List Life | New year, New me

List Life | New year, New me

OMG, it’s 2017! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I’m so exited for 2017. I’m going to do some amazing and funny things. What about you? Let me know in the coments…


This blogpost is going to be about the “New year, New me” thing. And a lot of peoples top goal (including myself) is: “To be more organized”. I hate forgetting things or ideas. Seriously it’s so annoying. But don’t worry, there is a solution to that problem. The answer is… LISTS. Yes I know, you’re properly thinking: “Lists…???”. It’s as simple as that. So I’m going to give you my best tips and tricks to stay more organized (in the list-way)

The Weekly List


I’m the type of person that like to know what I’m up to every week. It’s nice to have an overview of your week, not only to see what your up to that day. But also you might have a day or two to look forward to. I just like the fact that I can go check what I need to do or where I need to be.

This list will keep you feel more relaxed and relived. It’s like a calendar but just a bit more open for everything you need to do or remember.

This weekly planer/list I got i Oslo, but I don’t know were it’s from. I’m sorry. But to be honest you can just use a plain paper and decorate it yourself (DIY).



Reminder notes/lists are some of my faves. They just tell you quick and specific what you need to do or remember. You mainly use these when you suddenly remember an importen thing, or if someone tell you something you need to do or remember.

Use these when you really don’t want to foget something. And you just know that your gonna forget it in 5 min.

Idea list


You can look at these lists as a sort of “Brainstorm”. It’s basically just a list full of your current ideas about something. I use these either when I’m doing my homework or when I’m doing “Blog-work”. I love these lists so much, because it’s very nice to know that your creative (or maybe not so creative) ideas are written down. So you don’t have to remember them, and properly end up forgetting them.

These lists are also really nice to look back on if you feel so uninspired and completely empty for all creativity.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blogpost, and generally my blog. Trust me if you start making lists, they will make you feel so more relaxed and relived.

Please let me know if you want another post about the “New year, New me” thing? And if you have any requests for blogposts that you want to read, I’m open to suggestions.

Karen xx

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