Bullet Journal | New Year, New Me

Bullet Journal | New Year, New Me

One of my new years resolutions where: Be more creative. I think we’re living in a world, that’s so filed up with technology and being online 24/7. So I wanted to find something creative, that didn’t have anything to do with technology. So I did…. And that’s called: Bullet Journaling

You may or may not have heard the word before. It’s basically a journal/planner/notebook/brain storm all in one. It gives you the opportunity to keep ideas, tasks and to does in one book. But the best thing about it (or that’s my personal opinion) is that your the one deciding the layout. You can make it as colour full, or as simple as you wan’t. Because your the boss of your life!

It took me a while to work out what I wanted to include in my Bullet Journal. So I researched a lot on pinterest, which let me tell you where a huge help!


The very first page in my bullet journal is a quote. I like the idea of having a positive or meaning full quote at the start. It just makes you smile! I’ve chosen this on by Walt Disney: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”. I just love the meaning so much, because you can look at it in so many ways. For me it’s about being different, or what I like to call it: Unique! But I also look at it like, do things that you find difficult.


The next page is my index. An index is a little help, to give you an over view of your journal.


On these pages I have a Key and an over view of 2017.

A key is like a symbol code, it’s a help to get an over view of the events you’re up to, or what taskes you have to do that day. The symbols you’re going to be using in your weekly to do, or in “Bullet Journal Languages”: A weekly spread. As you can see i have a few,  and if you have great eyes, you will spot the little mistake I made…. so annoying! But hey, it’s alright. We all makes mistakes.

An over view of the year is always nice to have in a planner. It’s just like a necessity.


It did take me quiet some time to draw this, but in my mind noting can take too long when I’m bullet journaling. This idea just came up in my head, I havn’t seen it on either pinterest or youtube. The thoughts behind this is that when I’m turning 18, I want to travel all over the world with my best friend and my cousin (which is more like a sister). And I though it would be a good idea, to mark some of the places I want to explore.


However this idea is all over the internet, not this layout but like the actual idea. And it is very understandable why. I think it’s really creative and I really like it! As you can see I havn’t reed anything on yet, because this blogpost is more about layout, then actual ideas. But let me know if you would like to see a blogpost on that!


The last pages of creative things and not weekly spreads is this. One of the pages is about things I can do when I’m having down times or just isn’t feeling too happy. I think this is a really good idea, because it’s actually really nice to know what can cheer you up again! The other page is by blogpost ideas, because when your a blogger, it’s nice to have the opportunity to write down your ideas. But to be honest you don’t necessarily have to be a blogger to write down good ideas 😉

Pens are going to be your 2nd hobby when you start bullet journaling. Not even kidding sometimes I say: “Oh, it would be nice with a thiner pen right now”. Like as the one I was using wasn’t working… I know it’s weird, but trust me if you start doing it, you will think the same! 😉 Here are some of my fave pens:

I really hope you’re enjoying my blog or my blogposts! And let me know if you would like to see blogposts like a weekly spread or ass I mentioned the ideas?

Lots of Love

Karen xx

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