hadid designed it i mean….


Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you found some inspiration. Remember you do not HAVE to wear trending pieces, the kind of clothing that suits you the best, is clothing you feel the most yourself and confident in. Don’t forget to search and explore the heck out of Pinterest, because honestly that’s were i get the most inspired.

BTW I would like to thank my Cousin (which is more like a sister) for snapping all the amazing pictures!! I love you to the moon and back. Go follow her on Instagram.


Karen Wodstrup

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